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Playoff Time for (some) Panthers: Heat @ Rochester Amerks Tonight

RochrivROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Good evening from atop the Blue Cross Arena where the Rochester Americans -- the Florida Panthers Triple A affiliate -- opens its first round playoff series against the Abbotsford (Miami) Heat.

Abbotsford is in British Columbia, and their logo is a little similar to our playoff bound Heaters (check out the A in the logo below).

Old Panthers pal Duane Sutter is here -- the Heat are the Calgary Flames affiliate.

Also familiar to Panthers fans: Not only are there a ton of Panthers playing for the Amerks, but opposing goalie David Shantz spent a few years in the Florida system and played in Rochester for parts of three seasons.

Alexander Salak, who made his NHL debut in Florida's North American opener at Carolina way back in October, is between the pipes for Rochester.

Going to have a number of stories from here over the next few days, although my main story is being held until Saturday so it can get better play in the printed edition.

Which is cool. Gives me time to walk around aRochriv2 and talk to more people.

Great town, Rochester is. Serious. I have had a good time already and have only been here one day.

The area around the arena is real pretty (first two pics) and everyone is pretty cool. They have Tim Hortons as well, so you can't beat that. Thinking about having a sandwich along the river tomorrow after practice.

Randy Sexton is here and I will be talking to him as well -- not during lunch. Well, you never know.

Feel free to check in throughout the night for updates -- either here or on my Twitter Abbotsford (@OnFrozenPond) or Facebook (On Frozen Pond) pages.

Another great site for Amerks news is Kevin Oklobzija's site at the Rochester Democrat&Chronicle. You can access it right here.

He's going to be live throughout the night and the playoffs so if you want to check up on your Panthers on the farm, this is the place to do it.

Here are the lines from practice yesterday thanks to Kevin:


Evgeny Dadonov-Chris Taylor-Graham Mink

Jeff Taffe-Jamie Johnson-Mike York

Michael Duco-Shawn Matthias-Michal Repik

Steve MacIntyre-David Brine-Victor Oreskovich

See you in a bit....


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That looks like the Panthers line-up for most of the season.

And probably will be by next season.

The Panthers organization need to clean house to get better (ie management), not clear the roster of any still remaining talent: Vokoun, Weiss, Horton.

Nonetheless, I wish the Amerks all the best; it's not easy to be the affiliate of Florida.

They've gone through some lean years.

To turn that particular Titanic around they had to go out and pick up some veterans themselves and force Sexton to sign a couple as well.

Check out this article to see where the Panthers' Titanic sunk and what needs to be done to lift this wreck from its current position - lodged at the bottom of an endless ocean of mediocrity:


great article. I

think Sexton is in fantasy land if he keeps the third pick in the draft.

The Panthers need more offense and more forwards for when injuries happen. They have too many forwards who need a homing device to find the net.

I would like to see the Panthers get 2 early first round picks and a late first round pick. Use the second round picks if nessary. Also, they need to do a major salary dump, put the cap at around 44. Why? If the Panther keeps the salary low, they have the money and salary cap space to trade for goal scorer when the time comes. Let the kids play, and breakup the old core of weiss horton booth.

I'm still not sure what to do at the draft. Mainly because Connolly at #3 looks like he could be awfully good - or awfully injury prone - perhaps both.

To get another mid- or late round pick in the first round, should be a priority however.

I agree that Panthers need to go with the youngsters next year and dump some of the higher wage earners - if there are any takers, that is.

Nonetheless, management need to make it clear that it will be a rebuilding year in that case. No more "trying to make the playoffs" crap. Just be honest about it.

It will take a while to get things straight.

Start with rebuilding the foundations of this rotten franchise. Get someone in that knows hockey to run that side of operations.

the panthers continually overrate their players and give up too much for players.

Until they hire someone who can evaluate talent and be the point man on the hockey side they will contiue to make mistake after mistake.

When you haven't made the playoffs in 10 years and you still lack depth there are major problems in your organization.

Look at Yormark's profile and it is all about the arena; this is the man that has the final say in hockey decisions.

This is the guy that decided to bring in Martin, this is the guy that decided to make Sexton the GM.

I am willing to bet that the only reason Sexton is GM is because his salary is lower than most GMs.

We want action not words. clean house

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