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The Booth Watch Continues: Panthers At the Halfway Point

Booth1When talking about the second half of the season, coach Pete DeBoer let a potential bombshell drop.

In regards to the injured David Booth, DeBoer said Booth was "a wild-card factor whether or not he comes back'' and that since he has missed so much time since being suffering his concussion on Oct. 24 that "we're not counting on that.''

Booth has still been skating and still been working out according to DeBoer when asked to elaborate on Booth's status. The Panthers had been saying Booth would return to the lineup in January, but DeBoer sounded very cautious. DeBoer knows you don't mess around with concussions. Other players have and you've seen the end result.

I wouldn't be surprised to see them burn off the final two weeks of February and bring Booth back after the Olympic break in March -- if at all.

“It's a real significant injury,'' DeBoer said. "We’ve seen too many guys in this league -- Eric Lindros, Keith Primeau -- have careers end. It’s something we want to make sure David is part of this franchise for a long time.’’

I asked Pete if Booth had suffered any sort of setback and he said no, not really.


"The problem with this type of injury is you take small steps forward and you take another one back,'' DeBoer said. "Then a couple more forward and inch your way toward getting him back."

-- The Panthers have reached the halfway point of the season and things aren't as bad as it seems. A lot of the guys would like to put the first 41 games behind them and start fresh. And if they can improve on the record of the first 41, they got a chance to make those pesky playoffs.

"Where we're at right now, isn't a place we want to be,'' Tomas Vokoun said. "We're out of the playoffs. We're a few points back. That's not good enough. We need to play better and get some wins and the only ones that can do that is us.''

Pete says he thinks his team is a playoff team and is capable of putting together a nice winning streak. Yet they haven't done that so far this season. Florida has yet to win more than three straight games at a time.

We'll see.

Hey, a win Sunday against the Pens would be a start. The Panthers record at home (6-8-5 including a Finnish home loss) is pretty brutal.

-- Everyone was back at practice today and all are expected to start tomorrow against the Pens.


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Playoffs? what the hek is that? i have had it with this team.

I've been saying all along that it was a longshot for Booth to be back before February and that it was entirely possible for him to miss the entire season. Grade III concussions are serious injuries and take months before a player is fully recovered. Patrice Bergeron missed the remainder of a season, having played only 10 games before the injury in October - just like Booth. Gagne had a similar experience - though he tried to comeback and just a few checks put him back out for the entire season. Interesting to note that when Gagne was originally injured, it was from a check thrown by Jay Bouwmeester

playoffs, please

So we are going to make a big push for the playoffs without Booth. That leaves Weiss, Horton, Flolik and maybe Rhino and Stillman to put pucks in the net. If we play really hard(which we will have to do), than you can count on one or two of these guys missing games with an injury. If thats ANY of our top line guys we are screwed. Even if we make the playoffs we will have half a minor league team and that does not translate into success. I love the Panthers and will continue to support and watch all the games, but lets get real here.

could have signed Satan for a bargain like the bruins for some offense. but sexton isn't that smart

If you watch the product on the ice, it is obvious that this is a transition year. If this team doesn't make a strong move by the TDL, expect it to be blown up for a rebuild around the Weiss, Horton et al . We have a lot of vets on 1 year contracts, a number of players with expiring contracts and the big 3 (Vokoun, McCabe and Stillman) only signed through next season. All of these players represent assets that can be traded at the TDL, assuming waivers by the players with a NTC.

It is at the point now that the team needs to trade some underachievers like Olesz, Kreps, etc to a team in a similar situation out west. Edmonton, Columbus, Anaheim and St. Louis could find some underachievers of their own and do a swap, maybe a change helps both teams and players.

Playoffs are not in the Panthers agenda this year. If the Panthers were serious about making the playoffs, Repik would be in the lineup to replace Booth. You need another guy who can score some goals in this lineup.
Panthers have no intention of making the playoffs, and I doubt keeping their current management. Why would they keep Sexton who does not how to use the phones and who other GMs are not willing to make trades with? Sexton is gone after this season, maybe Deboer too. Panthers will have the #3 pick in the draft next year maybe first depending on the drawing. No playoffs this year, and the drought continues.

errr, florida kittens - SHUT THE HELL UP

Great win tonight. Glad we showed our friends from the Steel City, and their bandwagoners, a good time.

if ur up 2night, 9pm on nhl network -- world juniors sweden vs u.s. semifinals

Our future goaltender Markstrom has been playing exceptionally well for Sweden.

We also have a guy on the U.S. team

people, when are going to realize other teams don't want our players. Who the hell do you think would trade for Kreps? Who wants Olecz and his contract. PEOPLE, BE REAL, ENOUGH WITH YOUR NONSENSE. The fish stinks from the head

Most of the people here have a dark cloud over their heads....clearly this team needs a couple of players, we have lost many of our games by one goal and breakdowns at the last minutes of some games, it is not like they are being over run by other teams, but I am with you as far as changes but this team is not at the point of collapsing, one possibility for a true collapsing would be losing Weiss and Horton to injury, then we would be in real trouble.
Most importantly right now, We do need to pickup a player to replace Booth for the remainder of the year, but I do not know if there is anyone available or the franchise is willing to go that route.

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