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Wings and Pucks: Panthers Back on Ice, Team USA as Well

Incredible-Ice The Panthers are expected to hit the ice at 2 p.m. today at Incredible Ice in Coral Springs.

And Team USA is playing at 3 on NBC.

Good thing Incredible Ice has a sports bar where we can watch the game after practice, eh?

I'll be at practice today and then heading upstairs to watch the Team USA game afterward. If anyone wants to join me, come on over. Could be a fun time. We'll talk a little hockey, a little this and a little that.

-- The Panthers recalled Shawn Matthias, Michal Repik and Chris Beckford-Tseu from the minors. Matthias and Repik will likely stick; Beckford-Tseu (driving over from Estero) is up just to be the second goalie in practice until Tomas Vokoun returns.


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Welcome back!!! during this freeze, are teams allowed to "negotiate " trades without finalizing them?

I'm surprised Oreskovich and Garrison were not in the mix to be brought down to Florida.

Oreskovich has been doing absolutely nothing while here. Currently, his play certainly doesn't warrant a call up.

Garrison had been out with an upper body injury. He just recently returned to the line up.

When that olympic trade freeze ends, LOOK OUT!

Hey, Alex Awful was waived by the Stars and is looking for work again.

Yeah, I'm just surprised that they did not bring down ANY defensemen from Rochester. EIther they are trying to help Rochester's playoff chances, or they are going to pick up some D in some trades.

Oreskovich has not done much in the last callup but he does have more goals than Kreps.


Is Horton skating yet?

Don't you mean Beckford is here to be the 2nd goalie when Vokoun is traded?!? :-D

Watching Slovakia play I think the Panthers would have been better if they kept Zednik on the team. The goals Zednik scored are not being replaced by anyone on this year's roster. Panthers really miss Zednik.

EJ - I would take Auld over Clemmenson. Hoping Panthers trade Clemmenson to a team that needs a(cough) good (cough) backup for the playoffs.

not to worry I have all the confidence that our GM/old assistant GM will mess this up and not get good value of our players.

I am trying real hard to come up with trades that the panthers made that helped the team and the last one I could come up with was getting Luongo and Jokinen a long long time ago.

Until we have people that hockey people respect in the front office, we will continue to make poor trades, poor draft picks and poor free agent signings.

Watching Luongo & Boyle play for Team Canada made me sick. How can one team's management be so dumb !!!!!!!!

it would be interesting to see what people consider the worst trade in panthers history. there are a lot of bad ones.

One of the worse could be our 1st round pick to San Jose for Viktor Koslov. San Jose then traded the first round pick to Tampa and it became Vincent LeCavalier

or could it be Stu Barnes for Chris Wells.

Or the Luongo trade

or giving up too much for Vokoun.

The list is plenty

season ticket holder since day one - Vincent Lecavalier could have been a Shark. San Jose then traded that first over-all pick to Tampa because no one thought Panthers would slide into last place when they were making a push to the playoffs. Happenes almost every year. As bad as the Luongo trade was for Florida it was even worse by Islanders they traded Jokinen and Luongo for Parrish and Oleg Kvasha.
Stu Barnes for Chris Wells was the worst in Panthers history.

all of there trades have been the worst quoted by all the major sports broadcasting station here in canada ! like what are they thinking there last good trade was when they got pavel bure, he put fans in the stands and got them to the post season ! they need to go out and make some big trades to get some superstars back in florida and get there young core some motivation and confidence to get them to there potential. there are some really hungry teams out there for a good goalie, we have markstrom for next year heres the time to trade vokoun add someone else and get a superstar?? also im sure some guys are looking for a good veteran player for the playoffs so why not trade off mccabe and stillman for some youthful players or some draft picks? isnt mike green from washington a free agent this summer im pretty sure they need some goaltending ? or what about some talk about micheal ryder im sure we could give them olesz and campbell and a draft pick for him ! or pick up souray from edmonton to add some grit ! what do you guys think this team needs to make it to the post season.
all guys like david booth frolik weiss and horton just need a mid age big superstar with a nice resume to get that team going ! if that happens i can see them top in the standings next year !

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