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Gregory Campbell Fractures Foot ... Tomas Vokoun Rested and Ready


MONTREAL – This isn't how Gregory Campbell wanted his contract year to go.

A restricted free agent, the Panthers hard working winger has struggled on offense, scoring just two goals after scoring a career high 15 last season.

“This has been pretty frustrating for me,'' Campbell said Wednesday. “It's been one thing after another. But it's part of the game.''

Now, Campbell's season may be over. Coach Pete DeBoer confirmed on Wednesday that Campbell fractured a bone in his foot blocking a shot last Saturday night. Both DeBoer and Campbell say he could return in the coming weeks, but with the season winding down, it's possible he could be done.

“We'll see how it develops,'' DeBoer said after Wednesday's practice at the Canadiens new suburban training facility. “I don't anticipate him being able to get his [skate] on for a few days but it's definitely not weeks. He doesn't need a cast but it is fractured.''

Campbell played after taking a shot off his skate but once he took off his boot, the foot swelled and he's been unable to put it back on. Campbell said he'll be back before the season ends – the Panthers have 10 games left – but doesn't know when. It could take six weeks for the bone to heal, although Campbell could play through the pain if the swelling subsides.

“It's a broken bone, but once I can put on the skate and push off and feel confident on my stop and starts, then I can come back,'' Campbell said. “If I can get the foot back in the skate, I'll try it. I'm hoping for the best. If it hurts a little, that's fine. But I want to be able to skate the right way. I don't want to be a liability.''

The Panthers will likely tender Campbell a contract after this season as he is a popular player within the locker room and is well liked by the coaching staff. Campbell, the son of NHL executive Colin Campbell, has grown up within the Panthers organization as team picked him in the third round of the 2003 draft. He made his NHL debut a few months later when the Panthers played the New York Islanders.

Florida signed Campbell to a two-year deal worth $1.5 million in 2008.

“I'm coming off a pretty good last year and I have worked hard,'' said Campbell, who has played in 363 career games with the Panthers. “Am I satisfied? No. I always want to be better, help the team in any way. And that means offensively. I try not to focus on the contract stuff. Those things kind of take care of themselves. I put the team first. I believe in this team, believe in the message here and I want to be a part of it. I want to help this team get to the playoffs. The contract is secondary.''


Tomas Vokoun will back in net for the Panthers after Scott Clemmensen backstopped the Panthers to a pair of wins against the Lightning and Maple Leafs. DeBoer says the mental rest, if nothing else, will be good for Vokoun. Not only has he played in 59 games for the Panthers this season-- matching last year's total -- but also was the starting goalie for the Czech Republic in the Vancouver games.

“Look at where we are and how much I have played, I haven't been able to practice much in the past three months,'' said Vokoun. “It's been a nice break. Yes, you want to play. But you have to rest too. You need to have that hunger for the game. It was a nice couple of days.''

Added DeBoer: “It's really the first bump in the road of his season except for our start and I don't think that was his fault. I thought he was pretty sharp. It's a minor bump. With what we've asked him to do and the Olympics and the pressures of being in a one goal game every night, we gave Clemmensen the extra night. We hope Vokoun comes back refreshed.''


When, Where: 7:30 p.m.; Bell Center, Montreal

TV/Radio: FSNF; WAXY 790

The series: Tied 29-29-6

The game: The Panthers have won two straight games but haven't won a game in Montreal since Dec. 18, 2007. The Canadiens had lost two straight going into Wednesday's game in Buffalo. Before losing in overtime to the Leafs on Saturday, the Canadiens had won six straight to help solidify a playoff spot in their first season under coach Jacques Martin. Montreal has won two of three against Florida this season and seven of the past 11.


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I'm sure they would all like Pam Anderson in the locker room too--but is she producing???? I always liked Soupy, but his time is done.

Are they going to keep Kreps because he brings conuts to practice??

Donuts.....not conuts.....or coconuts

I would keep him if it was coconuts...those are tasty...and good for ya

For league minimum, they'd better be good conuts....

At least one of Campbell or Kreps is gone next season, maybe both. Matthias has earned one of their spots.

I like Soup, and he is hard working, but this team has too many of his kind (3rd and 4th liners). We need to get rid of these guys and spend money on scoring. I agree with the above- Matthias has earned one of their spots. PDeB should give Matthias more ice time. Give the guy a chance. Get rid of Kreps too!

I think they would keep Campbell... lets face it; his father is one of the higher ups.

He is only good on the power kill. Otherwise he stinks. He and Kreps need to go.

Knowing this organization, they will keep both KReps and Campbell because they come with cheap contract renewals.

THe problem lies with the organization not BENCHING poor performing players. If you don't get a point or goal for over three months, you should find yourself sitting on the sidelines while an AHL player takes your place. In this organization, they don't care about poor performance...

i love cambells character, but we just dont have the talent to carry yet another non scorer...

Campbell is not the problem with this team, like EJ posted Panthers have too many players of his kind. You need a couple but the Panthers have two & a half lines of Campbell type players. Hopefully with the ownership set this team can bring in players that contribute. Last summer Sexton was limited on what he could offer UFAs in money and years. He got Seindenberg and Leopold because their wasn't a lot of competition for their services. Reinprecht has been good but should be on the third line. The lack of depth made him a second liner. I like Campbell but whether he makes the team I will leave to DeBoer & Sexton. In retrospect I would rather have had Zednik or Peltonen on the team this year. At least they can score goals.

It's time to move on from most of the se guys.
Reinprecht belongs on the third line, Weiss on the second and Stillman and Olesz need to be traded.
Let Campbell and Kreps go. You can replace them with guys from the minors.
Listen they are kidding themselves if they think that Bitz is a second liner.

Go and get a real number one center and a true goal scoring winger.

DeBoer is the problem as well. He played yo-yo with mathias all season. As well as Repik. Now Ellerby can't sniff the ice(he's only here because we don't have 6 d-men. Tarnasky plays with the only guts they got out there. Such a joke this team is. And I'm a season ticket holder from day 1

I don't think DeBoer had much to work with. With #1 player Booth out for half the season and then Horton getting hurt we were not healthy enough and didn't have the depth to give Repik, Ellerby and Matthias a fair NHL run. After a yo-yo run up and down, Matthias has been up for a while and I think he'll be part of the roster next year. Repik and Ellerby are too green for us to make any conclusions. Tarnasky has been a battler, quite literally, for sure.

The Panthers should have never let Karlis Skrastins go. He wanted 2 years, the Panthers wanted to give him one year and we let a veteran NHL defenseman go for nothing. On a positive note, I think Garrison has played well and he is a young defenseman who will be on the team next year.

only way we move closer to the playoffs tonight is if... we beat Montreal, Washington beats Carolina, Tampa Bay beats Boston, the Devils take out the Rangers, and Toronto takes out their anger on Atlanta.

So essentially, not happening.

and while were at it....lets get rid of Olesz too...him and Kreps have been stinking the joint up for FAR too long now.

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