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Keith Ballard: "I'm Getting Pretty Good at YouTube"

Ballard3It's been one of those years for Keith Ballard -- and like Randy Moller, he's becoming a YouTube sensation.

In the first year of a six-year deal with the Panthers, this season has been filled with ups and downs for the Florida defenseman.

Tuesday, he had another one of those moments. Trying to clear the puck away from goalie Tomas Vokoun, Ballard went to swat the puck away and instead tossed the puck backward.

Vokoun tried to stop it, but the puck went into the net.


"That's how it's gone for me this year,'' Ballard said Wednesday morning. "When it's bad, it's bad. I'm not beating myself up. It's a bad bounce. It didn't come in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Ask any defenseman and they've done something similar whether it went off their skate or stick. You stand around the net, it's going to happen.''

Ballard is an affable a player as there is in the league. Ballard laughed when we brought up the incident, shaking his head recalling how it all went down. The puck got stuck on his glove apparently and he didn't even know where it went.

This comes at the end of a season in which Ballard smashed Vokoun with his stick and ran over former teammate Craig Anderson in successive games.

"It's been one of those years,'' Ballard said with a laugh.

And now, the video: 


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poor dude. Hope he gets it out of his system in the next three games. The Panthers certainly don't need this nonsense next season.

Well like it was said thank god it was now/this year and not next year when it could mean the difference between the playoffs and not.

never get upset with bad luck despite a good effort..

He's one of the players I would keep, for sure. He brings it every night, and can chip in the occasional goal. Along with the development of young D-men like Kulikov, Ellerby, and Garrison, you NEED to have 3-4 veteran defensemen to lead the way for the young players(kinda like Gord Murphy and Terry Carkner did for Jovo and Svehla back in the mid-to-late 90's).

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