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She's a Pool Waitress, Russ: Panthers @ Islanders ... Back to Rochester ... David Booth Skating

Brinkley UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- The Panthers are finally finishing up this road trip, one that took us from Ohio to New York back to Pittsburgh and to New York again.

Thanks, NHL schedule makers. Good planning.

Anywho, we're all ready to come home -- if not for a few days.

Mark down Dominic Moore and Jordan Leopold in tonight's lineup. They're playing.

That's good news for the Panthers, but bad news for two Panthers.

Jason Garrison, called up this morning as a precaution for Leopold, was sent back to Rochester. Mike Duco is headed back as well.

(*) More good news for the Panthers on the injury front as Gregory Campbell and David Booth have been skating.

Campbell could be back in the lineup Wednesday, but DeBoer says he hasn't taken any contact. He Andygirls would probably have to have a few hard skates with the team before, so you might just have to wait until Friday. But we'll see.

Booth, out since Oct. 24 thanks to the blindside open-ice hit delivered by Philly's Mike Richards, is back to doing light workouts and light skating. DeBoer stressed the 'light' on the skating part. Says he's been doing that for a few days. And that's a step in the right direction for Booth. So there's some good news for ya.


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Did she take your order?

Wow, I hope the Panthers did not spend all the goals tonight for the next two games! THank you Panthers for showing up again for 60 minutes...Speaking of Panthers, look what happens when HOrton stays awake for 60!

don't look now, but guess who's tied for eigth in the conference?? (though we've played more games than those behind us)

What're the chances Booth will be sent to Rochester for some conditioning?

heres to you horton haters out there! the guys elite!! deal with it . . .

he is finally attacking the net and playing in the areas to score. Like I said earlier in the season it is good to see Horton working hard and now he is being rewarded

I like Horton as a player, but he'll have to have more games like this(not expecting freakin hat tricks every night for cryin out loud) before I drink the kool aid on him anything more than what he's shown the past 3 years. Weiss is having a good 1st half, IMO. I still don't consider him to be a #1 center, unfortunately. Getting Booth back together with Weiss and Horton would be just what the doctor ordered, but not if he's still having headaches. If he's not 100%, then he's just another injury waiting to happen, and considering that he's signed for another 5 years, he's an investment that can't be risked.

The bottom two thirds of the Eastern conference is officially a slugfest. It's almost Christmas yet positions 5 through 14 are separated by only seven points. (Oh look, the Panthers are tied with Montreal AGAIN).

Hopefully the Panthers can keep this going. Now is not the time to ease up on anybody; there are five teams only one win behind the Cats. If Booth and Stillman can return healthy, this could be a lot of fun.

Plus, I looked at our scoring (GF) and we are almost in the top third of the league with 95 goals...is that right?!?!

Panthers have to learn to make the RIGHT pickups at the trade deadline to make the playoffs. They have failed to do so in previous years, let's not forget benching Boynton for Eminger last year.

GR fan no.1, you're a joke. ELITE, are you kidding me? GOOD, maybe, an that's a stretch. Go back to blogging about weather you like their 3rd jersey or not, that's you speed.

True Redemption would have the Cats winning the tie-breaker this year beating out JM and the Habs for the 8th seed.....

What a win by the Cats. This team just makes you scratch your head. One night they don't show up, then next do...if they can just find some consistency they might just sneak up on a few of these teams ahead of them. Getting those OT loss points has helped a lot too since Atlanta has 4 more wins and we're right behind them (by 1 game, I think). Let's see what Sexton can do to get this team over the hump. Right now, just getting Booth back and healthy sounds like a good boost to me!

BSSB, you're wrong. Getting those OT loss points has NOT helped a lot. If we would have won those games like a good team does we'd probable be ahead of Atlanta, and maybe others.
Let's keep this ball(puck) rolling

losing in the shoot out actually hurts because the tie breaker is wins and like last year we are tied with Montreal and like last year Montreal wins the tie breaker as they have more wins.

Getting Booth back is going to help, but let's not rush him. He just started skating and is at least a month away from coming back I think.
Only when he is fully clear of any headache's and problems do they bring him back. We cannot risk his future.

As fot getting a point in an OT or shootout loss, we are a team that needs both of those points, especially when we play our Eastern Conference teams. We can't afford to give up any of those and have to learn to close the deal.
In the meantime, this little run on the road will hopefully transform into another good game Wednesday night.

I agree with the above, let's hope Booth gets healthy soon but by all means, DO NOT RUSH HIM BACK.

With respect to the OT losses and points, my comment is that the OTL are only good if we're playing a western conference team. I don't have the stat nearby; who did we play in each game that resulted in an OTL?

Eric- good observation, but we still gave up more goals than we scored.

no reason to rush Booth back, for once this organization has to think long term growth and have a plan.

Look at all the players that came back too soon and their career ended because of that

calling me a joke for stating someone who has identical point totals to ELITE players such as iginla, zetterberg, kovalchuk and nash is what i find funny . . . when hes registered a point per game at seasons end: i'l have the last laugh biatch.

Tarnasky with 2 goals tonight in Rochester. Can we keep him and you can keep Matthias?

GR fan no 1, my mistake, you are not a joke. You are a f- - king putz if you are comparing him to iginla, nash, kovalchuck and zetterberg. You really show your ignorance. And by the way he doesn't have the same point total of any the those 4 as of today. SMUCK

going back to my earlier post of NHL math, DeBoer says we can get to 500 before the break because he sees the record as 13-14 instead of 13-21.

In the NHL OT losses don't count when you want to show how well you are doing.

