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Shutdown in C-Bus: Campbell Still Out, Matthias Up ... Ville Koistinen Clears ... More Layoffs in Sunrise

Brutus COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Panthers lost another game and lost another regular to injury on Wednesday.

Gregory Campbell is out with concussion-like symptoms although general manager Randy Sexton says those symptoms have cleared up. Campbell was hurt when he hit the ice face-first after colliding with teammate Bryan Allen at the end of the second period.

Sexton says Campbell has to clear another test Thursday before he could be cleared to rejoining the team.

“We won’t get the results until Friday,’’ Sexton said. “I talked to [Campbell] today and he was feeling better. But he was still, you know; he still needs to finish all the tests. It’s related to his ability to process information. We’re just being careful, being cautious.’’

Campbell was replaced Wednesday by Shawn Matthias – the fourth player on the current roster who has logged significant time with Florida’s AHL affiliate in Rochester, N.Y.

The Panthers have four regulars on the shelf because of various injuries, with the team hopeful that winger Cory Stillman can return from a left knee injury in the coming weeks.

David Booth, who led the team in goals last season, has been out since being blindsided by Philadelphia’s Mike Richards on Oct. 24. Richards received no fine nor suspension for the hit, but Booth hasn’t yet begun skating.

The team says they hope Booth can return sometime after Christmas, but that timetable seems very optimistic.

“This is what you have a farm team for,’’ coach Pete DeBoer said before Wednesday’s game against the Blue Jackets. “In a perfect world, you hope your injuries are few and far between or at least spaced out so it’s more manageable.”

(*) Bad loss on Wednesday. The Blue Jackets were really hurting and ripe for picking. Only the Panthers failed to do much of anything offensively and have now lost nine of 10.

I know everyone points to the standings, but playoff teams usually don't go through streaks like these Panthers are. They started the season winning just two of 10; they have currently lost nine of 10.

Tonight was only the second shutout of the season however. Remember the first? That's right HelsinkiHeads, it came on Oct. 3 against the Blackhawks.

(*) Defenseman Ville Koistinen cleared re-entry waivers on Wednesday meaning he remains property of the Panthers as no other team wanted him despite basically getting him for half off.

Koistinen signed a two-year deal worth $2.4 million as a free agent on July 1. Had a team claimed him, the Panthers would have split the remainder of the money with that team.

Sexton said the Panthers would keep Koistinen in Rochester but could call him back if Florida has any more injuries.

“We have four games in six days here so we’ll see where we are after that,’’ he said. “If we don’t start to get healthy soon; Rochester is missing 10 guys. It’s getting to almost epidemic proportions.’’

(*) Columbus came into this season with high hopes after the team made it to the playoffs last spring for the first time in franchise history.

Things haven’t gone according to plan for the Jackets this season as they sit 11th in the Western Conference and like the Panthers, came into Wednesday’s game with losses in eight of nine games.

 (*) The Panthers worked on their shootout skills at the end of Wednesday’s skate at Nationwide Arena, with DeBoer saying it was an “open tryout.” ‘

The Panthers have been better in shootout this season, but it would hard for them not to have been: The Panthers are 5-5 in such games this season, 3-8 last year.

(*) Got word that a few of my friends lost their job last week when the Panthers downsized some more with four good people shown the door.

Just wanted you all to know I feel for you and make sure to call if I can do anything for you. Best of luck.


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The standings are a farce. In reality this team has won 11 of 31 games for a win percentage of 35.4%.

As long as overtime/shootout games are worth 3 points and overtime losses don't count toward what the organization wants to be the win percentage, the organization can say we are only 3 games below 500 instead of 10 games below 500.

Toronto is about to pass this team (one point behind with a game in hand).

Since the ownership change we have lost 9 of 10 games, the fans that are still left don't want to hear that they received one point after blowing 3rd period leads.

DeBoer says that is what you have a farm team for. Coach hate to tell you that until you came along we didn't have a farm team!!!

This team is what it is, I don't know how many games the new owners are going to wait before they realize that the GM is not doing the job. The free agent signings/trades have not worked out.

Where is the accountability? Lip service just like the last 8 years!!!!!

How many organizations do not have an assistant GM, do not have a director of hockey operations?

