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Cup Awarded in Sunrise: Team BankAtlantic Center Wins Kegger Cup

KegwinnersWhen the final horn sounded, the trophy was brought out onto the ice and Florida Panthers co-managing partner Stu Siegel lifted it over his head and skated around the ice.

It wasn't the Stanley Cup. It wasn't the Prince of Wales trophy.

It was a Budweiser keg painted gold.

And, as Siegel noted, it wasn't even full of St. Louis flavored water.

But it was something.

On Monday night, some members of the Panthers support staff took to the Sunrise ice for the third year, the two teams battling it out for the Kegger Cup. A group of folks who spend most of their time inside the BankAtlantic Center took on those who spend most of their working hours at Incredible Ice in Coral Springs.

Kegbill There were a few ringers out there, for sure. Bill Lindsay, the team's television analyst, played for the BAC team. Panthers goalie coach Robb Tallas played for Incredible Ice. Panthers strength coach Craig Slaunwhite also suited up for the Icees.

In the end, Team BAC -- I call them the Billboards -- beat Coral Springs Ice 11-7.

Lindsay (pictured at right with Brian Lenihan and Bill Murphy) scored twice in the win. Matt Sacco, director of PR for the team, also scored twice.

On the Ice side, Tallas notched a goal as did equipment manager Chris Moody and team Kegstulift services manager Mike Dixon also put the biscuit in the basket. Matt Redmond, who runs the pro shop at II, scored twice.

All in all, it was a fun night. I even got to run the penalty box. Almost kept Sacco in past his allotted time. Figured I owed him that much.

See you tomorrow.

Wonder if the keg is going into the Den of Honor?

-- Speaking of winning, the NHL Draft lottery is next Tuesday. It will be broadcast live on Versus.

Can the Panthers win it? Or at least get one of the top two picks? In the NBA, teams send different Ewingdraft personalities from their franchise's history with some sort of good luck charm to the lottery drawing.

Perhaps Lindsay could go with the keg.

Only problem is, if he flies JetBlue, they're going to charge him a baggage fee to put that thing on the plane. But the television more than makes up for that.


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I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...I think I can.........Look, can't a guy dream?

May the hockey gods shine upon the Panthers. Even they can't screw up one of the top 2 picks in this year's draft...or can they? Gulp.

Good story on Weiss on THN.


Also DeBoer to be assistant coach for Canada at Worlds.


Haha--THN labeled DeBoer as "Stephen Weiss". Geez, no one even knows who we are!

Looks like they had as many fans there as the panthers do at their games.

Every year, injuries are blamed for the playoff drought. In other areas of the hockey world, that's called lack of team depth. Weiss is a solid player, and a valuable asset for such a piss poor organization. He deserves better.

I wish I could reasonably disagree with you Bob.

I remember the 2003 draft was supposed to be one of the deepest and best in a long time, and all we have is Nathan Horton and Kamil Kreps to show for it. Now, I realize that was Dudley's/Keenan's draft, but that was supposed to be one of the deepest and best in years, and all we have is 2 "serviceable" players(and I'm stretchng that label when it comes to Kreps)from that? You can certainly understand the dearth of optimisim.

Gents: I have to respectfully disagree about Weiss.
He is a fragile, gritless player that is being shoved down our throats as a number one center, and he is not. At best he is a number two.

He's been here for 8 years and finally had what many would call a "Good" season.
Remember how he went into a scoring slump when Horton got injured? He was on pace to score 35-40 goals earlier, now will be lucky if he gets to 30.

I just don't get what everyone sees in him. He's not a superstar, but because he's our leading point getter, people think he is.

Watch him. Closely. When was the last time he checked someone? When was the last time he really fought for a puck in the corner?
He avoids traffic like it's the swine flu.
I'm not sorry for saying this, but people need to re-evaluate what they want and expect out of a hockey player that's supposed to be your best.
If this is it, we have some problems.

Yeah, and you're the same guy who thought Luongo would want to stay in Sunrise because of a pizza shop, RatTrick (LuongoFan, or whatever you want to call yourself these days).

As I said in another post here, expecting a superstar from anyone is ridiculous. 40 goal scorers are rare, even in this more offensively driven version of hockey compared to 10 years ago. Its not the 1980s where a 3rd liner could score 30 g and 70 p. Guys like Ovechkin and Crosby are called genrational talents for a reason. Guys like Lecavlier, Staal, and Thornton don't match up, even as good as they are, and those guys are superstars. Weiss was never expected to be to be a top line center, except possibly by those who have believed the bs rhetoric spouted by the Panther/Yormack PR machine. Weiss is a solid second line center who can chip in on the first line for injuries, and a team leader. He's also a solid defensive player.

But there's no team in Sunrise to lead. Just an excuse to control an arena and make bank off of it.

Here's the problem: If Weiss is the best you have, than your team SUCKS. He's a 2 at best, more likely a 3 on a team like CAPS

Weiss would be a #2 on Washington, as they'd have no use for Brendan Morrison then, since they're similar style players.

Clash: Let's get one thing straight. I am NOT a Luongo fan, never was and never will be You must have me mixed up with someone else.
You can go back and check every single post I have written here and on my blog.

My name has been the same from day one.
Direct your accusations to someone else.

Every so often you hit pay dirt, look at Steven Stamkos who will go over 90 points this weekend. Take the number one if we hit the lottery. No crazy trades, just a simple high pick. We stocked a lot of picks that can be bundled to get the right player out of the draft, I just hope we know who that player is. Address defense with FA this summer and look to shore up the goalie situation.

Great little post on the Kegger Kup! Its nice to get a little plug for the old guys still going at it and enjoying a great sport!
Thanks George

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