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LIVE! Hockey Chat at 7 p.m.: Preds @ Panthers

BigbangOn my flight home from Ottawa yesterday, a couple of guys started talking hockey so of course I jumped into the conversation.

Would it be hard to get tickets to the game tonight, they asked.

Hmmm. Let's see. It's a Monday. The Panthers are out of it. Nashville is the opponent (no offense), tonight is the start of Passover and it's also CBS Comedy Monday.

No, I don't think they'll have much of a problem at all.

I will probably be able to pick them out of the crowd and I don't even remember what they look like.

That said, I'll be there, high atop The Billboard and if you are at home and have any interest in this game, you'll probably be around a computer. That's because there's no TV coverage for tonight's game. When this happens, I usually fire up the blog as we have LIVE! coverage of the game. Come on back around 7 p.m. to sign in and we'll have us a good old fashioned chat session. You can ask me questions, I can pretend to answer them, stuff like that.

It'll be a hoot.

I look forward to conversing with you. Electronically, of course.


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Hahaha, GR, are you having a grumpy Monday or something?!? "Pretend to answer them"...LOL!!!

I may go to that game. If we don't have a thunderstorm like this morning. I actually want to see Nashville, they are a good team.

Hey George, 3 minutes, you pick over/under on Ellerby's ice time tonight?


Well it could have been a worse year we could have resigned Bouwmeester. I have to say I do enjoy watching him and his Flames go down.

From Yahoo. What We Learned: The NHL's most disappointing team

1. Jay Bouwmeester(notes) has been a total flop.

It's not unheard of for free agents to struggle in the first year after they sign a big-money contract in a new city. But it is unheard of for offensive defensemen of Bouwmeester's alleged caliber to turn into no-offense defensemen in one season.

J-Bo was going to be counted on to devour minutes and quarterback the Flames power play, and while he's done the former largely out of necessity, the kind of quarterbacking he's done has been Joey Harrington-quality. Calgary's power play is 25th in the league at 16.5 percent.

To be fair, Bouwmeester did score yesterday. It bumped his season total to three. So that's $6.6 million against the cap right down the drain.


Down at the bottom a little laugh at the Panthers but can't argue with his sense of humor.

Florida Panthers: The Panthers opened a "Den of Honor" last weekend which is apparently designed to celebrate the club's history. Included in the exhibit is game-used equipment from Ed Jovanovski(notes). Because nothing says "history" like Jovo's used shinpads.

What's the old saying? "Be careful what you ask for"?

I'm so glad Jay is having such a lousy season. Just think if we would have overpaid for that production! The Western Conference plays a different brand of hockey and playing in a "real hockey city" like he wanted hasn't worked. Yes next year might be better, but if you think Calgary is disappointed this year, if he starts out the same way next year, there's no way he escapes in one piece.

Good luck Jay! It's all downhill from here.

jayblo bombing...couldnt have happened to a nicer guy...oh ya jayblo's dad..

George, Since the trade deadline and we dealt 2 of the better D-Men, whats the teams GAA since then,, and what was it before.


Brilliant observation.
Said something very similar on my blog today. Vokoun's woes can be attributed to losing Leo and Siedenberg.
And for DeBoer rotating 5 defencemen.

The Rat Trick, Good Blog.. Very good info...

Keep It UP

Thanks. Come by often!

Sorry if I appear bitter sometimes. I just want a winner here finally!

The only thing that can save this franchise finishing in 29th place this season, obtaining the one or two overall pick, and drafting either hall or seguin. If that doesn't happen. F, it.

I hate Kreps and Olesz. They're eurotrash. Trade Olesz for whatever and dump Kreps.

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