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Panthers Get Kicked by Sens ... Confirmed: David Booth Out for the Season


KANATA, Ont. -- The last time the Panthers visited Ottawa, it was freezing cold, David Booth was out with a concussion and the host Senators were an absolute mess.

Some things definitely have changed.

It's still cold, Booth will miss the rest of the season after suffering another concussion but the Senators have righted their ship.

Saturday night, Ottawa got two goals in the final five minutes of the second period and continued to strengthen its playoff position by beating the Panthers 3-2 at Scotiabank Place.

“We didn't do enough to win, man one through 20,'' said coach Pete DeBoer, whose team has lost two straight and are nine points out of the playoffs with eight games left.

“They capitalized on some plays where we had some forwards standing around watching. They have a dangerous team and can do that. We need a big performance from someone. The last game we won, Booth got two goals.''

On Jan. 9, the Panthers' 3-0 win was Ottawa's third straight loss. After two more defeats, the Sens went on a 11-game winning streak and have never really looked back. The win helped Ottawa keep its lead over Montreal for the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference and stay within six of Pittsburgh for fourth (and home ice in the opening round).

Florida broke the ice in the second when Stephen Weiss worked his way around the left side and scored on a backhanded shot. On the play, Weiss charged into traffic, with Andy Sutton looking to put a shoulder on the Florida center. Instead, Sutton clipped Weiss but took out teammate Anton Volchenkov in the collision.

Volchenkov left the game after being attended to by medical staff and did not return.

“I think I got away with one there. I was in an awkward spot,'' said Weiss. “Knock wood, that was lucky. I still haven't seen the goal. I was going on net, thought I was going to get killed and shot the puck trying to get out of the way. It looked like we were going to clip knees and I still was in a weird spot.''

Ottawa added a pair of goals late in the second, with Matt Cullen tying it with 4:58 remaining after whacking at a loose puck. With 2:20 remaining, Jason Spezza drove in but lost the puck as it hit a broken stick on the ice. Peter Regin was trailing and picked up Spezza's shot, his slap shot zipping past Vokoun to make it 2-1.

The Senators made it 3-1 early in the third on a power play goal but Florida had plenty of chances to come back thanks to an Ottawa penalty parade. With 6:46 left, the Panthers converted a 5-on-3 power play when Steven Reinprecht knocked a Cory Stillman pass into an empty net.

But Florida had no such success later when it had a 5-on-3 for 1:20 and failed to beat Brian Elliott for the game tying goal.

-- General manager Randy Sexton confirmed Saturday that Booth would not play again this season after suffering his second concussion since Oct. 24. Booth was injured again Thursday in Montreal and returned to South Florida on Friday.

Sexton said after talking to doctors, it was decided Booth wouldn't return.


Winger Gregory Campbell skated Saturday for the first time since breaking a bone in his foot in a game against Buffalo four games ago. Campbell was able to put on a skate and said the swelling and pain wasn't as bad as he had expected.

“Obviously it's a little sore being a week out, but for what the injury is and the normal time frame is, I feel happy about how it feels,'' said Campbell, who went 25 minutes on Saturday. “According to what [trainer Dave] Zenobi told me, it's an injury that won't swell too much. It's more about pushing off, turning on it. That's what causes the problems.''

DeBoer said Campbell may be able to play Monday against Nashville, but Campbell said Wednesday's game in Buffalo may be more realistic. Campbell is a restricted free agent after this season and says he wants to get to back as soon as possible.

“I'm taking it day by day, but Wednesday is a best case scenario,'' Campbell said. “I hate sitting out. It's been a tough year, missing the games I have missed. I don't like it. .-.-. I think it's worth it for me to come back and play and not sit out.''

-- Olesz left the game in the first period after being hit and suffering a cut above his left eye. After getting stitched up, Olesz returned.

-- Florida lost its second straight game against teams who played the night before in Buffalo. Thursday's 4-1 loss to Montreal came a day after the Canadiens lost to the Sabres; Friday, the Sens won 4-2 at HSBC Arena before coming home to beat the Panthers.


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Pull everyone out of the lineup and please try and lose every game. Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin would be a much better situation than finishing 12th in the east.

Our lines should like this right now
Stillman-Campbell( when healthy)- Tarnasky

Garrison- Bring up Colby Robak
Allen- Mccabe


It would best for the youngsters to get some real ice and at the same time actually help the team.

anybody with me...I hope you read this Pete.. I know this is the right move.

