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David Booth Will Play vs. Islanders

Booth2 ARLINGTON, Va. -- It appears the wait is over.

David Booth, out since Oct. 24 with a concussion, is expected to play Sunday against the Islanders.

According to Pete Pelegrin, Booth said that he will lace 'em up and make his comeback on home ice.

More when I get it although that may take a bit; we're in line to de-ice and could be in the air by the time I get some quotes from Pete.

Booth, as you know, was Florida's leading goal scorer last season and was a big part of the top line. It will be interesting to see if he goes back up to the top of the heap or starts out on the third line.

Michael Frolik hasn't scored much of late, so it's very possible Pete DeBoer may want to get that line going and Booth could be an answer.

But, Booth is by no means a cure-all for the Panthers offensive woes. He only had two goals and an assist before getting blindsided by Philly captain Mike Richards. In a sense of irony, it appeared Booth was just warming up. One of his two goals came in that Philly game. He had been getting tons of chances, but hadn't been finding the back of the net.

So Booth scored in the first game of the season and what has been his last. And that's been it.

But this anemic Florida offense sure could use something.

After Friday's loss, DeBoer was asked if it was good to see Stephen Weiss get off his scoring slide, DeBoer rolled his eyes.

 “Yeah,’’ he said. “If you’re looking for a silver lining, there isn’t much. There’s a lot of guys I’d like to get going. Steven Reinprecht doesn’t have a goal in [12] games, Michael Frolik has one in [13]. We could go on and on.’’

Weiss tied a career-high by scoring his 20th goal in the second period of the Washington game, his first goal in seven games and second in 15. But, as DeBoer tersely pointed out, Weiss isn’t the only player the Panthers need to get hot.

In Florida’s past six games, it has scored just seven goals. With Tomas Vokoun playing lights out, the Panthers have survived their scoring slump.

You can read all about David Booth here, here and here.


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Panthers Stink
Booth isn't going to help
Horton is still out
Sexton has made no moves and will not make any significant moves that will help this coming deadline.

Same story
Same Panthers
Failure year after year. GR I dono how you still have a job reporting for this crappy organization. Don't you have bigger dreams and goals other than writing about this waste of time team??? You might as well copy and paste everything u have written in the past 3 seasons cuz its the SAME OLD PANTHERS!!




we are tied for 8th and 2 points out of 6th Brian, do u think its rational to yell"the sky is falling"???

ive gone through these 10 years but just dont feel the same way this year with kids like frolik, mathias repik booth weiss kulikov....

I've gone through this for 16 years. Sure the first few years were good, but overall, they are one of the worst run organizations. Similar to the Cinn Bengals (NFL) & LA Clippers (NBA), always another year away. Why did Pitt get it right with Crosby or Wash with Ovech, we missed on the same opportunities.

i waited 30 years for the rangers to win the cup...this is nothing..lol...and there are so many worse hockey frnachises forget other sports....

ex1) toronto......40+ years since the cup
ex 20 ISLES......cant get more then 6 or 7000 and owner wants to move to K.c.

atlanta, phoenix, etc... again i wont give the org any credit till we make the plyoffs, but i like the core of this roster for the first time in a decade

etc etc etc.

Could be worse.... MUCH WORSE!!

We could be the Edmonton Oilers right now!!! HAHAHA!

will there be tickets available?

perfect timing!! just what we need for the stretch run! booth's gunna breathe life into our team and give a much needed boost to our offense, WATCH-THIS-SPACE . . .

I hope Booth is actually OK enough to play. The Panthers need him as soon as possible, but no sooner. (wish I was going to the game tonight)

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