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Relaxing in Raleigh: Panthers at RBC Center

Cheer RALEIGH -- Greetings from a special afternoon practice at the RBC Banner Center.

Relaxing here in the lower bowl with Chuck Kaiton and Steve X., watching the Panthers push the puck up and down the ice.

Stephen Weiss is back and working on a top line with David Booth and Cory Stillman.

The other lines:


Will probably have an update later. For up to the minute, breaking updates, check us out on these other portals. I now have a fan page set up at Facebook (On Frozen Pond) and we're still on Twitter @OnFrozenPond.

Getting good response back from both, so I'll keep updating as much as possible. Having a cellphone compatible with all of these setups sure does help.

Off to get some sweet tea. Or another Cheerwine. Ummm. Cheerwine.


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I'm not sure why Frolik is the whipping boy when Stillman-Rhino-Olesz haven't produced either on the 2nd line. Glad to see Dvo getting moved up though. Maybe they should give Moore a shot at the #2 center spot, he can't be any worse than Rhino has been (16 games without a goal = almost 1/4 of the season).

Because they ruin their youth in this organization. Thats why Frolik is going on the line with the center in Rino who has not scored a point in 10 games and a goal in 16 games.

Campbell on our 3rd line, he wouldnt even score 3 goals in the AHL, he's a joke.

Carolina wins, they are only 6 points behind us. FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also, I love how our young players in Matthias and Repik were sent down again. hahahhaha stupid. I guess Campbell and Kreps are better options.

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