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OnFrozenFilm: Randy Sexton, NHL Trade Deadline, 3/3/10


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"The video you have requested is not available."

OMG!! He is feeding us the same BS!!!!!!! DUMP this guy!

Great job, GR!! You called him out.

i have never questioned the panthers organization...no matter how stupid they are...and i liked sexton...not anymore...absolutely pathetic

Change? This guy is worse than Obama

Someone hand this man a shovel, so he can continue shoveling the crap that's piling up on the side of the Sawgrass.

oh my God, that was the worse performance I have seen in years

Sexton get a clue!!!!!

We think he has underachieved and he is the type of player we are looking for.

He likes the talent of this team, please name one player other than Booth that has played to his potential or better than expected.

Who has this team developed other than Booth?

Fire Sexton before he puts this franchise back another 10 years

This is some funny stuff... Dane Cook, watch out!

yada yada yada. PLEASE. Bitts has soft hands???hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha. SOS

Sexton is absolutely right. Everything he said makes sense. You don't trade just for the sake of trading. He got three 2nd rounders and Bitz for three UFAs. That is smart trading. I like his plan to get bigger. This team is too small. I agree with Sexton, draft day should prove interesting. Now if we can tank the rest of the year and get a good lottery pick, next year will be that much better.

if Sexton did this in Ottawa he would be run out of town, oh wait he did do this and he was run out of town

Whatever works, I am willing to let it go for now. Only thing is that I was ticked taht Nashville got Dusitn Boyd for a 4th, we couldnt have offered better?

A good GM doesn't need a phase IV. For the most part, the team should be all squared away by the time training camp. Training camp should be reserved for dwindling down the current roster, not adding to it from the outside like a Ville Koistinen. Other than that comment, Randy seems like he has a plan.

The Amerks are 3-3 in the past six games, not 4-1-1 as he mentions. The goal tending has stunk lately. The young guys have all gone downhill. Maybe he should have traveled up here during the break to watch some games.

Sexton will be gone after this season ends. Why would the new owners want a guy rebuilding their team who has NEVER DONE THIS in the past? If they are good business owners than they know he needs to be gone. He failed at the trade deadline and offseason, he never found an adequate replacement for Zednik and Peltnen and had to trade away all their free agent picked up over the summer except Reinprecht. He made the team worst in the offeseason. At the trade deadline, the goal for the Panthers should have been to pickup 3 to 4 draft picks, they did not do so. Oilers and just about every other team was able to do that, we were not. Trade day was a failure, don't let the door hit you no the way out, Sexton.

Bo is right in praising Sexton's unwillingness to trade for the sake of trading. There's still a season to finish and the Panthers needed a 20-man roster and there simply wasn't time to go buy another team for tonight. Meanwhile, I have no doubt he was trying to deal what few players the Panthers have with any value and found no one was willing to give anywhere near fair value for them.

So he went into this interview knowing he failed miserably to do what he'd set out to do and had to paint a happy face on it. He was defensive to questions, but in that overly relaxed way of a con man faced with idle questions probing his validity. He knows the Panthers can't swing deals because, apparently, he isn't as close to the other GMs in the league to get a good deal done and the Panthers don't have much to work with. He knows his job is going to be on the line already if Siegel and Viner meant what they said in their letter, especially since not accomplishing what they've promised the fans will make them look bad. Guy looked nervous like a hunted animal who's running out of escape routes.

Takin on other teams' bloated contracts for a year or two, while restocking and developing new kids would have filled out the roster and stock piled the draft picks. There were ways to increase the take while overhauling the roster more.

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