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Soup isn't On ... Ville Koistinen on Way Back?

COLUMBUS -- Greetings from C-Bus, a town best know for college football. But the Buckeyes play hockey too.

The Panthers are in the air on their way here as we speak. The team is being very secretive on the status of one Gregory Campbell. He isn't on the flight here because he is still being evaluated by team docs after being crushed by teammate Bryan Allen in another only-with-the-Panthers moment at the end of the second period last night. Soup could be cleared and meet with the team tomorrow. Or not. The team is giving up nothing on the subject.

Also have confirmed that d-man Ville Koistinen was put on re-entry waivers today. He has until noon tomorrow to be claimed by someone else at a Black Friday half off bargain basement price, or clear. The Panthers aren't saying what they will do if he clears.

More, maybe, when I get to Blimp City...

And, yes, it's cold.

Soup isn't On ... Ville Koistinen on Way Back?