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Gregory Campbell OK

Just got word a few minutes ago from the Panthers that Gregory Campbell is OK and is up and walking around the team locker room. He did not return to Monday night's game after being caught by teammate Bryan Allen in the final shift of the second period.

Campbell landed flat on his face after being walloped by Allen as the two were coming across center ice. Allen went for a hit and missed, instead ramming into Campbell.

Campbell was treated on the ice by medical staff and a stretcher was rolled onto the ice. Campbell regained consciousness and refused to get onto it and instead came off with help of head athletic trainer Dave Zenobi.


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at least it wasn't ballard.

Is this a sign of toughness? Get better soupy

A big hockey fan statistic nut told me to see how good a team is you add up their power play percentage with their penalty kill percentage and they need to add up to 100 to be average.

The panthers last in this category.

Their percentage is 91.4

With all the blown leads lately, if they would have improved their power play and penalty kill they might have 10 to 14 more points and we would be talking a very good team instead of a team near the bottom.

So what is the problem. When you watch other teams on their power play, they are ready to shoot a one timer when the pass arrives. The panthers have to receive the pass and then get into position to shoot; especially from the point.

Why is this, I didn't really notice until someone put on another blog that we have only left handed defensemen. This means that half our defensemen are playing on the wrong side of the ice. They have to turn around to get into shooting position and they have to turn around to shoot the puck out of the zone along the boards. This 1 second move allows the other team to get into position. The game is too fast to have any delays in getting the shot off or the clear off.

We have to blame the GMs, JM and his hand picked successor Sexton.

So now, are we not only weak at center, but we are weak at the point, (last year our d-men was considered the strength of the team yet we only kept Ballard and McCabe from those that played last year).

This again goes to the fact that our front office does not have a plan or a clue on how to build a team.

To have only left handed defensemen is unexcusable for an NHL GM.

Where is the accountability or is it just lip service again like the last 9 years?

STHSDO- are you responding to Soup in your post or just ranting and raving? At least say something like "Get well soon." BTW- I usually agree wtih you, so keep on ranting!

Soup- get well soon.

And yet, another loss last night in the SO. When will this mediocrity end?

In agreeing with all of your comments above, I also see that we are not far beyond hope in the standings, either we keep loosing and fight the Canes for the last spot, which it seem more probable right now, or get into a winning surge of 3 or 4 games.
Booth and Stillman are sorely missed right now.
I live in Ohio and the Blue Jackets were a better team last year than what they are today despite the improvements, I will be at the game with my family watching 2 teams that share the same bleak future for now.

The grand irony here is that the Panthers are two points out of the 8th spot and four out of 7th. They passed the Flyers thanks to last night's loser point. (yes, they have three games in hand, but it's still pretty close.

Of course, this is without Booth & Stillman. The team has pressing needs that probably won't ever be addressed and if so won't happen until after Christmas, but for now they're still treading water rather than sinking thanks to the OT losses.

Same old Panthers...Gets kind of stale...Win a few, lose a few more, play for the extra session and pray for better results, but it they don't come out on top of the majority of those either...

Even the goals they score aren't highlight- worthy....So now that they've come to this realization that it's "Groundhog Day" over and over again, it's too late... Even though they are rumored to be actively shopping guys, I'm sure the offers they're getting back aren't anywhere near they'd like them to be, so we're STUCK....

This team should've been making deals over the last 2-3 years using their so-called young talent....By now, it's too late and others realize all of their young talent is OVER-HYPED BS....They should start with Horton. Maybe someone will bite on the fact that he's a supposed 70-point star...McCabe and Vokoun should also be used to bring in new prospects....It probably won't happen until closer to the trade deadline, but that's what needs to be done...

I don't like rooting for the team to lose, but it would be better for them to do it now, as opposed to watching a team like this that's only shot is to hope and pray to get close to the 8th spot one of these years....Keep the young ENERGY guys bouncing them back and forth, but get rid of your supposed talented guys and give others a chance to do something with their top-line minutes....

Booth and Stillman being out for this long, it will take awhile for them to get back into skating shape. Don't expect miracles when they are inserted back into the line up. Furthermore, what good will it do?Deboer does not have his players FOCUSED on the ICE, this is why we are seeing soooo many boneheaded plays by these guys. They are not focused, and their character is suspect.

