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Vokoun is Back ... New Coach in Philly

Vokoun5 Well that didn't take long.

Tomas Vokoun practiced for the second straight day and apparently feels good enough to go. The Panthers sent Alexander Salak back to Rochester.

Scott Clemmensen could still start tomorrow against the Thrashers but this is good news for the Cats.

-- Just got word from Philadelphia that John Stevens has been fired as coach of the Flyers. Peter Laviolette -- former Hurricanes bench boss -- could be taking over.


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Excellent news. Although Salak made some good saves and didn't get a lot of help from the guys in front of him. Being thrown to the wolves cold like that he did a pretty good job.

Please buy out Clemmensen...he stinks on and off the ice.

Give me a break, he shouldn't have missed any games with stiches in his ear, PLEASE. How weak was that.

The trashing of Clemmensen is getting old, if we follow the same logic, then Salak must be traded because he suck !!

You see, I just fix the argument, everybody looses.

one big difference STH..Never, he makes little money and is a minor leaguer

Please justify why he doesn't stink? The numbers are pretty evident.

I'm surprised about Philly changing coaches. Can they fire their GM too? Panthers could hire him! (hey, at least, he would make some changes unlike Sexton) Maybe the Panthers should hire Stevens, he got an "okay" Philly team to the second round of the playoffs last year and the year before that.

His play at the beginning of the season was poor as it was from everyone else, everyone was playing bad hockey...

I am not defending Clemmensen, I do think that Anderson is the better goalie and Clems was good in Jersey because of their defensive style, Broduer benefits from that too.

The trashing continues on not only with Clems, Ballard, Mcabe, Horton, Weiss, Vokoun and the list goes on, and some are throwing Deboers name in there too.

Our team does not have star power players, but with good coaching, we can at least arrive at the playoffs, and I think Deboer is an excellent coach, but he has to work with what he has, one only has to look at what Buffalo is doing right now, they are sitting pretty with a few games on hand.

I think one of our biggest problem is the PP and the PK and that is the Elephant in the room.

I also think that having most of the players in long term contracts hinders the management abilities to make long term solutions, right now they can only make quick solutions or put a band-aid on it.

As far as the game last night, I never held any hope of winning in this game, I've seen a few Caps game and they are just awesome.

Clems was ok last night, not good, but the defense was not having any success holding back the Caps, I do not think he should have been given a 3 years contract when our young goaltenders talent might be ready to make the Jump next year.

Salak was pretty good, very quick and assertive, I think he has the tools to be a star in the NHL, I was impressed.

So Clemms is not going anywhere as many other players in this team that we might dislike because of their long term contracts.

You fire the coach and GM when there is a long standing history of not making the playoffs. Especially, when both were handpicked by JM. Many teams have changed coaches/GMs and made the playoffs that same year. So I'm not sure why everyone keeps defending our mediocre management staff and coaching staff. This team has not won a playoff game in 13 years nor made the playoffs in 9. We have started slow AGAIN yet changes are not being made. Pathetic!

Deboer should be on a VERY short leash, his players cannot finish a game yet they score goals in every other period but the third. That sounds like lack of conditioning and coaching to me (what is he saying in the second intermission, somebody should mike him?). Plus, let's not forget that our guys our scoring but they are blowing leads in the third. The CAPS do have a great team, yet, the Panthers should still challenge them when 5 of the CAPS star players are out! I will say that Vokoun has played well, Clemmensen does not have a chane out there when the CAPS are getting in front of the net and shooting. Our guys are constantly out of position in the offensive zone, that's how you lose games.

This team is poorly coached and is a poorly out together team team. You needed McIntye in the game against the CAPS along with some more speedy guys. Instead, they used Duco and Taffe. The GM has no idea what is he doing. Sexton needs to be fired, and if they bring in a new GM, he should give Deboer a short leash or he is gone.

Cliff and Stu, please fire Sexton already and make the changes that you promised! Accountability where is it?

Excellent post by FLA kittens. Sexton has prven to be incompetent and Debouer is allergic to having a tough guy on the team after he ran Belak off last year and now he sends dwon Mac. The team has no energy and heart and is defensively irresponsible, all coaching problems. Start fresh and bring in Potvin as GM and Skrudland as coach, clean house of everyone else martin, the worst of all, brought here.

I would like to see Potvin involved with the Panthers again, I miss that guy.

Again, Deboer is a good coach, he is an asset, but everyone around him could use some changes.

I agree we need it Mac for the Caps game, he would stopped the abuse of our players.

Tampa is a better team than we are by far, yet we are 2 points away and they are having issues with scoring.

You could forget about Booth, it is not looking good for his comeback, it might be too late for him in the season to make a solid contribution.

If the new top management want change for real, buyout Clems and Koistenen, and bring in someone that can run the powerplay, that change along could gives the boost we need, but not for the long run.

Potvin was fired by Yormark so he would not come back into a position that he has to report to him. Potvin and/or Skurdland would make great Presidents of Hockey Operations to oversee the hockey side which is what Yormark is doing now.

Also, Yormark keeps getting rid of all ties to the pre Yormark days, no more den of honor no more Potvin no mention of the players here in the 90's.

I am willing to give the owners an off season to clean house from Yormark on down.

STH,Salak was pretty good, very quick and assertive, I think he has the tools to be a star in the NHL, I was impressed.

