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Paper or Plastic?

Yormarknets TORONTO -- I know some of you out there have contemplated going to Sunrise wearing a paper bag on your head to show your displeasure with the Florida Panthers season.

Some New Jersey Nets fans have done so and faced the wrath of Yormark.

Not Michael Yormark. His twin brother Brett.

At last night's Nets-Heat game in the Meadowlands, Brett Yormark (CEO of the Brooklyn Nets) got into it with some fans -- one of whom was wearing a paper bag over his head.

In case you don't follow the NBA, the Nets aren't good. They are a lot worse than the Panthers. Possibly record-breaking bad.

Apparently these guys sit by the bench and by B.Yormark and he didn't like what he saw. If these guys were season ticket holders, I'm sure they've seen a lot of basketball they didn't like seeing. Again, the Nets are brutal.

 According to the Newark Star-Ledger, B.Yormark issued a statement on what happened on Monday night. Hey, I like that the guy's sticking up for his team -- and the paper bag thing has been done to death.

But there is nothing wrong with a paying customer wearing a paper bag (I would avoid the plastic ones) to a game if they wanted to demonstrate their unhappiness with the team.

Unless they got the tickets for free at Quarterdeck. Then you have to wear the Quarterdeck to-go bag. It's only right.

“Our fans have been great and they’ve stuck with us through a tough season,'' B.Yormark says in the statement.

"I did not agree with the way this person expressed his opinion of our team last night and I let him know. It’s been a frustrating season for all of us, but I will continue to stand up for our players, our fans, and our organization. We have an exciting future ahead and we appreciate all of our fans’ support.”


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Somehow I doubt Yormark even shows up for a Panthers game. Where was he at the Den of Honor? A thousand people showed up for autographs at 3:00 from the alumni but where were the current players?

Well, the current players had a game that night...they are not going to disrupt their routine to do autographs...sorry, no team in the league would do something like that...and Michael was definitely at the Den opening...he opened it...

George, I understand but as a renewed STH, I got an invite for a sneak preview to the Den of Honor for 3:00. It said concessions would be open at section 128, patio would be open, autographs from alumni, etc. and it sounded like a good thing to attend. I waited in line for an hour with the other 1,000 people only to learn the Den of Honor wouldn't be open until later in the day. If I would have known, I wouldn't have bothered to go. There was no food and after a while, they finally started selling water and such to people in line. I understand that current players don't want to break routine but there could have been a bit of effort in planning the event. This could have been planned around a BAC pregame morning practice and then, current players could have come out for at least a few minutes to shake hands. I couldn't make the game Saturday as my Son also had a hockey game so I didn't see Yormark but the only ones there at 3:00 were the SSE sales team. I would have loved to ask where is the annual PantherFest, when WILL current players start making more appearances like they used to? They hold an alumni game several years ago and the place was overflowing with fans but then never do again? George, I don't mean to vent but everytime I drive by the BAC, it ticks me off that the marquee barely acknowledges the Panthers but I sure know that I can get Metro PCS for $40.00 a month. As a Panthers fan, I'm begging this organization to please make radical changes this Summer on every level and bring my team back to a level of respect south Florida deserves. Keep up the good work, I do enjoy your coverage and blogs on the team.

Thanks for the post and I do understand your frustrations. And I know there was supposed to be an early look at the Den on Saturday, but word I got was that they hadn't completed it as of yet. People worked through the night on that trying to get it ready.

so let me feel this one out... we win tonight so we can move farther away from a good top 5 pick and closer to the playoffs and if we get within a ten feet of the spot, we are going to start losing?

Just putting that out there...

The panthers have become an afterthought to the President and COO Michael Yormark.
His brother Brett has a run in with fans and Michael had the famous run in with the usher.
When an organization has a lack of class it usually starts at the top, and in this case as well as the nets it starts with the Yormark brothers.

Anyone that would sell advertising in an urinal that included the team logo shows the lack of class.

I realize that Mr. Yormark's job is to increase revenue for his bosses and he has done that, however there is a right way and a wrong way to run a business and I believe the panthers are run the wrong way and have been for years.

The average joe is an afterthought only to fill seats so they can get revenue sharing.

I for one hope the new owners clean out the front office and bring class back to an organization that was once run the right way

I've done the bag thing at the BAC (in November when the team was really bad) and no one gave me a hard time. Of course, I sit in the upper bowl so I wouldn't be caught by the television cameras.

I don't know about the 3:00 non-event as I wasn't there, but Y*****k was definitely at the Den of Honor before the game started on Saturday. And he does come to the games.

What are the two worst sports teams and what do they share in common?
The Nets in basketball and the Panthers in hockey and they are both led by Yormarks. As a 40 year hockey fan, what Yormark does to the fans stinks, and the new ownership has got to realize that the Panthers are little more than an afterthought to Yormark. Fire Yormark. Fire Sexton. Hire a scouting department not a videographer and get some real NHL quality players in here and I promise the fans will return.

There is only one response to this. Panther fans, going to the next home game, need to all be armed with their paper bags! Hand them out in the parking lot before the game. Make sure as many people as possible have one. Maybe then, just maybe.....ownership will see the connection and part ways with existing management.

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