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Randy Sexton Talks Again: No Panther Off Limits ... Vokoun Unlikely to Waive Clause

Randy Randy Sexton just told us that he is hoping to get more deals done before the 3 p.m. mini deadline set tomorrow.

He said that no player -- including Tomas Vokoun -- is off limits in the trade talks. He has not spoken to anyone regarding waiving their no trade clauses.

A source close to Vokoun said the goalie would not waive his no trade at the current time despite the team's struggles on and off the ice. That could change post Olympics, however.

Sexton also said Rostislav Olesz is not on bench just to show people that he might be OK.

"This is the first move of the process to retool our team,'' Sexton said during the first intermission. "We need to make more moves, need to be better. We're working on a variety of things. .-.-. I think it speaks to the player Dominic is. He's a good serviceable guy.I told him when I called him that I thought he would fit in well with Jacques. He likes players with speed, guys who are smart. He has unique skills, good on face offs, good penalty killer. Those things are important to Jacques.

"From our perspective, we need to add depth. Converting a UFA guy we signed for nothing into a second round pick is something we need to do. There's going to be more things happening I hope.

"The time is ticking. We're working on a variety of things, the discussions have really picked up in the past 72 hours. We'll see. Deadlines cause people to focus.''

Randy also said the second round pick could be in play as part of a bigger deal. "Absolutely,'' he said. 

-- "Whether we're buyers or sellers, we have to retool this team.''

Anyone off limits? "No.''

Even Tomas Vokoun? "There's no player off limits. There are players we'd like to keep, but at the end of the day Wayne Gretzky was traded. We have to get better and get our team to the point where we want it to be. Sometimes you have to make hard decisions.''


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At least Sexton is FINALLY doing something about this team. Let's hope that the owners are not meddling in these trades.

P.S. The save of the game for tonight's game should go to the goal post! How many times can the Panthers hit the post? 1,2,3,4,5!

Talk is cheap

yes im glad he has motivation and i love his energy i just hope he keeps booth horton weiss reinprecht frolik kulikov and re tool everyone else get rid of guys like kreps olesz campbell lanky bryan allen and mccabe even seidenberg especially stillman , if i was him i would go after sam ganger and souray from edmonton like give them cambell mcabe stillman and a draft pick that would help add some grit and some youthful energy!!! and through repik on a line with gagner and frolik in there would be a good line!! and trade kreps and allen for voracek from nashville! and get rid of vokoun i no hes good but markstrom is going to fill his role hopfully next year anyways ??? and im sure they could get a superstar (isnt mike green a free agent at the end of this year?) i no washington is looking for a goalie!! those all sound like good ideas ??? what are your thoughts guys? hopefully sexton will read this !!!! i dont care what happens just get my fav team to the playoffs pleassssssssssse been way to long nine years! they just need a character player to get some energy going look what phaneuf brought to toronto!!

Another smoke and mirror show presented by Yormark.Wow I am so excited about my true blue reward gift from the panthers.So they get rid of the one player that shoots the puck and is a true gritty NHL er and they blame him for the lousy penalty killing.Sexton is a puppet for Yormark/cohen.Seriously thinking of letting them keep my first 1/4 renewal payment and cancelling renewal.This group makes me sick after 5 years of watching them.Guess it is time for another closed door meeting.

we need to overhall the front office.

everyone knew coming into this season we did not have enough scoring and we do nothing then just 2 weeks ago Sexton says he likes the make up of this team
how can you trust a guy whose claim to fame is drafting and overpaying Alexandre Daige

how can you trust that a front office will do the right thing when they put more resources into marketing the team then into scouting for assets for the team?

How can you trust an organization that has its GM reporting to a person that knows nothing about hockey (Yormark)

How can you trust an organization that gets rid of its best announcer and says it is because he is not here during the off season then the same organization does no marketing during the off season when everyone knows it was for money

How can you trust an organization whose web page talks about the great job its GM did in building the foundation of Ottawa when everyone elwse talks about how bad Ottawa was when Sexton was fired

how can you trust an organization that signs a player for 2 years that no one wants because he is Finnish

how can you trust an organization when every free agent signing brings character and leadership and helps with our scoring problem and that free agent ends up like all the others

how can you trust an organization that has only had one season in its history where they won a playoff series?

which Yormark has done the most harm to his organization the panthers Yormark or the NJ Nets Yormark

I would rather get rid of our players and come in last than see this crap every year, atleast we would get a star with the #1 overall pick. We NEED a Bure.

how can you say that we will get a star with the #1 overall pick when the panthers have had the overall number 1 pick 4 times and the only player to pan out that played for the panthers was Jovocop.

We have a GM who had the overall #1 pick with Ottawa and blew that.

We have traded the overall #1 pick 3 times and it was a mistake all three times

until you overhaul the front office nothing will change

Good luck with that one.

The guys at the very top aren't likely to step down because a fan was whining on the internets. Grow up....

taylor hall sweepstakes!

Good posts above. Yes, a #1 pick would be great, but can we really trust our management?

I wish Randy could get rid of Stillman and Reinprecht, both of which who are signed to multi-year deals. Take their salary and spend it on someone who can score some goals.

If Randy can't trade Kreps and Campbell, who are RFA's, then don't offer them qualifying offers after the season is over. Cut the cord man!

sexton get Ryder from boston !!!!!!!!!!

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