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Stand Up, Make Some Noise: Heat beat Amerks

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Alexander Salak gave up three goals in the opening period before being pulled but the damage was done. The Abbotsford, BC, Heat didn't score again but held on to beat the Rochester Americans 3-2 in the opening game of the best-of-seven series.

Abbotsford had a 2-0 lead 8:16 into the game before Jordan Henry scored. Roch got a goal with 27 seconds left but couldn't get a third.

Tyler Plante played the second and third and stopped all 20 shots. Salak stopped six of nine. Plante will start Game 2 on Saturday at the War Memorial.

Great seats still available. Bring the kids....


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The Habs backed into the playoffs, and now they're celebrating an upset win against the best team and the #1 seed in the east. The Coyotes(playing ice hockey in the driest place on earth NOT in the middle east) are winning the opening game of they're series. Here we are discussing Salak vs. Plante in the minor league playoffs, in the game of ice hockey, against a team called The Heat......This drains me.

So, George, what did you think of team Groulx. Is it any wonder why Florida's prospects aren't anywhere near being ready. Wasn't Ellerby a standout?

It's a known fact that the players hate him and hopefully Sexton (if he survives), realizes this and rides him right out of here.

Lets talk about Sexton's assessment of our forwards. He says that he likes the make up of our top 5 forwards.

Other than Booth in that group not one was invited to the world championships. I know that Weiss said he would not go if invited.

I have always liked Weiss, it is not his fault that the panthers overrated him. He is a good 2nd line center.

I am disappointed when he says he will not go to the Worlds if invited. Ray Whitney, who is a unrestricted free agent agrees to go despite the fact that he does not have a contract.

this is the intangibles that you do not see on video. This is the difference between a winner and a loser.

This is the difference between the panthers and the hurricanes.

Until we change management this type of attitude will continue to rule in pantherland.

Hire a President of Hockey Operations that knows hockey and will give structure to the front office and will be the start of the long building process we need.

Sexton and Yormark are not the people to run the hockey operations.

^^I agree, until a true "hockey-lifer" is in charge, your going to see more of the same-old-same-old.

I like the fact that the new co-owners are real Panther fans, it's nice, but what the organization needs right now is an iron-fisted "this is our direction, and this is how it is", kinda ownership. This is why(usually) when a new ownership group comes in, they clean house and get the people THEY want in position THEY think will bring about they're vision of what they want the team to be...not settle for what's left over.

The inital(when the ownership change was being discussed) talk of possibly bringing in Glen Sather didn't exactly encourage me, given his recent track record, but I'd take him over Yormark in a second.

Slats is an improvement over Yormark (hell, *I'm* an improvement over Yormark) but Sather should stay in NY. His reputation was built on getting more with less and when he came to NY, he tried solving the problems there with money. The cap killed him and it's funny to watch the Rangers struggle under it.

The more I look back, the more I realize that Cohen set the team back ten years by promoting Keenan to GM.

Fire them all (coaches and management)! They disrespect the fans with confetti and t-shirts from years ago. They make bad trades and bad free agent pickups. They don't have a vision, and change their minds about as many times as the Panthers allow a goal into net.

Thankfully, Plante will be starting in net tonight. I think they will win tonight, it was stupid for the Amerks to put in a cold goalie on Thursday night.

Groulx = JM

Yes, Its a good thing that Plante is starting. The "statue" (Groulx) made a stupid mistake by playing a goalie who had totally lost it by December. And of course, how did the Cats handle it? By NOT sending Rob Tallas all season until the end. Maybe they think that with the goaltender riches this organization has, that Salak isn't worth it anymore.

Anyone else here think that maybe Ellerby will be a trade chip in June? He's got all that speed and can carry the puck but has very little hockey sense and cannot clear his own zone to save his life. With the newest prospect D-men coming plus the emergence of Garrison as a legit NHLer, I think he'd bring something decent in a deal.

ellerby = no hockey sense

no hockey sense = typical fl panther

typical fl panther = overrated

therefore, ellerby = overrated...

Some very good points being made in the lack of commitment about our CORE players... Not to mention the lack of invites, but Weiss not wanting to go, Horton last year, etc... Yes I realize he was waiting for a contract, but I think most of our guys are cashing their checks before performing...

And because there has never been a sense of urgency created here, Weiss and Horton have always been handed top-line minutes... So they've been spoiled all along... They need to be off-loadeded to a team and given a reality check...

And I care about the return, but I care a lot less about it nowadays... Because they've already waited to long and won't get enough of a return... I say TRADE them all for a lesser-skilled but better character-type player... I think the organization can use the LEADERSHIP more than the slightly above-average skill these guys possess...

As far as the right guy for the President of Hockey OPs, I nominate PDB... I'd also suggest Potvin, but I doubt he'd want it... Same thing with Pierre McGuire... I see potential in PDB. He has contacts up in Canada. He's a smart guy with double law degrees. He knows the players, and it would be interesting to see how he would handle it given the opportunity...

As far as President, I would not nominate PDB, he still needs more NHL experience.

Potvin would be a good choice but he only comes if Yormark is gone.

I would like to see someone like Dave Nonis come in and run the hockey side.

Speaking of Toronto, they don't shower their fans with confetti, they write a letter that is way better than Stu and Cliff's letter becasue in Toronto they do things to improve their team instead of using words only.

here is the link for the letter to Maple Leaf fans


also, even though PDB is the assistant coach, not one panther was invited.

Only Sexton and Yormark have faith in our top five forwards.

First of all you are comparing apples to oranges.
Hockey in canada compared to florida
100 years tradition to 20 years
Brian Burke compared to Randy Sexton
Ron Wilson compared to DeBoer
Molson compared to Landshark

Dave Nonis seems to have a solid reputation. Now the question is what's it going to take to get a guy like that to come here?

And also there are Beezer rumors out there, but I don't think that's the way to go.. Obviously Yormark has too much control and that's a MAJOR problem... It seems the best way to start a revolt there would be for the season ticket holders to stand together and call for CHANGE.. Anybody know when their year-end meeting is?

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