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Florida Panthers: Lets Wrap It Up ... Season Finale TODAY

WrapWell, it doesn't seem like that long ago that we were in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, for the start of training camp.

OK, it kind of does.

But this is it kids. The end.

And what a 2009-10 season it was!

Here are some of the highlights:

-- The Panthers win the season opener in Helsinki.

-- The Panthers sweep a three game road trip through Buffalo, Detroit and New York.

-- Tomas Vokoun.

Here are some of the lowlights:

-- Panthers lost second game in Helsinki 4-0.

-- After sweeping three games in Buffalo, Detroit and New York, Panthers come home, put on new uniforms designed by the Tampa Bay Rays and lose three straight.

-- Tomas Vokoun gets little support way too many times as Panthers go a franchise record 14 straight games with two goals or less.

And I could write up more lowlights, but I have a game to watch here.

-- Anyway, here's some of the news...

We've seen the last of these players -- at least for this season:

Vokoun; Cory Stillman; Byron Bitz; Gregory Campbell.

Today is fan appreciation day. If you are a fan, and buy tickets, I would think the Panthers appreciate you. For a franchise that hasn't made the playoffs in a decade, they have to be pretty happy to still have you around.


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I also think we have seen the end of 3 of those players in a Panthers Uniform!

This team will have another entire makeover this offseason....I see at least 8 new players before the puck is dropped in the fall!!!!!

We need a Chance from top to bottom............Maybe you keep Pete, but the rest of the coaches must go!

Yormark must go, or at least hire a Hockey guy and let him be in charge of SSE!!!!!!

I am just giving them my money and getting broken promises!

2-1 Lightning after two. A Lightning win will give the Cats the #3 slot in the draft (unless they (14%) or someone below them (30%) wins the lottery). A Panthers win, even in OT, would give the Lightning the 3rd slot.

Go 'ning.

Oh, and thanks, Olesz, for getting your second point in 30+ games tonight. Really flipping helpful there.

DeBoer MUST go. We need a complete new look from top to bottom. The first to go will be Sexton.

Not so sure DB is the problem. Look, we've had coaches cme and go but the problem remains the same - talent. DB has gotten the most out of a talent-lacking roster. I'd like to see what Pete could do with 2 true scoring lines and a defense that doesn't get overhauled season to season.

I feel for Pete and could imagine that although he's a fiery competitor and wants to succeed here, being let go from this organization could be a relief for him.

I was toying around and I thought of something...what if the Panthers traded Vokoun and a 2nd rounder, do any of you think that's enough to get the 1st overall pick? Then, if you don't get it in the lottery, you now have 2 top 5 picks...just saying. Goaltending we have depth in (mediocre players, but we have 4 or 5 ready to go if we get enough offense to support them), but if we get 2 top 5 picks we could get a true top line ready to go. Just saying.

Why anyone would want to get rid of DeBoer is beyond me. Shows what little hockey knowledge some of these fans truly have. What magical players has he left on the bench or did not dress should he have played??? What Bobby Orr type defensemen did he leave on the bench when he should have been on the power play? What Gretzky type center did he not use. How many new looks behind the bench do we need? ( we have had some doozies over the past 10 years_ Everyone thinks the coach is always the problem. Let's see in the next 3 to 4 months if Sexton is the type of GM that we want. I think the organization needs Yormark to go for sure. Him letting Potvin go last year was about the most telling type of person that he is-greedy and stupid--I hope the new owners have the common sense to realize that he is a public relations nightmare with poor judgement.

Justin -

No, it's not enough. What Vokoun has done for the Panthers would be no more beneficial to the Oilers. Edmonton desperately needs offense (they scored four more goals than the Panthers) and Hall can give that to them. Boston is in a similar position and a center helps them tremendously, so they've got Seguin. Tim Thomas stumbled compared to last season but Rask, who is only 23, went 22-12-5 with a 1.97 and a .930% in 45 games. Neither team trades their place in this draft for one year of Vokoun because neither team is a Vokoun away from the Stanley Cup.

Think of it this way:

Maybe one player gets the Panthers over the hump, but they have too many issues to resolve before becoming a true contender. Reverse the roles for a minute.

Do you, as a Panthers fan, support a trade of your right to a potential star for the next decade (Seguin, Hall) for a player that might get us to the eighth seed where our weaknesses are exposed and we're eliminated immediately after? Add to this that the player we trade for is in the final year of his contract and possibly leaves as a free agent two months after elimination..

It would be awesome to have a pair of high picks, but if they're going to move up from where they are now, it's going to be via the lottery. Any other first round picks will come at a high price.

I agree and disagree...I think they need to get into the playoffs this year, and even if its a quick exit. At the same time you need to build your team. Bottom line is neither is ideal but this team NEEDS the playoffs just a bit more.

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