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LIVE! Hockey Chat at 7 p.m.: Preds @ Panthers

BigbangOn my flight home from Ottawa yesterday, a couple of guys started talking hockey so of course I jumped into the conversation.

Would it be hard to get tickets to the game tonight, they asked.

Hmmm. Let's see. It's a Monday. The Panthers are out of it. Nashville is the opponent (no offense), tonight is the start of Passover and it's also CBS Comedy Monday.

No, I don't think they'll have much of a problem at all.

I will probably be able to pick them out of the crowd and I don't even remember what they look like.

That said, I'll be there, high atop The Billboard and if you are at home and have any interest in this game, you'll probably be around a computer. That's because there's no TV coverage for tonight's game. When this happens, I usually fire up the blog as we have LIVE! coverage of the game. Come on back around 7 p.m. to sign in and we'll have us a good old fashioned chat session. You can ask me questions, I can pretend to answer them, stuff like that.

It'll be a hoot.

I look forward to conversing with you. Electronically, of course.