The cap issues might be a problem but who cares.... healthy scratch the world. or pretend they are injured.

Thank god the fans don't run the team.

If you have yet to realize that our team is not making the playoffs and this year has two guys that are much better than the rest of the pack and for us to get one of those individuals would put us in a far better position than we are in now. A great example of how bad teams get good through top picks
And now these teams are the best in the league. wonder why... I bet Tampa will to once it gets a goalie because stamkos is the real deal.

Washington 04' #1 06' #4
Chicago 06' #3 07' #1
Pittsburgh 04'#2 05' #1

Go for a good draft pick.

Wow, my Daddy never took me to a playoff game!

look at the number of first overall picks the panthers have had, doesn't mean anything if you don't develop the players like Washington, Chicago and Pittsburgh has. It is not just the first picks that have helped them it is the overall depth of the organization.

The panthers have none and that is a sin that in 10 years of not making the playoffs they still have no depth in the organization and are no better off today then they were 10 years ago.

Too bad about Booth, he will have plenty of time to heal for next season.

FIRE SEXTON! This organization will continue to lose next season..If they keep the handpicked JM staff. They also should include Rochester in the staffing purge...

I agree with Philip, Taylor Hall & Tyler Seguin are the real deal. Anyone with half a brain knows Panthers are better to lose at this point.

season ticket holder since day one - You don't think the first picks of Kane and Toews have helped them then I lose all respect for your comments. Yes organization is important, when they put Rocky in charge he made changes that helped but Kane and Toews helped very much.

philip: "Garrison- Bring up Colby Robak ... anybody with me...I hope you read this Pete.. I know this is the right move."

That's a stupid move. Colby Robak isn't even under contract. The Wheat Kings just swept Swift Current in the first round of the WHL playoffs and they host the Memorial Cup this year on top of that. Let's sign him to a contract now while we're trying to lose! BRILLIANT!


philip: "A great example of how bad teams get good through top picks
And now these teams are the best in the league. wonder why... I bet Tampa will to once it gets a goalie because stamkos is the real deal."

We know. The proposal you made is just dumb. Rochester is headed to the playoffs, the Wheat Kings are in the playoffs already and the Panthers are doing just fine losing on their own. Why do you insist on ripping the players away from an important developmental experience: playoffs?


season ticket holder since day one: "look at the number of first overall picks the panthers have had, doesn't mean anything if you don't develop the players like Washington, Chicago and Pittsburgh has."

**Looks at the number of first overall picks the Panthers have had.. keeps looking.. still looking..** OH! I see, now. 1994. Ed Jovanovski. They traded down in '02 and '03. You can't develop a first overall pick if you don't have one. Washington, Pittsburgh and Chicago have combined for four first overall picks since the lockout and all four players went STRAIGHT to the NHL. MAF only left the Pens because after 22 games, he was clearly not ready and could get playoff experience elsewhere.

Markström, Matthias, Robak, Shore, Kulikov, Garrison, Ellerby, Frolik, Repik, Comrie, Cheverie, Jenks, McArdle, LaPoint, Salak, Booth, Horton, Weiss, Bitz, Dadonov..

No depth in the organization? Really? Yes, they need to get better, but I hope you realize that Ovechkin and Crosby are extraordinary talents and that 'first overall pick' does not equate to 'Ovechkin/Crosby'. I'm just saying..


Seriously, we need to be smart here and go for a top 3 pick this year (Seguin, Hall or Fowler). We are playing for NOTHING right now. Let Matthias, Repik, Ellerby, etc., get quality minutes already and let's see if they fit into next year's plan and, if so, where they fit on the lines.

Markström, Matthias, Robak, Shore, Kulikov, Garrison, Ellerby, Frolik, Repik, Comrie, Cheverie, Jenks, McArdle, LaPoint, Salak, Booth, Horton, Weiss, Bitz, Dadonov..

You are puts for actually thinking their is extreme talent in this group. All teams need a go to guy to put it in the back of the net.

Every good team has one.. minus phoenix. Their is not a single Hall or Seguin in their until to you wake up and realize that one of those two on this team will help this club out four million times better than whatever proposal you have.

