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OnFrozenFilm: Pete DeBoer NHL Deadline 3/3/10


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All I keep hearing is DeBoer asking "When is my contract up?"

He is probably thinking "losing Seidenberg... the only thing I can do is laugh right now!" We took a step back this summer and took another step back today... where are these two steps forward?

You need a guy who can score. You can teach skating but you can't teach scoring! AND this is a training camp. We are a Pro-AHL team. The rest of the NHL loves us because we teach them to play here, trade them, and then they do great and we get a new bunch of losers!

Sexton successfully did not replace Peltonen and Zednik over the summer. He brought in bad journeyman in MOore and REinprecht. No speed there. Deboer had nothing to work with the offseason and now nothing to work with again. Poor Deboer, I'm afraid that he might be gone at the season end because they will need to bring in a new GM for this team. 2 failures, I would not trust Sexton to rebuild this team.

heck Garrison looked better last night than some of our Vets... maybe we need to bring Rochester up.

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