No matter how you look at it, this team has won only 13 of 34 games.

Don't be fulled by the NHL math

Hank, you make a good point, but keep it PG bro! No need for censored profanity!

The word is "SCHMUCK", dumbass.

"Smuck"?? "fulled"???

Go back to school....please.....

HANK: im not comparing him to those players, because if it came down to it - id probably take them all over horton . . . however its not like we have a choice on this issue, and as it happens nate's starting to show ability that justifies his 3rd overall selection 6 years ago.
so why dont you let me admire the production we're getting from him, go learn to spell + and sort out whatever has got your draws in a twist . . .

season ticket holder since day one, it's not NHL math. 10-10-10 is .500. The point that should be made is that with the OTL point, .500 hockey doesn't cut it anymore.

This team still has a long way to go, and lacks scoring depth. Don't be fooled by the streaky Panthers. We still want Accountability here. Losing at home? What's up with that?

Fire Deboer and Sexton, we want playoff coaching and GM's in Florida. Not JUNIORS!

As usual people get all wrapped up in the recent streak of better play, which is nice to see, but not a true picture of this team.
I really believe that both New Jersey and Pittsburgh took us for granted, and that the Islanders were just flat.

Teams like the Panthers have a problem with consistency. The game at home tonight will tell us alot.
Remember it's a long season, and when you've been on the playoff bubble as we have been the last couple years, that last push never seems to be enough after all the slow starts to the beginning of the season.

This team cannot be a legitimate playoff contender as it is right now. Getting Booth and Stillman back will help, but there still are other issues.

Win 10 of 12 or 13 and maybe then we can think about making an honest run. Right now it's just the fact that we're winning on the road. If we can't win at home and don't continue to improve our special teams, we will find ourselves on the outside looking in. Again.

The other side of this coin is what will the Panthers do come trade deadline? For four years in a row we have not done anything to improve our position.
Unless of course anyone thought that Steve Eminger was useful?!

and to think that we still have the Assistant GM, Sexton here after that dumb move for Eminger last year. Panthers continue to be the doormat for the rest of the NHL. Panthers need accountability, by continuing to do nothing at the trade deadline shows that they are inconsistent at making their changes. For example, Panthers rarely pickup waivers.

Mark Recchi, didn't need him. (still playing)
Rich Peverley (who?)
Brendan Morrison (on pace for 60 points this year)

Just three examples of players that could have helped the Panthers

Mark Recci plays with???? Savard- ryder
Peverley Kovalchuk-afinigenov(don't know how to spell)- antropov
Morrison- plays with- semin and fleishman..

it's the lines you have to consider as well... not to take credit away from the players but they play with elite talent.

You can't just take into consideration their linemates, but where they fall in the line-up. Are they playing top line, against the opposing team's top line? Or are they playing against lower line talent, like Havlat did when he was the third line right wing in Ottawa with Martin as coach. If they are playing on the top line, is the second line almost as talented, and taking some of the opposition's top line's toi?

This team, regardless of where it is in the standings, needs to be looking for younger talent to fill out its roster. Not guys like Recchi or Morrison and hope they don't break down. And bringing in Morrison would be like cloning Weiss, when the team needs to get bigger, not smaller.

Only reason this team is where it is, is not because of their play, but rather other teams in the east crappin the bed when they should be doing MUCH better. Philly and Carolina, I'm talkin bout you in particular.

Made a playoff spot...we have a two point cushion... should last a whole game.

Why is GR not earning his money...
I don't see any new posts lately...Geez.

I love Avocadoes...always have.

I also love a day off here and there. Enjoying this stretch. May have something up Thursday; if not Friday. Gots some Christmas shopping to do...

RoadDoggFL: 10-10-10 means you won 10 out of 30 games or .333.

The league doesn't separate out the overtime/shootout wins only the losses.

The reason is that the league wants you to think that teams are doing better than they are so there is not much screaming.

Yesterday, DeBoer said that it will take 95 points to make the playoffs.

I have to disagree in the East because there are too many teams that are playing poor hockey.

But lets use DeBoer's 95 points to make the playoffs. The panthers have 47 games left so they need 60 points in the 47 games. Without overtime they would have to go 30-17 or 64% to date they are playing at a 40% clip (winning 40% of the games played).

This could be a year where somewhere in the high 80s will get you into the playoffs in the east.

It was great to win that game last night in regulation,even though they have no business blowning a 3 goal lead late in the 2nd.

STHSDO - please limit your posts to 70 words or less. They are too long and boring, and you bascially say the same things over and over and over and over.

Same with FLA Kittens. Same crap over and over and over and over and over!

Welcome to Sun-Sentinel message board 2.0

George enjoy a couple days off we will be ok.

Ninety points will do it this year. If we go 3-1-2 we will just be 2 points off that at the half way point with our two biggest goal scorers to return shortly after.

We are a mediocre team... good young offense, suspect defense, better then average goaltending,... in a medicore conference. We can enjoy the ups and downs, in a beautiful arena, or cry about it...im going to enjoy...what i agree above is this time if we are anywhere close at the deadline and pull an Eminger ill cry.

GR there is no article on last nights game posted ...

It's on the front page of the sports...for some reason it didn't make it to the Panthers page...


thx GR ... good for Pete to get some work i remember him covering my son in junior golf!!!
(son was at building yesterday for all county pictures, shameless brag lol)

At least some of us are consistent with our postings unlike the Panthers (who show up once in awhile for a full 60 minutes).;) Last night, they took most of the third period off AGAIN. Panthers will not make the playoffs playing like that.

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