If they were going to tank the season away, it should have been last year. Instead, a subpar draft year. Also, would management really pick the right person in the draft? Previous drafts state otherwise. Nor do the Panthers make any smart trades, or do player swaps.

Until this team does a clean sweep of their management, coaching, and so something with the pro and amateur scouting department, they will continue to be in the bottom of the cellar. 2 points out of eight place, we've been here before with the same expected result.

Fire Sexton and Deboer. Hire someone to run HOCKEY operations not business and let them find a real NHL (someone who has made the playoffs) and GM (previous experience - playoff contender).

That didn't take long. We're only 2 points out of 8th place, we're a point better than the Flyers (forget about the fact that they have 3 games in hand on the Panthers). It's not how many points out the team is, it's what place they are in.

I heard last night that the Panthers will start their season ticket renewal push in January. No doubt part of the pitch will be "look how well we're doing, we're only - points out of a playoff spot."

When are we going to learn?

Whoever the coach(es) are for the PP and PK need to go - there's your accountability. If we were even average at either of those we'd be in the top 8 already.

Koistinen is on re-entry waivers now... coming up to replace Campbell as a forward perhaps? Or just attempting to get someone to take him off the books?

Just got an email from Panthers inviting SSH to attend a "focus group" tomorrow night. I'm sure the goal of this meeting is collect data for their sales pitch for ticket renewals in March.

i think the fact that theyre just out of eight is a pretty good indicator that we just need a couple of good natural scorers on this team. we have second and third line guys playing first line roles. with a couple of good natural goal scorers team confidence and morale are sure to improve...and a good puck moving defenceman wouldn't hurt either. now the trick is convincing ownership to drop some dollars.

I got the same email about tomorrow night's focus group.

Last year they started season ticket renewals in Feb. Considering their cash flow problems, I wouldn't be surprised if they started their renewal drive even earlier this year.

Leave it to the Panthers to have you pay for tickets in Jan-Feb, 2010 for games that they will be playing in March-April, 2011.

Its sad. But there is not enough CAP room to spend on acquiring players nor do the the Panthers have much cap room without clearing long term contracts on third line guys. Do we really want Sexton trading our front line guys for peanuts, as many GMs have done in the past?

FIRE SEXTON, KITCHEN and DEBOER. Please find us a real NHL GM and COACH with playoff experience asap. Maybe that coach will get it through the Panthers' heads that a hockey game is a full 60 minutes and PP is when the other team is down a man, not your own team or you don't take out your own players with sticks and hits.

as far as not saying get well soon to Soup, the reason is that it appeared from the organization that he was ok, now it appears otherwise.

I am not surprised that we are getting misinformation from the hockey side now that they report to the ring leader of the circus Michael Yormark.

Until the top of this organization has a plan and sticks to the plan we will be the laughing stock of the NHL.

Right now they talk about accountability but there is no action.

You look at the great organizations in sports and they have a plan, they have stability and management provides a consistent positive message.

For 8 years we have been hearing that we have a great young core of players that we are building around. This young core is no longer young.

As far as being close, everyone is close except for the hurricanes.

The way the league is set up with 1 point for losing in overtime/shootout you have a hard time catching up. When we won those 3 road games in a row, we did not move up in the standings and while losing all these games we haven't moved down in the standings.

This team is 11-19 winning 37% of the games after 30 games.

last year we won 41 games out of 82 or 50%.

Assuming that 94 points (that is what it took last year to make the playoffs) this team has to get 66 points in 52 games or go 30-16-6.

If anyone really things that this group of players can do this then I have some land to sell to you just west of the arena.

Until we have real hockey people running the hockey side we will be what we are, an average team in a league that has a system of parity.

Most hockey games in the NHL today are 1 goal games and/or go to overtime/shootout.

The way the league has its standings gives the illusion that your team is playing better than it is.

An overtime/shootout loss has its own column so teams can say they are doing better than they are. For example the panthers will tell you that they have a winning percentage of 46% 11 wins and 13 losses; while in reality they have a winning percentage of 37% winning 11 of 30 games. Those overtime/shootout losses column is used to hide what really happened.

Last year as stated the panthers won 41 of 82 games yet if you ask the front office they will tell you that they won 41 and loss 30 and had 11 overtime games for a winning percentage of 58% (instead of the reality that they won 50% of their games.

Fla Kittens I agree with everything except the DeBoer thing. While he is not perfect, he is the most valuable asset this team has and around the league he is the only person in management that has any credibility.

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