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Booth Loses Bet, Not Happy About It ... NHL Would be "Stupid" Not to go in 2014

Boothcanada David Booth loses bet with coach Pete DeBoer and ends up wearing a borrowed Team Canada jersey from video coach Jamie Pringle during this morning's practice.

The usually good natured Booth was not happy that he was captured on camera in the jersey -- one he tore off as soon as he got to his locker stall and slammed to the bench in full view of cameras from Channels 6 and 7.

"Good thing you guys didn't get me on camera wearing that,'' he said as a warning that we shouldn't use what he knew we already had.

Oh well. 

DeBoer said he didn't know what Booth had in store for him had Team USA beat Canada on Sunday, although he was prepared to run Monday's practice "looking like Uncle Sam.''

Minnesota's Keith Ballard apparently shredded a Team Canada shirt belonging to Pringle on Sunday -- but they'll find him a new one. According to Stephen Weiss, Ballard has to wash "at least one" car out in the players parking lot while sporting a Team Canada shirt or jersey.

"He could dress me in any paraphernalia he wanted too,'' DeBoer said of his bet with Booth. "Thankfully we won.''

Booth, who should have been in Vancouver as a member of Team USA had he not taken a cheap shot from Philadelphia's Mike Richards on Oct. 24, said the USA doesn't get enough credit.

"Everything is all about how good Canada is, but USA battled just as hard,'' he said. "It was a lucky bounce. Both teams battled hard and going into overtime with that team -- and already beating them -- it's kind of cool. I just hope they go to 2014. I think it's the best thing for the game. It would be stupid not too. The TV ratings were huge, it's growing the game not only in North America but Europe too. A lot of people were watching that game.''

-- DeBoer on Monday being a national holiday in Canada: "If we weren't so used to winning, it would be.''

-- TV ratings were huge nationally and very strong in South Florida -- a TV market which had been dead last in viewership for the winter games.

"It reinforces that this is a hockey market and there are a lot of passionate hockey fans here,'' DeBoer said. "You couldn't have gotten two better teams or a closer game. It was a great night.

"I don't know how you could turn that game off last night and not be a hockey fan.''