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David Booth Released, Headed to MIA

MONTREAL -- David Booth was released from a local hospital late Thursday/early Friday after suffering a concussion. Booth took a Jaroslav Spacek elbow to the face and hit the ice early in the second period of the Panthers 4-1 loss to the Habs.

Team spokesman Justin Copertino says Booth is in good spirits and heading back to South Florida. Copertino took Booth to the airport and put him on a plane bound for Miami International.

Big Steve MacIntyre is on his way to join the team in Ottawa. More later, Tim Hortons now...


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a second concussion probably puts him out for the rest of the season. Poor dude.

WOW get this. We loose a goal scorer in Booth, his replacement should be REKIP, a goal scorer, and we call up Steve mcIntyre. ARE YOU F_ _ KING kidding me. What is this coach thinking?

I guess now Ottawa and everyone else that we play is supposed to be scared of us? We need Mac like a hole in the head.

DeBoer's assesment of this team and his useage of the boys in Rochester has been atrocious at best.

What's he gonna do now, put Rusty Olesz in for Booth? Give me a break. Why not call up Repik and find out what he can do.

...better chance to fall to bottom of barrel? At least Big Mac will be entertaining. I really don't want to win any more this year. Tank it for chance at top pick, keep Booth out for the year and entertain us with some scrapping to make the teams forget how cruddy we played all year....and bring Duco over too!!

You have to admit Tarnasky has been the one to get the crowds to their feet lately!

Eric you took the post write out of my keyboard. They are not going to make the playoffs so let's hope for a good lottery pick. Mac will entertain if DeBoer plays him more than a minute and 20 seconds. The Amerks are trying to get a good seed, they need Repik to win, we need to lose. It is hard to cheer for Sens but we really need to be in the running for either Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin. The best thing that can happen now is lose evry game, it will make next season that much better.

this goes to the point that this organization has not developed a single player other than David Booth.

Not one player that this team has drafted in 10 years has developed into a better player than projected and most have been huge disappointments.

Either we are drafting the wrong players, have a poor development system or both.

My choice is both, we video scout too many players that doesn't not show the character of the player (is he a winner), give me a bunch of overachieving winners like the 97 team and not a bunch of players that are suppose to be great players and then when the pressure is on they disappear.

As far as DeBoer, he has gone way down in my eyes. Instead of having unrealistic expectations that this team can make the playoffs when it has been clear that they have no shot (they haven't won 2 in a row in over 2 seasons) he should be playing the young players and give them experience and minutes.

There is no reason that Ellerby is riding the pines, play him 15-20 minutes and lets see what he has and prepare for the draft and free agency.

We need new leadership or we will just have more of the same.

I honestly think they called up Mac rather than Taffe, Repik, Oreskovich or Duco to help us in Rochester get some continuity with our lineup as the playoffs approach.

Repik would be a monster loss to us this weekend, and no matter who they call up they won't play much anyway.

I would have to agree with this...makes a lot of sense...

yeah sextons looking towards the draft now guys honestly! mcintyre up for booth like come on it would be repik if they thought they had a chance in the playoffs ! if they dont make the playoffs next year the franchise will fold

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