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David Booth Knocked Out vs. Canadiens: Alert, Coherent and Going to Hospital



MONTREAL – The Panthers had another scary moment involving winger David Booth on Thursday as he hit the ice after taking a hard hit from Canadiens' defenseman Jaroslav Spacek during the second period of their game against the Canadiens at Bell Center.,

Booth was helped off the ice and taken from the arena to a local hospital.

According to team spokesman Justin Copertino, Booth was attended to by Dr. David Mulder of the Montreal Canadiens medical team. Mulder said Booth was alert, attentive and moving around. Booth is expected to travel with the team via bus to Ottawa on Friday morning.

Booth missed 45 games this season after suffering a concussion in a hit delivered by Philadelphia's Mike Richards on Oct. 24.

That hit, and the ensuing coverage that followed it, helped pave the way for rule changes on the way the league doles out punishment for hits to the head. The league's union, coincidentally, agreed to the stiffer penalties hours before Thursday's game.

Richards was assessed a game misconduct for his hit on Booth; Spacek was not penalized and watched Booth receive treatment as he stood on the ice a few feet away.

On Thursday, Booth was moving the puck along the boards near the Montreal blue line when the veteran Spacek rushed in and hit Booth square in the face with his elbow. Booth hit the ice, although he didn't fall face-first as he did following the Richards hit.

Booth lay motionless on the ice for a few moments but started moving once athletic trainer Dave Zenobi reached him. After a minute or two, Booth rolled over, and sat up. He woozily stood up as Zenobi and a few teammates helped him into the tunnel leading into the Panthers locker room.

Florida trailed 2-0 at the point of the Booth hit as the host Canadiens continued working toward a playoff berth as they scored twice in the opening period. Tomas Vokoun, starting in net for the first time since last Saturday, gave up a backhander to Benoit Pouliot off a Florida turnover with 7:20 left in the first.

Montreal got its second goal less than four minutes later when Brian Gionata scored from the right circle.


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Can someone please explain to me why DeBoer refuses to play Ellerby. !.46 minutes ice time thru 2. DEvorak gives up the puck in front of his net resulting in a goal and he doesn't miss a shift. This coach has to go.

Might as well send him back to Rochester - can't learn much sitting on the pine.

"Can someone please explain to me why DeBoer refuses to play Ellerby. !.46 minutes ice time thru 2."

He didn't skate a shift in the third, so he actually finished the game with 1:46.. 13 games this year, he's averaging less than 3:40 per game.

Ummm elbow? I feel bad for Booth but he's gotta keep his head up. Hit was as clean as they come. Poor kid tho...

But elbow? I guess that's what connects the arm to the body now in the Miami Herald's world. I thought that was called the shoulder.

It was an elbow burls, I broke it down on TiVo frame by frame.. Your Canadian anatomy sucks.

The hit on Booth was dead clean. The only thing wrong with it was that BOOTH HAD HIS HEAD DOWN AND HAD NO IDEA WHO WAS ON ICE AND WHERE THEY WERE! Spacek didn’t leave his feet, didn't hit him with an elbow, didn’t target his head and didn’t raise up his arm. It was good clean hit. I feel bad for the kid getting hurt again, but he has no one to blame but himself.

Clean hit. In general, Player 1 should feel free to go in for a clean, legal hit without being responsible for checking to make sure that Player 2 is ready for it. Player 2 needs to be responsible for his own safety.

Booth should have had his head up. Spacek did nothing wrong and everything right. You'd think Booth would know better and be a bit more aware of these things after the Richards hit, which was very dirty.

The writer here, hometown fan no doubt, tries to act like both hits are the same. They're not. Learn hockey, George Richards. You whine about this hit, you may as well outlaw all checking.

Hopefully as part of this offseason's house cleaning, Pete DeBoer is sent packing as well.

No longer impressed, has poor bench management and why is Ellerby even here? He isn't learning anything sitting on the bench the entire game.
DeBoer is proving that if your young, he won't use you unless you're one of his favorites.

Second his non benching of players like Olesz for lack of production and Dvorak for last night's giveaway speakes volumes of his lack of confidence in himself to hold players accountable.

Time to go Pete. We don't have time to continually give players more chances.
This is the NHL, not pee wee.

Clean hit. No doubt about it.

Adam: When did I whine about the hit? I have yet to say anything other than it was clean. You are right: Booth should have been looking somewhere other than down. Still, he got hit very hard and was susceptible to another concussion. And that's not Spacek's fault, but it is part of this story.

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