We don't have either.

For 2 years we had JM the GM trying to coach and be a GM, he failed at both, he brings in Sexton he failed at that.

He overpaid for Vokoun, he didnt get enough for Luongo, he didn't get enough for Bouwmeester. He lets the wrong players go (Anderson) and he signs too many guys to long term contracts that have failed to live up to expectations.

This team has to play at a 67% clip the rest of the season to get to 94 points (one point more than last year).

Does anyone really thing that is going to happen?

The new owners need to clean house now, don't wait until the end of the season; the season is over, we are not going to make the playoffs.

Look at how many teams are between the panthers and 8th place. With the 3 point system, it is almost impossible to make up ground, yes we are 4 points out of 8th place despite losing 9 of 10 games, but that has more to do with the point system then what is happening on the ice.

This organization needs credibility!!!

The only credible person in management is DeBoer.

after 31 games to have a tryout for the shoot out tells you all you need to know about the talent level of this team and/or the quotes we have heard all year.

With our talent level we have to play the perfect game to win. That is not possible to do on a consistent pace which is why we can't win more than 3 games in a row, we can sure lose 9 out of 10 games.

Injuries are not an excuse, we knew coming in that this organization doesn't have the depth to suffer any injuries, in fact the excuse for not having a farm team was that we didn't have enough depth in the organization to support an AHL team.

There is still no depth just a bunch of players that we were told to be patient with as they grow into an NHL position.

The league is getting younger and the panthers, their young guys are getting older and are not meeting the expectations that the fans were promised would be coming.

We want accountability. Clean out the Cohen front office and get real hockey people to run the hockey side (Sexton was out of hockey before JM the GM brought him in to assist him).

Get rid of the GM, bring in someone to run the hockey side that can tell you who is doing the job or not doing the job (GM, Scouts, Coaches).

We were told that Mr. Torrey was involved in the search and then after he interviews a couple of people he falls off the face of the earth.

Now we have the Circus ring leader leading the hockey side (Michael Yormark)and right away misinformation comes out about the injury to a player (Campbell) why because he was injured by his own teammate just like Vokoun and Yormark the marketing guy didn't want the press jumping all over the fact that 2 players are injured by their own teammates.

The organization has no credibility and until this organization makes people accountable we will continue to see a team that is close to making the playoffs (every team is close to making the playoffs)and not a team that pulls away from the pack.

I thought accountability was starting right away but instead we see the Cohen years continuing with lip service to try and get us to believe the team has a chance.

As the circus ring leader says (there is a sucker born everyday)

Change needs to start now, don't be too late, if it was known that JM the GM was leaving why wait until he left then it was too late to correct the first mistake and bring in Chuck Fletcher as GM,

Start with your front office (as GR says you are getting rid of people left and right) and then bring in a hockey person that will give credibility to the organization and will make the decisions of accountability that has been needed here for 9 years.

This team is surrounded by bad energy for a long time now. Time to clean for real. Bad product for 9 years and counting.

How much worse can this get...

Deboer is not as credible as you think he is. Yormark is the cancer. The total sale of the team to a new owner is the cure.


I also hear that Yormark is the cancer that he plays games pitting people against each other, that he has been in the middle of a lot of the poor hockey decisions.

Until we clean out upper management this will continue to be one of the worse run franchises in sports

Anyone who tells his customers that they don't know how to run a business and alienates his customers and runs a business into the ground, he has too many ads, he has no respect or knowledge of the product he is suppose to sell, he just looks at the bottom line. Look at not only the number of ads but some of those that have advertised.

Hockey has been an afterthought for this organization, they use hockey to fill 41 dates in the arena.

There is nothing wrong with being a good businessman but it doesn't work when running a sports franchise.

the marlins, royals and pirates are profitable but they are attempting to win, that is the panthers in hockey, while not profitable on paper, the ownership makes their money on the arena and that is their goal, not to win hockey games

If the accountability the ownership is talking about is the bottom line then seeing a stanley cup final in South Florida will be a pipe dream as the next guy with character comes in that no one in the league wants to be the next leader.

9 years and counting.

Time to trade Weiss and particularly Reinprecht while they both still have value.

