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Rostislav Olesz: Broken Hand

Olesz2 If last night's loss wasn't "brutal" enough, the Panthers also lost winger Rostislav Olesz in the final minute or so to a broken hand.

Coach Pete DeBoer said today that Olesz is getting X-Rays to see how serious it is, but he's out through the Olympic break at the very least.

As far as those trade rumors for Olesz, well, I'm not sure how true those were. Olesz has a big, long contract and for another team to take that on, the Panthers would likely have to take on someone else's problem in return.

Now, as far as other players go, I would think guys like Jordan Leopold, Dennis Seidenberg, Gregory Campbell and Kamil Kreps are in play. What they would bring, I don't know. I don't think the Panthers are going to do anything until the deadline because, what sense does it make? Play tomorrow's game against the Canucks and then make a deal?

They have four points to go get before the break and if they somehow get them, they are right back in the party. If they lose these next two and go into the break on a six game slide, Pantherland becomes Randy's Used Car Lot.

Make your best offer.


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Stay out Olesz. Not like you ever showed up anyways. Give that roster spot to someone who actually wants to play.

No big loss. hell no loss at all. right where he belongs, ON THE BENCH

there goes the bag of pucks we were going to trade him for!!

Unbelievable. So much for trading Oslez....There were a lot of rumors floating his name around on the net.This is his third year in a row being injured for a month of more... I agree though for anyone to take Oslez, the panthers would have had to give something else up or take on another problem child.

I really hope that Seidenberg signs long term with the team so that he is not traded. It is time this team stop losing three defensemen a year in the offseason.

The only guy that I would add to GR list above is Stillman and any drafted Panther forward in the minors(except goalies and dmen in Rochester since Ellerby or Garrison will be expected to make the Panthers team next year).

When is it going to be enough with this organization?? We havent had a playoff game in that arena. Are they really still charging for tickets? i dont even know if going to tommorrows game is worth the 5 bucks to get in! (thats all the scalpers are getting for upper bowls nowadays.. lol..)

we played NJ (sort of) in the playoffs at the new arena. If you remember we had a 5 on 3 and NJ scored short handed, swept in 4.

We need to fire Sexton, everyone has known that this team lacks , lacks players willing to battle for the puck, lacks players willing to go into the areas to muck out goals.

A GM's job is to build a team for the long term

not trading Bouwmeester because the team guaranteed a playoff spot was wrong and has really hurt this team, the rumor is that there was a great trade on the table from the flyers similar to what they gave to the ducks this off season

Yormark has made too many decisions on players and he needs to go before this organization will get any credibility with the type of hockey people needed to bring this team NHL caliber players

DeBoer put it best when he said: "we're trying to fit round pegs into square holes. If that's the case, then obviously we have to make some changes.''

Who got us the round pegs for a square whole, JM the GM and his partner Sexton and Yormark who has us sign a player because of his nationality, doesn't let us trade Bouwmeester so we can make the playoffs.

time to put action where our words our and clean out the front office before Sexton makes a bad trade

The new owners have been very quite. What's their plan? I have an idea does the name CLIFF FLETCHER give you a hint ?

One other thing, bring back Denny Potvin !!

Yes! Bring back Potvin. Bill Lindsay is making comments during games that Pistol Pete should be listening to. I would rather have Lindsay behind the bench with Potvin.

Fire Hulton now! Please....................!!!!!!!!!

I third the notion for Potvin!.....but would he really even want to come back??

The crowds are getting restless, GR...if they don't pull it together tonight, fans might start throwing tomatoes instead of rats! I think T-Vo needs to keep a bag of them with his Gatorade atop his net, because no one has to be more frustrated than him!

Im curious as to what hockey decisions Yormark
has made. there has to be someone out there who works or worked for him that can give actual examples of his involment in the hockey side of things.

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