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Panthers Stand Pat, Not What They Wanted to Do: Randy Sexton Talks

Dominicmoore Just got off the phone with general manager Randy Sexton after the 3 p.m. Olympic trade deadline came and went.

The Panthers ended up making one move during this time, sending center Dominic Moore to the Canadiens for a second round pick in 2011 on Thursday. We thought there would be plenty more where that came from, but today was pretty quiet all around the league and in Sunrise as well.

Sexton says he got some things done and progress is being made toward the real trade deadline on March 3. That's when teams will be wheeling and dealing.

One thing you have to remember is that players get paid during the Olympic break even if there are no games being played. That makes some teams reluctant to make a major deal for one game (tops) and then watch that player collect a check for the next two weeks -- especially a player making a good chunk of change.

Here's what Randy had to say to the South Florida media:

"I thought today went pretty well. Worked at things, made good progress, just couldn't get anything completed.

"Today is the first deadline before the next deadline. There's a lot of time, I'll just keep working the next few weeks until the early part of March.

"Some teams still have games to play and we're all under the CBA roster limitations and salary cap floors and ceilings. For some teams, they're at the roster limit and playing tonight or tomorrow and it's a challenge to manage things. It's a point of negotiating. You want the lowest price if you are a buyer, and you want to extract the highest price if you are a seller.


"Depends on one's definition of close. We didn't get anything completed, came up empty if you want to put it that way.

"I look at it positively. We have a lot of time left.


"We'll be both, and I mean if there's an opportunity where we get back players or prospects .-.-. The process is all about getting better. In some cases we may be selling, some may be buying.

"I don't think anyone is happy where we are.

"Deadlines cause people to focus. An [early] deadline causes some to focus. One GM told me today, and I thought he summed it up pretty well: Today's deadline doesn't have the panic threshold the other one will.


"Our guys get paid like there's no Olympic break at all. Some teams know they need to do something, and they'll use the last little while to figure that all out. Some teams don't want to take on the extra salary for the next two weeks.''


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GR, do you think there will be an open practice tomorrow in lieu of todays?

By the way, Dominic Moore looks a little like Chris Kattan. He seemed a good guy and not bad on the ice. It was a great move by Sexton for the draft pick though considering he would have walked in a few weeks.

One thing you have to remember is that players get paid during the Olympic break even if there are no games being played. That makes some teams reluctant to make a major deal for one game (tops) and then watch that player collect a check for the next two weeks -- especially a player making a good chunk of change.

The owner sent out the "I quit" letter to the fans too early. Perhaps, this would have been better sent out after they traded. There was plenty of coverage on NHL Network today about the Panthers debacle, most of the consensus was that they do not have the right kind of players on the team, and some called for a complete firesale. I hope Sexton does not chicken out during the break.

HANK: You trade for TVo, he gets hurt during the Olympics while being paid, that is a problem. Gregory Campbell or Kamil Kreps? No, you right, that's not a big deal.

I have heard that statement from other organizations as well.

We will give them until March 3rd to see if they are putting action where their mouths are or is this more lip service

Everyone is acting like this is the trade deadline. Well, it isn't. It's just a freeze and you'll see a flurry activity on March 2-3rd. Relax, it's coming. We didn't see much from anyone and no real big names moved which is absolutely consistent with what Sexton said.

Sutter in Calgary also said teams don't want salary for players during the Olympic break. Why pay someone and chance they get hurt when the deadline is March 3? Understandable. Getting a second round pick for Moore is like when we got a second round pick for Gratton which became Jacob Markstrom.

GR...what did olez say last night to get the unsportsman?

People need to realize none of the big names moved: Whitney, Poni, or any of the goalies like Turco, Vokoun, etc. It's going to be a frenzy on March 3rd and Sexton has until then to get an idea of who and what is wanted and available.

Olesz didn't do anything; he just served the penalty...it was on the FLA bench

It wasn't Olesz, it was DeBoer. Rostislav served the 2:00 minor. I don't know what he said but I could hear him from where I was sitting.

Kudos to the owners for finally telling it like it is.... Maybe a few months late, but they gave them a chance to try to pull off the impossible....

Also, I believe and can only hope that it was sent out so that fans don't act stupified when they deal the likes of T-VO, Horton, Frolik, Weiss, and possibly even Booth and Kulikov...

Personally the only one I feel like they should keep are Booth and Kulikov, but I'm sure we'll be stuck with the vast majority of the rest of the pack too...

Those that I could see getting interest from other teams would be Weiss, Horton, Frolik, Seidenberg, Leopold, McCabe, and Dvorak...

I'd be very surprised if anyone made offers for Allen, Kreps, Olesz, Reinprecht, or Ballard... Ballard mainly because of a hefty contract...

Also, I wouldn't mind resigning Seidenberg, but since it's a rebuild, they'd probably rather have picks and prospects... And T-Vo's been great, but what's the sense in keeping a great goalie when you're rebuilding... You have to sell some of your assets to get back packages and hope you come out ahead in the overall numbers game....

GR, Last night our usher in Section [private to protect him] said Horton was going to the Rangers. Any truth? From my perspective, trade everyone but Horton, Kulikov , McCardle (where is he?) and Oreskovich. TVo is the stud but mnayve can get some O for him and rely on the minors for the future.

thx murph!!!!!!!!

of course the letter could be a set up letter for a salary dump

Remember when we were told by the front office that the give away of Pavel Bure was to free up money to pay for 2 very good players instead of one superstar.

