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Ville Koistinen Hurt; Jason Garrison Coming Up

Taking a break from Christmas shopping for some news. First, word out of Rochester is Ville Koistinen suffered a major knee injury and may have to have surgery soon. Also, Jason Garrison is apparently on his way up. Don't know who he would be replacing or if someone was missing today. I wasn't there. Going to make some calls. Check back...


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What is the status on Kreps? Bad collision with the door to the bench, looked like he messed his shoulder up. Any info on severity of the injury?

Probably Kulikov.... after getting that puck in the face

i hope its not kulikov as he has been a brightspot..thx gr for giving us the update...

no offense, but kreps and koistinen out no big whoop. frankly id rather have some of these AHL 'ers playing in their sted. i was actually upset when McCardle got hurt. Hope theyre ok, but im not gonna miss them in the lineup. Repik, Victor O., and that whole lot have injected this team with some sorely needed giddy up.

I hope Garrison is replacing Leopold.

I think the other paper said Kulikov was at the optional skate today...doesn't sound like it's him. Maybe Allen needs a rest day with all these games before the break?

So...ru gonna tell us?

The other paper indicated Bryan Allen as sitting out, but as a "precautionary move." I'm not sure what that's all about.

George- if Koistinen is in the AHL and on the DL, can the Panthers buy him out, and if so, what would be the hit on the salary cap? I can't imagine him playing for us ever again based on his playing time (or the lackthereof) with the big club.

Players can only be bought out during a specific time period in the offseason. Right before free agency I believe so that they are able to sign with another team.

So, Florida is responsible for his salary this year and can buy him out next year.

why on earth would someone "hope" that garrison is replacing leo? *sigh*

GR - what's the plan for the tenders this weekend?

i agree...leopold is doing just fine...whats with wanting to replace him with garrison...i dont get that one.

If Koistonen goes down with a season ending injury, his remaining salary this season is off the books. No point in buying him out, as it would cost more, at this point.

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