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Come Make a Deal, No Money Down! It's NHL Trade Day ... Panthers Ready to Wheel, Deal

Usedcars Randy Sexton is working the phones like Rick Sanchez after a second pot of coffee this morning as the trade deadline is set for 3 p.m.

It appears that the Panthers are not only sellers, but they will refuse no reasonable offer. Everything must go. I know I said yesterday that I didn't think Tomas Vokoun would be heading out the door and I still don't.

But that's because I believe Randy and Cliff and Stu when they say they want to build for the future and want to get top assets. I don't think they can get the top assets for Vokoun today.

But they could dump a big chunk of their payroll by trading Vokoun. And with the team losing money almost as quickly as they are losing games, that fact cannot be discounted.

As we head into the deadline, here's where the Panthers stand:

-- The team has lost seven straight games and eight of nine.

-- Florida is now ranked 27th in the league -- meaning only three teams are behind the Cats. And Carolina, which is having a disastrous season, is just one point back.

-- Who, who does Randy try to deal today? Again, I would be surprised if Vokoun, Stephen Weiss or Nathan Horton go anywhere today. Two of those three could go in the summertime as this team goes through a major rebuild (No! That frame isn't bent!).

To do the build the Panthers probably need to do, you need to get serious return for players like Weiss, Horton and Vokoun. Those are really the only available players who can bring back the kind of players you need. David Booth might, but he isn't going anywhere -- at least not yet David!

-- So, you have everyone else on the parking lot. Some have their hoods raised, some are parked out back so you don't see the blemishes. And there are plenty of blemishes. The team has scored two goals or less in 14 straight games. That's FOUR with a TEEN straight games. And that is brutal.

I would think Dennis Seidenberg is as good as gone and that sucks. He's a very underrated player and a real cool guy. But business is business. Thanks for the laughs, D.

It will also be tough to see Radek Dvorak go, but hopefully he gets a chance to win that ring. He's been close. Dvorak has one year left on the deal he signed the past offseason and has a cap hit of $1.7 million.

Captain Bryan McCabe probably is safe, but only because of his massive contract. He counts for $5.75 million next season in the final year of his deal.

Bryan Allen also probably sticks around because he has two more years at $2.9 million; same goes for Rostislav Olesz (four years after this at $3.125 per).

TSN has Cory Stillman and Steven Reinprecht high on their list of available forwards. Really? OK, Stillman I can see. He's a veteran guy who has lifted the Cup in his career. And he's scored a few goals of late. Of course, he has that pesky contract with one year left at $3.5 million.

Reinprecht is probably going to be harder to move and will bring much less. That's because he not only has two years left on his deal, but he hasn't registered a single in 14 games. That's right. FOUR with a TEEN. Reinprecht also hasn't scored a goal in 20. Not what you want from a player you pegged to be center of your second line coming into the season.

As far as RFA guys go, I'm sure Kamil Kreps and Gregory Campbell are available to the right suitor, although Campbell is pretty popular around the organization and they might want to keep him around.

Scott Clemmensen is also out there, but he has two more years left after this season. They might want to pull him into the showroom.

-- Again, going to be around all day today. For the latest, up to the minute news, sign up for both our Facebook fan page (On Frozen Pond) and Twitter (@OnFrozenPond). The cellphone is charged, I'm heading to Starbucks and then to the arena.

Should have new videos up sometime this afternoon after the dust has settled. Have already confirmed we're going to get Randy, but will also try to get Cliff, Stu or Cliff and Stu as well as Pete DeBoer and whatever players I can grab flying out of the parking lot on their way to the playoffs.

Should be a very, very, interesting day.



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Seems like Sexton might need some Jedi mindtricks to fool GM's into making a deal.

How is this year any different? How can people really believe that something BIG is going to happen? Really? Really? No. Sexton is all talk, just like the owners. ALL. TALK.

just another fire sale at the trade deadline and another 10 years of not making the playoffs

Not even a fire sale, most likely... all talk and talk is cheap Unless and until entrenched upper management is removed..it's the same old same old for the Panthers and their rapidly dwindling fan base.

Dennis Seidenberg probably stays. Saw this; "He has a $1.25-million signing bonus payable at the end of the season."


season ticket holder since day one - We know the story. The best thing right now is the team comes in last and gets a good lottery pick. The top three draftees this year are all special and could help the Panthers next year. Sexton right now has to trade some of the baggage for picks and prospects.

At least someone else agrees. (CCPantherfan)


Ellerby was just called up from Rochester.

Seidenberg traded to Boston!

Seidenberg gone to Boston.

wow so much talk no one brought in is this serioulsy and nhl organization pfff what a joke

Guys, nicknames like 'sexton all talk' are OK, but lets keep it clean. the post that was deleted had very valid points. please repost -- with a different tag. thanks

Wow, people are overvaluing Seidenberg. Getting 2 players and a 2nd rounder in this year's draft is good value. We have now 4 picks in the top 60 this year.

Smart moves so far - trade your UFAs for value, now let's see if the bigger names stay until the summer.

Sorry richards didnt mean to post ignorant things on here ! i just get a little frustared as im sure you are to lol ! yeah pretty bad trade besides the second round draft pick ! they trade leading nhler in block shots and defensive specialiast for a old ahl player weller and for bitz a fourth line "body" with ten points ! i justy dont get it seriously why is it so hard for sexton to make a trade for a "Named" player ? sexton brought in moore and seidenberg and leopold this year now there all gone so what was the point of all of this its seems like a good joke could be made out of this lol ! yes players like olezs and campbell and kreps still stay that have been stabbing this team away from the post season for nine years ???? its funny how upper managment brain washes fans with the quoted believe we will be firm buyers and send a letter to us ?? and look what they have done bring in and old ahl washed out player and a body that has 10 points this season ?

lol. Does anyone need anymore proof that Sexton and the owners are ALL TALK? That letter was to get the season ticket holders to renew. All this talk about fixing everything was garbage. ALL TALK. ALL TALK. ALL TALK. ALL TALK

Guess no one wanted our players. Can you blame them?

even if they get the first pick their history is that they will blow it.

The only time we picked the correct player when we had the first overall pick was with Jovocop. We have had the first overall pick 3 other times and traded those picks and picked the wrong player each time

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