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Opening Day for Baseball, Closing Week for Cats ... Cory Stillman Hurt ... Great Pic from Disney

Openingday2The Panthers went through a long practice this morning in Coral Springs as Pete DeBoer kept them out there for about 80 minutes.

Byron Bitz (elbow) came out at the end and worked on some things. Gregory Campbell (broken foot) did not skate as far as I could tell.

Victor Oreskovich (lower body) was back and will play tomorrow against the Senators.

The big news today is that Cory Stillman injured his back Saturday against the Rangers and is out for the time being. According to GM Randy Sexton, Steve MacIntyre will come up as will rookie Evgeny Dadonov.

Looking forward to seeing Dadonov make his NHL debut tomorrow. Had a pretty solid training camp and is playing very well for the Amerks. Sexton said he definitely has earned a shot to come up and try and make a name for himself in whatever time he gets.

-- Tomas Vokoun to start tomorrow against the Sens.

-- Daniel Alfredsson plays in his 1,000th NHL game for the Sens tomorrow, and Bryan Murray tells Bruce Garrioch that he thinks Alfredsson has a few more good years left in the tank.

-- Today may have been the final practice of the season at Incredible Ice. The Panthers will work out at The Billboard on Wednesday as they take their team picture (that should be a keeper) and are expected to take Friday off. So that means they have just one practice day left and that will be in Sunrise.

Going to miss that drive along the Sawgrass.

-- Got this link from my sister Rachel today and it's pretty cool. If you are a fan of Disney World and the space shuttle, you going to dig this. Photographer Kent Phillips woke up early and got an amazing shot of Discovery soaring over Cinderella's Castle. Enjoy.

Check out the pic here.


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Damn sad, that's what this is. The Panthers organization is the laughing stock of the league, at the moment, and give they're fans little or nothing to hold they're heads high about. We keep watching and supporting because we have faith in the fact that...if even by mistake...there will be SOMEONE within that organization that will make the right moves, if even by MISTAKE!!

I think DeBoer deserves more time, and I think he's a good coach, and seems like a great person, but he needs more to work with. I just hope he isn't a casualty.

George, if you were the GM, what would you be telling teams who called you asking about available players, and what would you be asking for Vokoun specifically? If it were me, I would be asking for a 1st round pick, and two top six forwards(if for nothing more than to be assets for later transactions), maybe try and package him with Olesz(which would be next to impossible given the long-term investment The Cats have already made in him).

I know Booth, Weiss, and Horton aren't a 1st line, and given the "up-in-the-air" condition of Booth, I just don't know if keeping a player like Horton makes sense either. All three of them just have such a hard time staying on the ice, it's a shame, I'd really love to see what they could do for an entire season. This team just doesn't have a 1st line, or more importantly, a 1st line centerman, and I really like Weiss as a player.

Cory Stillman hurt again? I hope he gets better, but man, this guy is always injured. Maybe time for Cory to retire?

The guy(Stillman) gets hurt gettin off the training table. His point-per-game numbers are still good, but the dwindling # of games he's playing in every year can't justify his current salary, IMO.

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