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Homecoming for Olli? Not So Fast

Olli3 Word out of Canada is that the Flames aren't done wheeling and dealing. It looks like the Jokinen Clan may be heading to Broadway.

That's right, Olli Jokinen to the Rangers.

Olli, the Cats former Capitan, is scheduled to play at The Billboard on Friday for the first time since the JM coup of 2008 succeeded but cost him his spot on the team.

JM, who lost his coaching gig but stayed on as GM, sent Olli west to Phoenix later that summer.

We'll see what happens. Olli and Torts? Awesome....

-- If this trade does happen, and there have definitely been some holdups, Olli's return to Sunrise would come in April when the Rangers come to town.


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I think that the Rangers would be getting the better part of that deal and Calgary is cleaning house.

Which Canadien team is having a fire sale next and can we get in on it?

we have third and fourth line talent to offer for first and second line players...

article posted on nhl.com quoting the Canadian TSN:

Report: Rangers acquire Jokinen from FlamesSunday, 01.31.2010 / 10:52 PM / News NHL.com

TSN is reporting the New York Rangers and Calgary Flames are expected to soon announce a trade that will send Calgary center Olli Jokinen and forward Brandon Prust to the Rangers in exchange for forwards Ales Kotalik and Christopher Higgins.

Jokinen, 31, has 11 goals and 24 assists in 55 games with the Flames this season

flames and their fans have realized what many others now have - olli is not what he's cracked up to be. not a playmaker, not a faceoff guy, no physicality or defense to his game. he's a one-dimensional player who flourished for a short period of here when the stars aligned and he was ... well, the "star".

never liked his game or his attitude.

before anyone gets any half-baked ideas. NO. he must be kept FAR away from the franchise. far far away. there's a reason he's being passed around like a hot potato. he will be playing on another continent soon enough.

Yes, Sexton nobody in the NHL is wheeling and dealing right now....

I thought Olli was great while he was here, a couple of back to back 30 goal seasons but he definitely peaked here.

The trade is apparently on hold according to puckdaddy, but basically it involves Jokinen/Prust for Kotalik/Higgens.

Deals are happening. But when you have a team of mostly 2nd tier players and a core that you're unwilling to touch, deals won't happen. I'd like to see Sexton go for a UFA-to-be scorer type which shouldn't break the bank necessarily. Once again, a 2-0 win against the Isles. We can't keep expecting to score 2 goals a game and get enough wins in the tight East.

Ray whitney, BSSB. enuf said.

Olli's stats have not really been great since around the time of the Zednik incident. Not sure if there's a correlation there or just a coincidence...

I would have given up the farm to get phenauf. He's 24 yrs old. he's another pronger. putz sexton

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