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Atlantasnow2 ATLANTA, Alaska -- It's snowing pretty good here right now and has been since the morning.

Not much is sticking, but the temperature is said to be dropping, so that could lead to problems with the Panthers getting out of town tonight.

We'll see what happens.

Maybe they could bus to Jacksonville and then fly home.




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Is that your hotel, GR? It is a lovely view!

Any trade rumors? Is Seidenberg gone or is there a chance they resign him before the deadline? Would really weaken the D without him back there. I am all for getting a good lottery pick but Seidenberg will be needed next year.

I hope they don't trade Seidenberg and try to resign him later, maybe at worst, after the season is over.

If not Seidenberg, then who else?? Kreps and Campbell for a 6th round pick??

Trade. them. all.

How much worse could it get?

Not that I trust the source, but Eklund (I KNOW I KNOW DONT TRUST) is saying that T-VO maybe on the move...

Well apparently Seidenberg is not gone yet...

Eklund is just reporting what other people are saying. Now it's Chicago and Philly. It doesn't take a genius to figure out those are both teams that could use a goalie like TiVo. He just throws %$#&^ against the wall to see what sticks.

Exactly. Though there was a somewhat cryptic message from GR on Twitter too about T-Vo. If it is true I hope the return blows us all away. I'd miss T-Vo.

I think that the trade that makes the most sense for the Panthers is Vokoun to a Western Conference team.

What in the heck is %$#&^? And does it sometimes stick?

Does anybody know if Markstrom can be brought up to the Panthers this season? Or is that impossible due to Markstrom team contract in Sweden?

Yes, GR, and sometimes it even fills the bowl on a good day! ;-)

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