Stevens is available and is a good coach. Hire Stevens as a replacement to Kitchen, or demote Deboer to be assistant coach and make Stevens the coach. This team needs a shakeup in the coaching staff. Deboer is a good coach but he is not controlling the veterans and panthers are constantly out of position in the offensive zone that the goaltenders are facing point blank shots.


You do not have to yell..

I guess 15-1 record in the AHL does not mean anything.

Not stupid, I was impressed and was not the only one, other boards are having the same conclusion..

He is lot faster than Clems, don't you think?

cant wait till jacob markstrom comes in here and we have a badass young good goalie (no offense to vokoun and clemmer).

I agree with Season Ticket Holder?...Never!! , Salak is good.

potvin has been working for NHL network now for a bit.

they still have to sign Markstrom, the way this team has been run they will mess that up

Yormark has no place in Hockey. As far as I can tell, he is not a hockey guy, has no hockey sense, (or business sense, for that matter...selling ads "no client too small" style is just bad for everyone) and has done nothing but ruin the fan experience at games.

Games in Florida are a bore because of his all ads, all the time style. Frankly, I hope Stu and Cliff send that up-jumped used car salesman packing sooner rather than later.I am sure the LFL or WWE could use his style of "talent".

Hank - to play goal a goalie needs his mask. Vokoun couldn't play because he couldn't put the mask over his stitched ear. That's not weak, it's simply a fact of life.

another blown game, yes both of the Yormark twins are used car salesmen.

who would come up with an idea to exchange tickets between the panthers and the nets.

Interesting that 2 of the worse run franchises in sports are run by these twins and yes the fan experience is terrible at panther games, they have set it up for the ads to be more important then the game.

Rarely do you see out of town scores and when you do the scoreboard will have one score and the area around the stands will have another.

Hockey has been an afterthought for this organization since Cohen took over.

Stu and Cliff need to clean house and start over. I have been saying for over 3 years now that we need to blow this up and start over.

Waiting for this team that lacks character and has a clubhouse mentality to finally reach its potential will not happen.

Other teams have higher expectations and they make moves to meet those expectations.

For this organization the hockey team is only to fill 41 dates so the arena can make a profit.

A pattern from 2 years ago is back.
Loosing the game in the last minutes of the game.

I don't think Salak is the answer JUST YET. The kid has some fundamentals that need working on, but he's show a lot of promise to be a solid backup when Markstrom takes over. I think we should develop that at the NHL level as he's shown he can dominate the AHL with his record. That way we can spend Clemmensen's $ elsewhere after a buyout.

I'm not sure if you agreeing or disagreeing with my desire to see some buyouts, STHSDO. But we're still 13th in the east in the standings and just lost another big point at home to a division rival. It's just getting old - same old thing every season. Owners change, management changes, coaching changes, etc., all seem to do nothing. I think Pete DB is an excellent young coach and an asset, but this team and organization has failed him by providing him with a team that can compete for the playoffs. Instead, Pete is being told that guys just need to step up and score more. Yeah, the Campbells, Olesz's, Weiss, Hortons, etc. need to double their scoring. That's the answer! It's a bad joke and I'm sick of it. Stop spending $ on guys like Koistinen, who was sold as a top 4 d-man when he was signed, and Clemmensen, who was touted as being a 1B and competitor to Vokoun. It's bad enough watching this team achieve mediocrity, but stop insulting us with these ridiculous signings.

Big Slap Shot Bob, I agree completely, this team needs a shake up from the top down, the only real asset is DeBoer.

Horton and Weiss are playing their best hockey since they joined the panthers, now is the time to get rid of them while their price is high.

We always seem to be a day late and a dollar short.

If Weiss and Horton don't score, we might as well close the doors.

The lack of secondary scoring is at the forefront along with solving the PK and PP.

I do love how Campbel , Kreps and Olez do for the team, but their lack of scoring is a serious issue, in any other team in the NHL, they would be benched or playing a few shifts.

....even George is sick of writing about the same old same old!

GR, what's going on?? It's been a few days now.

GR is not earning his money... :)

STHSDO, I've been saying this team needs new pwnership and management since the day Keenan and Martin were hired as a package deal, something many on HFboards denied but it was later revealed to be true. So by the end of this season, it'll be six years for me, and nothing will have changed until they get rid of the stench of Martin and his decisions (Sexton) from this organization.

Trading Horton, Weiss, Booth and anyone else with value (Vokoun and Reinprecht) for prospects and picks won't do anything unless management is completely overhauled. It'll just be a waste of players again, since management can't develop players properly.

And Olesz is a thirdliner folks. Get over it. We've seen his max potential in Florida.

The important thing isn't how many points out of the playoffs the Panthers are, it's how many teams are between them & a playoff position. Especially in today's NHL, where over 1/4 of all games turn into 3 point games. Come Feb-March when most games are within the conferance, if the Panthers are still in 13th place, you can kiss the playoffs good-by since the teams in front of them will be getting points. That won't stop the organization from beating the drum about "we're only (insert the # of points back) out of a playoff spot.

That's true--I want to hear hjow many points short we are of leading the conference. We need to set our goals higher...

And the ONLY time we should be glad to pick up a point is when we come from behind late in the 3rd and pick up 2-3 goals!....although that only happens the other way around.

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