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Tomas Vokoun Likely Staying

Vokoun ATLANTA -- It doesn't appear that Tomas Vokoun has played his final game with the Panthers as it looks like he will at least finish this season in sunny South Florida.

The Panthers will likely reassess things in the summer when more teams -- and more assets -- are available.

Of course, things could change. But right now, it doesn't look like the Panthers are going to get what they think they should for a goalie of Vokoun's caliber.

With money tight between most teams in contention, Vokoun's cap hit of around $1.2 million from now until the end of the season is prohibiting most teams from making realistic offers.

I would be surprised if Vokoun wasn't in net in Sunrise tomorrow -- backstopping the Panthers and not the Flyers.

Of course, you never know what kind of deal Randy Sexton might be able to swing between now and then. Wednesday's 3 p.m. deadline is quickly approaching, but plenty can be worked out in those hours.

Tick tock, tick tock.


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how can a team not get a shot with a 5-3 for a minute thirty?

this happens too many times.

don't look now but the hurricanes are only 1 point behind.

Why wouldn't the Hawks offer Versteeg , Skille , Aliu and what ever picks the Panthers wanted for Vokoun ?? Chicagoks goaltending is terrible. Its really bad. What do the Panthers really want for Vokoun ?

Good. Re-sign him and build around him

If the Panthers don't trade Vokoun, they should trade Clemmenson. Pickup a goalie off the waiver to be backup for Vokoun.

clemmer is horrible wow

This is a mess at least when gm Brian Burke says he makes stuff happens he does! he brings in phaneuf and kessel and giggy! sexton has had some of the same words or statements and all hes done is get rid of players he just brought in this year??? like leo and domi like come on you need to get rid or players like kreps olesz campbell matthias stillman mcabe guys that play more golf then hockey in florida and collect a pay check! you think the players actually care about the situation in Florida Hellll no ! there guys on that team that have never been to the playoffs before, guys that are first round picks like horton weiss guys that have had huge expectations to be superstars like kovalchuck nashes and such! no they collect there pay checks go to there fancy homes and could care less! i would not be talking like this usually but its been 9 years now how many times can a team rebuild and how long does it take guys that have never seen the post season to want to get there ??? this is getting bad for Florida fans as everyone can see the spread of negative feedback ! how hard is it to make a good trade ? must be pretty hard i guess ? floridas trades in the last 5 years have been the worst quoted in history of hockey!!! seen players like luongo boumeester for nothing lol haha its a joke get some players in Florida that want to play hockey and put fans in the stands look what phoenix did people and the mentality they put in there heads after all that has happen last year !! i guess the sun and the money is to easy in the mind to care about becoming winners !

I hope Vokoun leaves. He should not be forced to watch this debacle on ice.

Props to Vokoun for keeping it classy. I'm hoping some team gets for him both for his sake and the Panthers'. I just hope they overpay.

Agree with Kittens and Jim. Very classy guy; hard for him to not just roll his eyes and move on...it's brutal

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