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Off to Jersey, Wiseguy: Scott Clemmensen IN vs. New Jersey Brodeurs

Rutgers COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Still in the great state of Ohio, getting ready to fly off to a real garden state. Actually, there are parts of New Jersey that are very pretty. Very few of those parts are near Newark.

So, if you are really depressed about the State of the Panthers these days, fly on up to Newark this weekend. You'll feel better about things, hockey notwithstanding, in no time.

Pete DeBoer gave the guys a rest day today; some went to the Newark Maximum Security Arena -- AKA The Rock -- for a skate, others just worked out at the hotel and watched News 1.

Scott Clemmensen will be back in net at The Rock tomorrow, only it will be for the Panthers. Tomas Vokoun returns Saturday in Florida's final game at The Igloo -- unless, of course, they make the playoffs and face the Pens.

So, we can just say Saturday is the final Cats game in The Igloo, right?

Pete on Clemmensen starting: "[Being in NJ] is part of it, playing back-to-backs is part of it. We’re in a tough part of the schedule and him playing his old team makes some sense, although ask me about that tomorrow night after the game and we’ll see.’’

As far as Clemmensen's psyche goes, Pete doesn't seem so concerned. Clemm was pulled in his last game, but that was circumstantial and I think he knows that. The team in front of him was playing like horse pucks so Pete made a move to try and create a spark.

"I hate to rehash a game from a week ago, but we needed a spark at that point. In that situation going into Washington, we were on the backend of a back-to-back and really needed a first star performance from someone, the goaltender or someone else. As a coach, you have to roll the dice sometimes. Guys at this level have to have thick skin about some things. Guys are paid to handle things like this.''

So how does Pete keep his team's head up? Accentuating the positive.

“The games we’re playing aren’t getting any easier. We just have to keep looking at the good things we are doing. I think our work ethic has been pretty good, our attitude toward team play has been pretty good.  We’re just not finding that key goal right now, either the one that puts us ahead and allows us to win or one that ties a game. We seem to be in every single game.

“We had a chance here last night to tie it late. We have to keep pushing ourselves to be better and to find those ways to get ahead.  With the lineup we have, we’re not going to score five goals. But we have to find a way to be on the right side of these 1-1, 2-2 games at the end.''


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in other words, we don't have the talent to compete with the other teams so we have to hope we get a lucky goal or two and then hope we can hang on.

I was thinking this morning about when the panthers play and you can say that they have more talent then the other team and really can't think of a single game this season.

Then I was thinking against what teams will the panthers have the best player on the ice and again couldn't come up with one team or person.

To be able to say this on a team that has missed the playoffs longer than any other organization in the NHL sums up the Cohen years.

When he entered he had a superstar in Bure, when he leaves he has no superstars and unlike the early years he doesn't have the players with the character to win games when the other team has more talent (the rule changes hurt when you are not as talented as the other teams).

I don't see a reason to think that things will improve until we get rid of the Cohen front office.

9 years out of the playoffs and counting and we are expected to believe that now people will be held accountable.

As far as the last game in the Igloo, we have to remember that this is the site of the greatest moment in panthers history, winning the eastern conference in game 7 and going to the Stanley Cup Final, hard to believe how long ago that was when the league respected the panthers and knew they would be facing a tough time playing in the Miami Arena.

So long ago when the Panthers won the Eastern Conference...Bure and Luongo were both traded for peanuts.

Where is the accountability?

Fire Deboer and Sexton, don't forget to see the PP guru Kitchen on their way out the door.

Funny how the goalies get put on the spot and need to have "thick skin"... But how about calling out some of the so-called leaders (Allen, McCabe, Weiss,etc). I'm not asking that they've got to score every game, but show some intangibles so that it may catch on to the younger guys(Frolik, Olesz, Kreps, etc).... I like and still support PDB, but let's not kid ourselves... Weiss is a nice player, but the fact that we've got to say he's the guys that's our BEST player--that's sad.. And Capt McCabe needs to step up and take some blame once in a while, not just say "we have to be better".....

