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Wings World: Rostislav Olesz OUT; Tomas Vokoun IN

BUFFALO -- About to sit down for a lunch of chicken wings (shocking) and figured I would throw out an update for tonight's game.

First, Rostislav Olesz is out with a hand injury. Jeff Taffe has been recalled. Tomas Vokoun in net.

Carry on...

Wings World: Rostislav Olesz OUT; Tomas Vokoun IN


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Do you know if Clemmensen will be in net tomorrow night?

Haha... nice Tom Hortons bus!

You tool... that's a Tim Horton's bus... can't you read...? haha

Anyways - was the bus meant to be in the pic, or just in front of the arena? Have to wonder if you guys travel in style on the Timmy's tab... heheh

HMMM. I always thought it was Nate Horton's.

I would like to see Olesz sent to Rochester to send a message, when he is ready. It should have been done earlier in the season and no one would pick up his ridiculous contract either. The kid needs to learn to score, period. Another blown development of a 1st round prospect by the Panthers...

Clemm in Boston? Probably....

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