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A New Den of Honor: Panthers to Honor Past, Present and Future Hockey in South Florida ... Jiggs McDonald to New York


The Panthers had one of their most popular players from their past at BankAtlantic Center on Monday, the same night the team made its plans known for a new way to honor its past – and perhaps future.

Team president Michael Yormark said a new ‘Den of Honor’ would open later this season, replacing one that was taken down over the summer.  

The new Den will be a virtual South Florida hockey Hall of Fame. About 70 percent of the 4,000 square feet structure (current state of site pictured) dedicated to the Panthers and the rest going to junior and high school hockey in the tri-county area.

Yormark said that folks from the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto have visited Sunrise and have consulted the Panthers on the new area. They have also worked with the team on what should go in (they went through the team's archives) and how to present it. Randy Moller also visited with the Hall staffon the last trip to Toronto.

John Vanbiesbrouck, the team’s original goalie, was at Monday’s game against the Thrashers and said the new plans would be welcomed by the team’s alumni. Yormark says the building will be dedicated on March 20 when the Sabres are in town.

A large number of former players are expected to attend the unveiling.

“It’s exciting,’’ said Vanbiesbrouck, whose jersey from the 1996 Stanley Cup Finals was one of two hanging in the old Den. “I think some of us past players, alumni, don’t have a lot to say about it. But it’s cool they are doing something equal or larger. This team will always hold a big place in my heart.’’

Yormark said the new Den would fill up space on the lower level that once was used as a mini-Hyundai showroom. Yormark said the franchise wants to reach out to its former players – and fans who have become disenfranchised with the team over the years.

“It’s going to be huge, it’s going to be gorgeous. We’re investing significant dollars into this,’’ Yormark said.

“We want to use this as a tool to bring back alumni. This is also an opportunity to reconnect with former season ticket holders that walked away from the franchise. It’s going to be a major tribute the Florida Panthers brand, our former players and our community.’’

-- Moller will miss the Panthers upcoming two-game road trip to the New York area as he rests up after having a health scare after Saturday’s game in Sunrise. Hall of Fame broadcaster Jiggs McDonald is filling in for Moller – who is expected to return to the booth for Saturday’s home game against the Maple Leafs.


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Holy crap! Michael Yormark actually doing something to connect to the fan base rather than the bottom line!!!!

CALL THE COPS! CALL THE AMBULANCE! I think he must be sick!!

Seriously, finally. Hopefully the team can bring in more of the alumni and reinvigorate the fanbase.

@ panthersfan

No need to call the cops Yormark is just wasting more money on advertising than on the actual team (again). Oh yeah, can someone tell Yormark that the best way to bring in fans is to WIN and not building big dens of honor. Seriously this guy makes me sick in more ways than one.


I understand your sentiment but the Den of Honor was something they took away and it would be nice to have at least that history represented. I'm assuming though that he approved the new Den of Honor after all the negativity over the removal of the only thing we can be really prideful about down here.

So there's going to be the inaugural draft class, 1st goal, 1st win, the 95-96 season, maybe a Bure jersey, and.... no wonder they have to fill 30% of it with high school hockey stuff! zing!

Seriously though, definitely a good idea and kudos to Yormark (or whoever actually put this into action). And including the local hockey scene is a cool thing to do. I wonder if they'll have my FSHL Palm Beach Renegades jersey!

any truth to the rumor that Yormark is going to call it the Geritol Den of Fame?

Good to hear Jiggs on the radio again. I wonder if he and Randy would make a good pair?

Can you believe it would be 5 in a row but for the blown lead against Washington? This team is getting hot. Still looking from behind though...gotta keep it up, Cats.

Wait Panther fan... He'll probably charge us 12$ for general public 6$ for kids under 12 to take a peek at the darn thing

I agree the Den of Honor is a great step forward for Yormack. But, Karl is right--it is funny that it will be full of high school hockey! Let's just say that's filler space until we have some Cup related items to be proud of.

1. What happened exactly to Moller?

2. What is the renewal incentive? I haven't gotten my package in the mail yet.

The "benefit" is that you will receive 1 ticket for each season ticket that you have for 38 games next year if you are a full STH. If you're a 1/2 STH, you will be upgraded to a full season. It sounds like it's time to downgrade to 1/2 a season, since I have trouble getting rid of the tickets I have. I certainly don't need twice as many tickets for those exciting Monday night 1-0 games against ATL.

If you want to know what tickets are really worth, check out the scalpers begging people to pay anything for Lower Bowl seats. Forget about Upper Bowl seats; you can't give those tickets away.

The Panthers also want STH to renew by 2/13. The trading deadline is 3/2. I guess they want to rope in the STH before the annual Trade Deadline Blowout Sale. How desperate are the Panthers for cash that they need your money in 2/10 for games that will be played in 3 & 4/11?

They better fly in Paul Laus to the opening in March. There's a guy they really treated like crap after he essentially gave up his quality of life (wrist) for the team and they turned around and basically told him not to let the door hit him on the butt on his way out. Same thing they did with Len Barrie, after reports that he was playing with an injured kidney and urinating blood before, during and after games.

Also, what's this nonsense with Randy Moller's "helath scare"? How come the media loves to get into everyone else's personal and private matters but when it's one of their own, there's no speculation, no sources, nothing, just "health scare"? Either treat the job the same for everyone or don't do the job.

Randy Moller is out with what is described as a "upper, lower-body injury.''

The former defenseman turned analyst from Red Deer, Alberta, is expected to miss the next two games but should be in the radio lineup for Saturday's game against the Maple Leafs.

-- Moller is fine. He didn't feel good after the Lightning game. All is well. Be thankful for that...

And as far as the team having a Den of Honor, no, they don't need one. But they had one and tore it down to make room for more advertising.

So give them credit for making a wrong a right.

This sounds like it's going to be nice. And giving props to junior and high school hockey in this area can only be a positive.

I hope I get a Cooper City hockey jersey with my name on it put in there somewhere...looks like there will be plenty of room...

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