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Bryan Allen Fights to Play ... McArdle to Have Surgery No. 2

BryanalleenBryan Allen had the seventh surgery on his left knee last season, a major procedure called microfracture surgery. Allen missed all but two games because of the surgery and didn't start skating on it until the summer.

Coach Pete DeBoer understandably didn't exactly know what Allen was going to be able to do on the ice this season.

“What surprised me is his personal resiliency and toughness to play through,'' said DeBoer. “I'll be honest, it's still worrisome and there's still a lot of stuff going on. But this guy won't take no for an answer and wants to play badly and help the team badly. He's sacrificing his body to do that.''

On Wednesday, Allen was named the Panthers nominee for the annual Bill Masterton Trophy. The award is given to the NHL player who “best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey.” It is awarded by the Professional Hockey Writers Association and Allen was nominated by the Florida chapter.

Allen hasn't rebounded all the way from his most recent surgery as he and the team have had to monitor it throughout the season. Yet before he had to miss two games with a rib injury, Allen played in 71 of Florida's first 77 games. Allen is expected to return to the lineup Thursday against the Devils.

“I feel good, better than expected,'' said Allen. “If there's a chance you should be playing, you should. I don't want to end this year on an injury, especially how last year went. Last year was one of my hardest year's ever and moving forward, it's something I have to take care of.''

One of the team leaders, fellow defenseman Keith Ballard says Allen is a professional in every sense of the word. Allen has been known to make new players feel welcome and is pretty good at picking out restaurants on the road.

And those who see how hard Allen works to be able to stay on the ice know how much he loves the game.

“Everyone sees him on the ice, playing a physical game, blocking shots, sticking up for teammates, playing great defense,'' said Ballard. “People don't see him warming up for an hour before a game to get his knee ready, staying after practice for treatments on it every day. I room with him on the road, and several times a day at the hotel, he gets treatment.''

Mcardle2 -- Kenndal McArdle was expected to have surgery on his right shoulder in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday.

McArdle, who played in 19 games for the Panthers this season, was lost for the season when he injured his left shoulder in the minors. McArdle had surgery on that shoulder six weeks ago. He says he should be healthy and ready to go by training camp.


When, Where: 7:30 p.m.; BankAtlantic Center, Sunrise

TV/Radio: FSNF; WFTL 640

The series: Devils lead 41-20-7

The game: The Devils moved to two points ahead of Pittsburgh in the Atlantic Division race after blanking Atlanta 3-0 on Tuesday. Martin Brodeur notched his second straight shutout and league-leading ninth of the season after stopping just 19 shots. The Panthers will counter with Tomas Vokoun who has lost seven straight starts. The Panthers have scored two goals or less in seven straight games as the team has lost nine of 12.


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Not to sure where a plyer like McArdle fits in with The Cats, honestly. If your going off the assumption that Booth, Weiss, and Horton are your 2nd scoring line(which I am), then you off-season should center(no pun intended) around finding yourself...either by trade, FA, or draft...a 1st line center. You can fill the 3rd, and especially, the 4th line forward positions from what you currently have on the roster(Reinprecht, Dvorak, Campbell, Frolik, Olesz, etc.), or possibly in the minors. The Cats have consistently brought in 3rd and 4th line guys and tried to force them into 1st and 2nd line positions, and it just doesn't consistently work, and sooner or later(usually sooner than later) those players get exposed for what they are.

I don't think Matthias is ready for a consistent place as a centerman in the NHL, yet. Give him another year or two, and then bring him up. They made a mistake in signing Olesz to that long extension when he was coming off the injury, and now he's next to impossible to move unless you give him away, which doesn't make him much of an asset. Frolik is another interesting player for The Cats.

I think the most "movable" assets The Cats have is Frolik, and possibly(depending on whether or not they draft a defenseman in the 1st round) Ellerby.

Bryan Allen is a great defenseman. He is has the right amount of grit, toughness and nastiness. Reminds me of Adam Foote.

My god...someone on this discussion who actually understands hockey?!? Holy Crap!

Mase - you rock.

It would be idiotic for the Panthers to get rid of Frolik

hurricane warning is absolutely correct.

Frolik is 21... and has the potential.. the fact that you put him with reinprecht.. dvorak, campbell, olesz is just stupid... between the 4 of them only dvorak and reinprecht have scored more than Frolik in a season... reinchprecht scored 22 once and dvorak scored 31 once... and those guys at in their 30's! Frolik has all the potential to be a 30-35 goal scorer... far better than any of those guys.

For the record, I never said The Cats should trade Frolik, I said he...along with Ellerby...are they're most "movable" assets, meaning that they have the most value to opposing GM's(age and talent-wise), and they're potential combined with they're low(entry-level) salaries makes them the most attractive "trade-bait_ The Cats have at the present time. Nobody else on the current roster...including Vokoun because of his large salary-cap number...not named Horton, Weiss, or Booth(who are ALL signwed to long-term, relatively high-dollar deals) have that combination of "pluses" for opposion GM's. That was the only point I was trying to make. I would like nothing more that to keep both of them(Ellerby & Frolik).

MASS: Please stop with all the nonsense you give. ellerby has NO, let me say it agian,NO value. And i think he's a potential good player but he has been held back by this terrible coach. Prime example is with 3 games left in a meaninless season he plays Ellerby 7 shifts AGAIN. Oh by the way, he plays Allen again instead of Wilson

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