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Soup isn't On ... Ville Koistinen on Way Back?

COLUMBUS -- Greetings from C-Bus, a town best know for college football. But the Buckeyes play hockey too.

The Panthers are in the air on their way here as we speak. The team is being very secretive on the status of one Gregory Campbell. He isn't on the flight here because he is still being evaluated by team docs after being crushed by teammate Bryan Allen in another only-with-the-Panthers moment at the end of the second period last night. Soup could be cleared and meet with the team tomorrow. Or not. The team is giving up nothing on the subject.

Also have confirmed that d-man Ville Koistinen was put on re-entry waivers today. He has until noon tomorrow to be claimed by someone else at a Black Friday half off bargain basement price, or clear. The Panthers aren't saying what they will do if he clears.

More, maybe, when I get to Blimp City...

And, yes, it's cold.


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who cares about a 4th line guy who has 0 goals in 25 games and is a -6. Koistenin has to be on his way out. If not and he plays, deboer needs to be fired

I also think that Vokoun is the type of goalie who could get hot and take a team all the way to the Finals. Getting in 8th is just as good as getting in 1st, IMO, and I’d love to see Vokoun stuff the Caps in the first round. Then we could all say the cats were just waiting in the weeds during the regular season.


Haha, you said what we're all thinking GR...

"...another only-with-the-Panthers moment..."

I would not like to play the Caps in the first round considering how they destroyed us without Ovechkin.

so the panthers better do something about those 3rd period meltdowns because our butts just got insulted on NHL network because of them.

I live in East Columbus.
For tomorrow night in Columbus, 50-60 miles an hour wind, rain and sleet, GR an umbrella is not going to help.

Misery loves company...Blue Jackets are going through the same thing the Panthers are.
The game tomorrow is about who of the two of them is more pathetic.

I hope I can make it to the game, the weather will be really bad here tomorrow.

so we go from Soup being ok to him not making the flight, could the first story be part of the new head of hockey operations Michael Yormark?

Not the first time this excuse for an organization has provided misinformation.

Actually I think it is kinda funny that they are withholding information. He is a third line center....He certainly is not Ovie. Just come out and say Campbell is hurt already. Campbell get well soon! Although, Im sure the guys will continue losing in the third period without you. At least the Jackets are not taking out their own players.

GR said it best "another only-with-the-Panthers moment"

When will the Panthers dump management and the coaching staff. They are incapable of focusing their players on the ICE for 60 minutes.

Are you actually talking about playoffs? Now THAT is hysterical. How about the progress of Booth & Stillman?

Will not revealing his injury have any effect on Koistinen's waiver?

I know its a stretch, but I can't imagine the secrecy either. Maybe they don't want his dad to penalize Allen for a high hit!

The secrecy is probably just a little damage control. This incident comes on the heels of Ballard injuring Vokoun, then Anderson.

I'm sure they want to minimize press coverage on Allen's hit. The less information they release on the extenet of Campbell's injury, the less speculation league-wide.

Koistinen clears and is still our problem.

I don't think he was ever a problem, I just don't think that he was given a fair chance with Kulikov making the "D".

Cory Murphy II.

Good point TKWC, its too bad he can't get a shot, but apparently he has not looked all that good on Rochester either it seems.


Isn't Akron "Blimp City"?

I thought Columbus was "Cow Town".

Shawn Matthias was brought up to replace Soup. When Soup gets better, they should keep Matthias with the team (provided he plays well enough) and send down Kreps to the AHL.

As I said before, after the season is over, both Kreps and Soup, who are essentially the same type of player, become RFA's, and one (1) if not both won't be resigned or given a qualifying contract because of a lack of roster spots available next year.

Yes Kreps has been given way too much of a free pass this year land last.... He could easily be thrown on waivers, and wouldn't be touched...

I think Koistenen is still getting a bad rap... Yes he's not a physical guy and Sexton jumped the gun a bit, but he also hasn't gotten that chance because they've pretty much stayed with the same 6 dmen all year... Maybe we would've been better if one of D had been injured instead of Booth or Stillman, but you can't control all that.... Clearly PDB's not a fan of Koistenen, but if I was an NHL team and short on depth, it sounds like a cheap insurance pick-up....

Let's hope Matthias can show some stuff and sticks around for a while... Depth scoring is the only thing that can put this team into the playoffs... Moore scored 2 the other night. Let's hope it catches on....

when will Clem start again

matthias is a bust. detroit knew it then

Matthias is only being brought up in hopes that he scores a goal or two. Then, they can trade him with someone else for another mediocre player. That's probably why the Panthers are rotating so many players in and out of the AHL.

So far, from what other papers say, there are only "bad trades" out there according to Sexton. When will the pain end in FLA? Fire all of the management and coaching staff, they are the laughing stock of the league.

Deboer - can't figure out what players to put on a shootout and his coaching is horrible since his players don't finish the third period.

Sexton - can't figure out how to pick up a guy on waivers and make a trade

Scouting staff - do we even have one anymore?

Players - no character, leadership, or focus anywhere to be found

Akron is indeed Blimp City. That's where I was driving to when I wrote that post. I have family up there and was taking advantage of this trip for a little visit...

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