This team is pathetic, and the frustration among the loyal fans is mounting!

here you go faans, let them know how you feel.
vinerc@sselive.com or siegels@floridapanthers.com

Where is the accountability in this organization?

The problem is that the team was relying on Frolik, Campbell, Dvorak, etc to duplicate what they did last year and they haven't. That and having Booth and Stillman out has really killed the Panthers. When you lose two of your top six and your secondary scoring dries up you get what the Panthers got, bupkis. Trading Weiss should be automatic enforcement of the Baker Act. Weiss is the best player on the team, he should never be traded. You don't trade just for the sake of trading. On another topic, I thought Billy Lindsay would be good as a color commentator but he is terrible. The game before last he was making Ross Perot references, he hasn't been relevant since Dmitry Kulikov was a year-old. As if the Panthers aren't hard enough to watch on TV, listening to Billy Lindsay fillibuster makes it almost unbearable. He doesn't shut up like he has had twenty coffees and five energy drinks. Please fire Billy Lindsay!!!! Anyone would be better, put Stanley C. Panther with Goldie, anyone but Billy Lindsay.

I think STHSDO said it best: Yormack and co. see the season as 41 days to fill up the arena.

Build it and they will come....build a TEAM, not a place to get $11 beer and $10 hot dogs. I LOVE the BAC, but it really is becoming depressing. Make us WANT to be there--we like cheering for GOALS not a "Bank Atlantic Goal". You can actually hear the cringe in Goldie's voice when he has to say that!

I agree too that although Lindsay is a heckuva nice guy, he is no Potvin on color analysis.

Someone told me they raised the price of concessions by 20 percent...is this true?

it"s true they did raised the prices. i agree i hated watching away game. Lindsay is horrible. Please bring denny back.

I like Billy as a person and as a player but as an announcer no way. but as the saying goes you get what you pay for and it was another money move by Yormark.

My comment on Billy Lindsay is not on the person. I have never met him, he may be a nice guy but his color commentary is less than pathetic. There are a lot of nice people, that doesn't qualify them to get a job they obviously are not good at. I have Center Ice and listen to plenty of color commentators and Billy Lindsay is at the bottom. It is really hard to watch a game with him doing color. "season ticket holder since" may be right you get what you pay for and in this case it is a bad openmic'er.

I don't know Lindsay as a person, and he has gotten better, but i mean he really needs broadcasting school. No knock or anything, I loved him as a player, but man...it really does hurt my ears sometimes.

Prices went up for food and the beer glass got smaller. This season is a carbon copy of last year, losing streak to start, losing streak in December. The music is the same, videos not updated, no laser lights, same old stuff. Business tip of the day..put live feeds of the game at the concession stands so I don't miss anything during the periods and feed it out to the marquee boards in front so people driving by actually see that a team still exists.

Yormack is indeed the cancer. And it is a fact that he has been in the middle of nearly all player personnel decisions. It is also fact that while Cohen was hiding out in Colorado, Yormakc assumed defacto control of the organization, making decisions (that were rubber stamped by Cohen) as if he were the owner. As for one of the "friends" GR noted who lost their jobs, Dave Joseph tops the list. They chewed him up and spit him out.

But take heart, as the word I hear is that Yormack is now on the hot seat, with the new co General Partners not exactly thrilled with his over-inflated ego or his view on how the organization should be run. Don't be shocked when Yormack's role is diminished (or even possibliy that he leaves).

Lindsay is a cool guy, but drinks about 10 Rip-its or whatever the new drink is. He is bad at Color, When Vokoun was down on the ice with a cut ear, he started going off on some tangent about skating.???

As for the Team, what a shock they are laying off again, its a cycle that happens monthly. They use you and then throw you out and put someone cheaper at your desk to do the same work......Yormark is a jerk.. He doesn't care about his employees. He can't even stand for the National Anthem... I've met the new owners and they are nice guys, but I dont think they have a clue what they've gotten themselves into. That snakepit called the BAC should be drained...


Oh Yeah, as for laying people off a couple of weeks before Chrismtas or Hannauka, Its a dirtbag move, also they are doing it to save money, because if you lay people off during this year, you don't have to pay them vacation pay come Jan 1/2010...

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