It's about time Clem gets another start. Let's hope he gives up 2 or fewer goals so he can finish the game in the cage & not on the bench.

It would be SOOOO easy to rebuild this team, if only any stench of the Cohen period of the organization was removed. Translating to, anyone hired by Yormack, Martin, or Keenan. A serious contender in three years and a finalist in 5. Doing it in today's NHL is like takin candy from a baby. Problem is, just having the people in the front office who can keep their fingers off the on-ice product.

Hey George can you confirm with me two reports from both tsn and rogers sportsnet in canada that if Gary Bettman decided to bring back a hockey team to Quebec city is it tru the panthers will be the team facing re-location due to low attendance and amongst other reason their losing money as team all together

When are geniuses like FLA Kittens going to get their facts straight?

Jim Hulton runs the PP, NOT MIKE KITCHEN... If you're going to rant, at least take a second to fact check your garbage posts.

Lindsay is a cool guy, but drinks about 10 Rip-its or whatever the new drink is. He is bad at Color, When Vokoun was down on the ice with a cut ear, he started going off on some tangent about skating.???

As for the Team, what a shock they are laying off again, its a cycle that happens monthly. They use you and then throw you out and put someone cheaper at your desk to do the same work......Yormark is a jerk.. He doesn't care about his employees. He can't even stand for the National Anthem... I've met the new owners and they are nice guys, but I dont think they have a clue what they've gotten themselves into. That snakepit called the BAC should be drained...

Oh Yeah, as for laying people off a couple of weeks before Chrismtas or Hannauka, Its a dirtbag move, also they are doing it to save money, because if you lay people off during this year, you don't have to pay them vacation pay come Jan 1/2010...

Does it matter who runs the powerplay, when the team, players, management, owners, and coaches have the least amount of character in the NHL? They are all responsible for this mess on the ice. Who does layoffs two weeks before Christmas, only in Pantherland. Another famous Panthers moment, layoffs at Christmas time.

Where can you find the only team in the league who beats and wacks their own players on the ice? In SUNRISE!

End the insanity, bring back accountability...

How can anyone defend Deboer when his team has choked in third periods since LAST SEASON!???
Only in FLorida, will fans defend coaches with losing records! In any other hockey market, they would be long gone with GM in tow.

since last season ? i think the panthers where like 25 -4 -6 when holding the lead after 2.They didnt choke problem with this team is as everyone says they have no one that can carry the team when they need a big goal.

I am one to defend DeBoer simply because he doesn't have the players to be judged fairly.
DeBoer helped the panthers get to 41 wins last season. While not great, he said all along we don't have the talent.

This year, he has less talent then last year especially on defense. As far as holding leads, this is a carry over from the JM the GM years as we always seemed to lose leads.

Similar to the flyers you can't keep firing coaches and keep the same players because nothing changes.

This team will have to go 30-15-6 to get to 94 points, they do not have the talent to play at a 67% clip. (So far we are playing at a 37% clip).

I am willing to give DeBoer a chance when we have the right players, but we do need to get rid of the GM, he has done nothing to show that he deserves to be an NHL GM, maybe JM the GM will take him off our hands.

Clear out the Cohen people from the front office, hire someone that knows hockey to oversee the hockey operations, put some resources into scouting both on the pro level and the amateur level. Hire people that have character and are respected by hockey people.

By doing this the new owners will show that they mean they are holding people accountable, if they don't then they are just giving us the same lip service that we have been having for 9 years.

The same excuses and the same press release to announce the new signing.

For example look at Koistinen, no one picked him up for 50% of what we signed him for, we were the only team to bid on him.

Leopold came calling because he wasn't receiving any offers.

Moore no one called so we picked him up

Reinprecht couldn't make Phoenix and Carolina didn't want to keep Seidenberg.

We have 6 left d-men and no right handed d-men.

We can't score, play below average defense, lose face offs, can't score on the power play, can't defend when short handed, can't hit the net, can't win on the road and can't win at home.

Why: poor decisions by Cohen on his management team; poor drafting; poor trades and poor free agent signings.