Didn't spend the money and haven't made the playoffs since

The Horton rumors sounds like it was on Eklund's website. Therefore, untrue.

If the Panthers are going to trade one of their top line players, I think that this player will be going to the Western Conference not to the East.

Panthers are close to the cap at 54 million, they should decrease their salary because they are not getting anything for their current players.

Panthers should also pick up prospects and draft picks, and send the kids from Rochester up. The Panthers were winning when all of the AHL players were up in December and January. We are still only 6 points out of the playoffs.

Yes true it could be a salary dump, but they may as well save salary rather than keep overpaying for lesser talent... At least they can put themselves in position to be able to go after somewhere down the road when the time may be right(like prob about 2 years)...

The team needs to take a hit and bottom out for about 2 years in order to right the ship...
Start by weeding out, trading out, and buying out as much crap as you can... Build some decent 2nd and 3rd lines. Then you have to hope you can find other top guys through moves, trades, and free agency... At least then they will be in the financial position to do so...

Hockey fans can support average and less than average hockey if they feel they are being entertained and headed in the right direction. Vancouver has long been an average squad until the Sedins, Kesler, Burrows, etc came along... They still entertain the fans by getting guys to COMPETE and fight and scrap along the way.. Then they acquire pieces along the way and develop guys, and they are in position to go toe-to-toe with the rest....

Edmonton also plays a little more exciting hockey with less than average talent... They've just made bad hockey decisions in regards to bad free-agent contracts and over-hyped young talent... Kind of like the Panthers here along with the fact that it's hard to attract quality free agents, yet they're still more exciting to watch than our BORING Panthers...

So sometimes you have to make changes just to make changes, as the CORE(Weiss, Horton) here has had enough chances... They're boring and provide no leadership... Also send McCabe and Olesz packing. If Olesz flourishes, who cares? He's never going to flourish here like we need him to, has an inconsistent work ethic, and his play no where near justifies his contract..

For the future, I'd keep Booth-Weiss-Horton, but just not play them on the top line. As you recall, the Sunrise Express was very effective when they played as second liners. Most teams in the NHL have first line players who are getting paid $6M - $7M, not $3M like we do. The problem with us is, we need to shed some salary in order to accommodate and acquire top talent, assuming top talent wants to come here. Unfortunately, the best UFA is Kovalchuk and I can see him resigning with NJ if their playoff run is successful. Forget Jokinen.

Look, I don't mind a salary dump, but I wouldn't be in favor of it if ownership never intends to fill the gap with higher paid talent.

It would be a shame to see Seidenberg (UFA) get traded. I can see Randy shopping Leopold, but it would be interesting to see what we can get for him. Acquiring Leo was all Randy's work, and trading him for a less than 2nd liner would be admitting failure. But then again, the whole thing is a failure so who cares, right?

panthers will not trade vokun until the the summer at the earliest. And the excuse about trading during the olymoics is BULL. I guarantee no trade sexton makes would involve an olympic player. We don't have that commidity nor would we gwt one either

The excuse about trading during the Olympics is NOT bull, and it has nothing to do with trading for a player who's playing in the Olympics. Geez, do a little research before running your mouth. No team wants to pay upwards of $90,000 per week (for two idle weeks) for a player they just acquired for nothing more than draft picks. All they have to do is wait two weeks and get the deal done before the deadline without having to put that salary on the books until the last minute. It's pretty simple economics, not rocket science.

excuses, that all I ever hear

The guys we are looking to trade are not Olympians, unless it's Vokoun and Seidenberg and Vokoun already has apparently said he's not waiving his clause now.

That being said, I agree with Hank, it's excuses and dandy randy thinks he'll probably get a better deal after the break.
He better be right, otherwise, this is all just a bunch of BS.

First, who could we possibly get that's playing in the Olympics? Secondly, we aren't going to take on big salary, so it just doesn't add up as far as I'm concerned.

All the yelling and screaming and letterwriting could be a smoke screen.


You may have a point. Panthers only got a point tonight, but at least it was not a total loss.

I still see the Panthers dumping all of their one year contract guys for whatever they can get from the playoff teams for draft picks. Penguins need some cheap help at center, and Hawks may have some interest in another goalie.

Panthers will probably try to use some of their newly acquired draft picks to try to pick up someone who has scored twenty or more goals in the last two years that has a two year contract; probably looking at targeting Anaheim Ducks, Edmonton Oilers and Carolina Hurricanes for this type of player. Would they part with this player though?

I will be surprised if they are willing to trade any of their top line players (Weiss. maybe = but he is a former Deboer player), especially since they are all signed long term . It is not like players have been lining up to play for Florida in the free agent market. I also expect Clemmenson to be gone for a cheaper contract to save cap space.

Finally, is Sexton's job safe, if the Panthers don't like what he traded for on March 4th???

when I say a salary dump, I am agreeing that they have to move as many players as possible.

It is what they do after they dump the salary and what they get for these players that we have to watch.

Horton and Weiss are not a core you build around.

Weiss is a second line center and when on the first line is when he and the team struggle as there is nothing behind him that can pick up the slack as a 2nd, 3rd or 4th line.

Yeah sure. Panther fans will be waiting with bated breath…. all 10 of them.

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