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A New Blog: Say Hello To Annie

Anniepanth In honor of Kids Day here at The Billboard, my niece Annie has graciously volunteered to give her opinions on today's game.

Remember, she's the one who gave this pretty accurate scouting report on Atlanta's Ilya Kovalchuk last year: "He's a ball hog. He never passes.''

I think the Panthers are doing awesome right now, but they need some more goals. It was nice seeing David Booth out on the ice. I miss Nathan Horton though. He's a good player. I like the music, but I don't like the dancers. I just don't like their outfits. They should wear hockey jerseys in honor of the Panthers. And the horn is too loud.

I like Kids Day. I like it because we get to see the kids announcing and everything. It's fun. And I like sitting in the press box because it's so high. Meeting Gordie Howe was really neat. My uncle said he was a great player. He was very nice to me. He told me not to become a newspaper reporter like my uncle but to become an actress. I agree with him.

And I can't stand that announcer guy Murphy. He's a real dope*.

(*) Annie didn't say that. I did.

More after the second period.

Gmanjacob -- More Fun! Here's my buddy Jacob's take on tonight's game:

I love hockey. The Coke is cold but the buzzer is too loud. My favorite player in Horton. I hope he gets better soon. My favorite dancer is Tatiana. I like her for her dancing.

-- Annie's Back: I had fun hanging out with Jacob and it was a good period for the Panthers. They had a lot of chances to score. Their goalie is good. And then the Panthers scored. The horn is still very loud.

Now I'm eating some chicken fingers. My uncle says $10 is way too much for chicken fingers, but he paid it anyway. They are good. He's having a hot dog. I don't know how much that cost (it was six bucks Annie).

See you later!