And the whole Robak thing.... he's a great litttle prospect and all I was saying was give some experience but you're so blind to realize that bring up the youth and giving them ice in the big leagues will do wonders of confidence else where.

Open your head.. this team is not a playoff team next year and if it was it might be a 8 seed but never a contender.. Booth is never gonna be a 40-50 goal guy neither is Horton neither is Weiss. Taylor Hall Tyler Seguin..... they actually have a shot.
so ignorant..

Voice of Reason (Supposedly). The first overall isn't necessary, as most drafts are 3 or 4 deep. RARELY, is their a draft where a player is considered heads above the rest. That's why they're considered generational players. Only Crosby has had that distinction in the last decade.

Ovie's draft year, he was neck to neck with Malkin. Even Olesz was considered to be at their level, up until getting leveled by Phanuef at the World Junior's. Horton's draft year was five deep, all at the same level. Bouwmeester's? Four deep. What did having the first overall do for the Isles with DiPietro gettin drafted ahead of the Sedin twins? What about Atlanta and Patrick Stefan ahead of Gaborik and Heatley? How long did Lecavlier and the Lightning waste away, before he was surrounded with some talent? Toews, Chicago's captain wasn't even a first overall. Erik Johnson was. Even Patrick Kane wasn't considered to be ahead of van Riemsdyk or Cherapanov (RIP), whose draft status suffered because of no transfer agreement. So how is having the FIRST overall necessary?

Its all in the development of the players, and the team as a whole. It doesn't matter if they're a first overall pick, a 20th overall pick, a late round pick (Zetterberg), or Mr. Irrelevant being picked last overall. If the organization doesn't put the effort into proper development of its players, and has no depth, then having a first overall or even a top five pick is useless. A lot of Chicago's team was drafted long before Toews and Kane, and were developed in the minors. Same for Washington, which is why their coach got the job. For his familiarity with the kids.

Philip, As for pulling players away from the playoffs in juniors or the minors, its just ridiculous to contemplate. You want your players to be playing in a clutch situation, so they learn what is needed. Anyone can play for a loser. Leave the kids alone. In fact, if the Panthers could send down players without needing to clear waivers, that also should be done, and sign kids from juniors to ATO for the remainder of the season, so they see what the NHL is about. Similar to what Weiss did before his first season full time with the Cats.

And, just for the record for anyone thinking Booth is top line material on most teams. Marcus Nilson was thought to be top line material in a very similar situation. He scored 70+ and 50+ in back to back seasons, then fell off the face of the earth, to play in the Swedish Elite League. Booth, much like his regular linemates, is more second line material. You rarely, in this era, have more than ten 40+ goal scorers. So expecting Hall or Seguin to do it regularly is a bit ridiculous. Iginla only done it three times in his career, and missed 12 games he could have scored an additional goal one season to do it a fourth time. Nash has only done it twice. Heatley only three times. So using that as a level of judgement is pretty ignorant. BTW, ignorant means to not posess the knowledge. Stupid is more along the lines of what you're meaning to say. This is why ignorance is bliss, sometimes.

Clash the point being made is that. We are not going to make the playoffs and this draft has two guys that are by far superior to the crowd... now could someone picked 18th end up being a stud... sure.... chances of it over hall or seguin....significantly less.. The point I made is that bring up guys.. give them some confidence... I AM not trying to be salary cap expert here... but finishing 9th in the east is just as bad as finishing 15th... either way... your not getting lord stanley but one team is getting a #1 pick and you cannot justify to me that the value of a #1 pick is equal to other first rounders...
Players drafted first overall since 2000 Dipietro, kovalchuk, nash, fleury, ovechkin,crosby,johnson,kane,stamkos, taveras

players drafted #14 since 2000
Nedorost, Kobasew, Higgins, Seabrook, Dubnyk, Pokulok, Grabner, Shattenkirk ,Boychuk, Kulikov....
I think the value of the higher pick is obvious. Go through the top three picks of nearly every draft and you find players that are significantly better than the rest of the crop... the 2003 nhl draft is very rare.

my point isn't about Towes or Kane, it is about the overall depth, Washington has more NHL caliber players in Hershey then the panthers have in South Florida. My point is that the players we have drafted allegedly had some talent and yet only one of these players reaches his potential. There are multiple problems with this organization and it has put scouting and development on the cheap and it shows

Please limit your posts to 2 or 3 sentences please. Anything longer is really boring.

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