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Olympic Radio With Goldie and the Beezer ... All-Stars Returning?

Dingobaby There was some confusion yesterday on where the Olympic hockey games could be found on local radio.

We finally found out -- with no help from the internet.

The Gold Medal game between Canada and your Team USA will be on at 3 p.m. on Sunday. It will be on NBC-6 in Miami and on 940-AM as well.

Florida TV voice Steve Goldstein is calling the game for Westwood One with former Panthers goalie John Vanbiesbrouck doing color.

Goldie says he is having a blast working the games but is looking forward to joining up with us all again Tuesday in Atlanta.

Somehow I don't believe that last part.

-- According to Sarah Talay at the Sun-Sentinel, the Panthers have made a formal bid to host the NHL All-Star Game in either 2011, 2012 or 2013. Of course, if the NHL doesn't go to the Socchi Games in 2014, I guess the Cats could bid on that All-Star Game as well.

Miamiallstar Sunriseallstar Florida hosted the game once in 2003.

Of the major All-Star Games, South Florida has been host to three in the most recent past: NBA (1990 @ Miami Arena), NHL (2003) and NFL (2010). 

Pittsburgh is one of the cities bidding and since they have a new arena, they are getting one of those three.

Philadelphia, Carolina and Ottawa (ugh) are also supposedly in the running.

None of those cities have had an All-Star Game since moving into new arenas, so, I wouldn't be shocked if Florida's bid is near the bottom of the list -- although the airports in Fort Lauderdale and Miami don't close in January like those other ones are prone to do.

I am very surprised that Glendale is not bidding for one of these, but they haven't had one either.

If PNC Park in Pittsburgh doesn't get next year's Winter Classic, you can bet that the 2011 All-Star Game will be in the Penguins new home.


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No love for "Dark Chocolate and the Rod"?

John Vanbiesbrouck doing color for the Panthers would be an upgrade over Lindsay. If Panthers for some reason don't like Potvin and don't bring him back, they should hire Beezer to work with Goldie. They have to get rid of Lindsay he is absolute torture to listen to.

Lindsay is doing just fine. Actually, if you want to get rid of someone, get rid of Goldie and his squeaky voice.

I went to the All-Star game when it was hosted in South Florida. It was alot of fun despite Sandis Ozolish being traded a day prior- he was a good player back then, and we traded him because we were out of playoff picture, kinda like how we are out of the playoff picture now.

I think 2011 All Stars game was awarded to Phoenix earlier but it looks like team is on move if other teams are now looking for 2011 game.

Billy Lindsay is terrible, half the time he slurs his words the other half he is babbling like a moron. He is an insult to Panthers fans. I watch NHL Center Ice and Billy Lindsay is the worst of the worst.

I would be afraid at who they would hire to replace Lindsay, considering the money issues around Florida.

Thanks for the Goldie tip. Heard the first period. He was terrific with Beezer. Lindsay has to go.

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