Who is in charge of these decisions the GM, since the lockout it has been JM the GM and his hand picked successor Sexton.

Similar to no one wanting the free agents we signed, no one wanted Sexton in their organization until JM the GM realized that he couldn't handle both coaching and being the GM so he assigned this task to his buddy Sexton.

We then have this search for a GM when JM the GM followed the line of Keenan and searched for a job while working under Cohen (Keenan with the rangers and JM the GM with Montreal).

The search is suddenly cancelled and they decide to keep Sexton and say what a great job he did. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This team is no where near the talent of last year's team, while other teams improve we implode. Only Carolina has imploded worse than the panthers.

Where is the plan (6 left handed d-men), where is the accountability?

Clean house and lets get a start on next season, this team is not making the playoffs as they will not reach 90 points.

can someone please explain to me why Repik can't get a shot with this team.anytime he does get called up, he produces goals. sure can't be no worse than kreps or campbell

Yes, and the Panthers shootout percentage was soo great last year, did you forget that part? Give me a break, this team needs to implode already.

Also, coaching changes have worked in the NHL midseason. Look at the Penguins, Caps, Blackhawks etc. last season. Right? Supposedly, this team has the TALENT to do that right, because Sexton is such a great GM?

JUNIOR COACH DEBOER AND RETIRED GM SEXTON need to be dismissed from the NHL. I'm so sick of hearing all these excuses (too many road games, they are at home for too long, NHL Europe trip, 2 players are out, we don't want to come to practice for optional practice because we are tired) this is also why the Panthers are so bad. No more excuses, we want accountability in Florida not wannabe Junior coaches and GM who have been out of the league for years. If this were the Miami Dolphins, people would be writing about the firing of these players and management/coaching staff, sports writers and bloggers would be calling for their dismissal. They would be calling for playoff caliber coaching staff and management to take over to fix the sunken ship and rebuild it. No Playoff Wins for 13 years, and no playoff appearances in 9 years. Where is the accountability?

Might be an odd idea, but Lukas Krajicek jsut went on waivers. We can grab him and rectify a littel of the Luongo trade, if only just a little of it. (Luongo & 6th from Allen, Matthias and 4th rnd pick) Still would look awful.

Sexton pick someone up on the waivers? Remember, he only picks up characterless players that no one will touch.

You guys are all over DeBoer...Look in Buffalo...Ruff misses the playoffs SEVEN of the last NINE seasons and he still has his job.

You think you got it bad......

last time i checked, 9 out of 9 is worse than 7 out of 9. correct me if i'm wrong

Sabres at least play competitive hockey and can ice two scoring lines. Having had Biron in net for a good portion of the last decade didn't help either.

I'll again put my name out there to be GM of the Panthers, and I work cheap. But if Yormack gets in my way, I'll do worse than Dudley.

Leave PDeB alone. Judge him when he has talent. Signing Kostinen to 2 years says it all about the management. Fire yormark. Let him promote some sport drink. He is the one who 2 years ago in Febraury said the Cats were making the plyoffs. Last year? Yes it made snese. 2 years agoi. Only someone selling bs could say wht hw said. Clean house, Everyone goes upstairs. Then you can judge PDeB. Talent. When Weiss is your best player you are going to be in trouble. and no right habd Ds. Bad management.

Wow, a win. If only they would do this the majority of the games, we may get somewhere. Thanks Panthers for showing up for a full 60 minutes.

But I still would like to see most of you guys back in the AHL where you belong. Fire all coaches and management, we want playoffs not ninth place again like the last decade!

Yormark must go, he was also the one who told people buying season tickets that the lock out would only last a few weeks

He is best for marketing a circus or concert not a sports franchise.

He is the one that reduced the scouting budget, he is the one that sold advertising in the urninal. He is the one who fired an usher because she didn't know who he was,

he is the one that doesn't stand for the national anthem.

He is the one that tells his customers that they don't know how to run a business.

When the person that runs the organization doesn't respect the organization how can you expect those under him to respect the organization and/or their customers.

Right On....

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