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Dale Tallon Talks Markstrom, Rochester, DeBoer and Yzerman

Tallon1Dale Tallon is back from Germany where he spoke with coach Pete DeBoer and also spoke with unsigned prospect Jacob Markstrom and his agent. 

Tallon also talked about the problems coming out of Rochester, the fate of Florida's two assistant coaches and Steve Yzerman coming to Florida's other coast.

As far as the coaching thing goes, I think we'll have some news coming out in June. I would not be surprised to see two new coaches behind the bench with Pete DeBoer next season.

Here's what he had to say as he spoke to the South Florida media on a variety of subjects after his first week on the job as Panthers GM:

"I talked to Markstrom and his agent. We had good conversations.

He expressed an interest in coming over and we want to sign him. We are negotiating as we speak."


"Ability wise he's ready. It's a different style of play, not as much traffic in front of net, more physicality.

"He's going to have to adjust, get in some games in the American League. We have super goalies in Florida, so it's a perfect opportunity for him to learn the style and get in some games.

"We don't want to rush him. We want to make sure he's ready. There's nothing wrong with him playing American League games. Same thing with Niemi. It didn't hurt him to play some AHL games. Look at him now. We want to take the proper steps. It's a marathon not a sprint. We want him to develop the right path.

"It's a great situation for him and I they realize that. I would think they're look forward to coming over, but I can't speak for them.''


"We talked about pretty much everything. It was a good meeting, talked all about hockey ops, players, style of play, and our philosophies. It was a lot of up-front dialog.

"I like his approach, like that he is very up front. Look at his quotes after the season. He's a stand up guy. We're going to have a good relationship.''


"Randy and I will meet at the combine in Toronto.''


"Pete and I have a list and we're going to decide once we get together next couple of weeks and see what shakes out. We are going to discuss it and see.

"I haven't talked to either one of them. We have to make that decision in a little while.''


"I will take care of that situation shortly. It was a shock to me, on my second day on job, to see that in paper. I don't do business in the newspaper. I'm looking into every situation. I'm sure we'll take good care of them.

"I've looked at it briefly. I will look at what is best for our organization and Rochester and the development of our players. Get through the combine, testing and interview. Do right thing there, then take next steps to make the organization better.''


"Class guy, great player. Did a good job with the Canadian Olympic team. I'm excited to have him there to deal with him. He's a great guy, a class act. Great addition to the position. He'll do a good job there.''


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Looking forward to getting Markstrom's name on a contract and following his career from AHL to NHL. Should be a massive coup getting him at 30 in that draft. Here's hoping it happens in the next few days. I have faith Tallon can do it.

Also glad to hear that it appears Hulton and Kitchen are likely done with the Panthers. The team needed some new direction behind the bench, but I like Deboer too much to have him go, but am happy to see his assts go. Think there is a chance that Paul Maurice is on the list of his??? I wonder if his good buddy would be interested?

Darn Rochester situation too.... I hope that can be cleared up or we can get a solid partnership with someone else in 2011-12... hated the shared partnership and really wouldnt want the spreading around prospects thing that Anaheim and Dallas did the past two years.

I love this guy!

I'd say "keep up the good work" but he's done nothing yet. Still, he seems like a straight shooter. The things he couldn't address will probably come out later on in their own time.

I am really excited to see how this team turns out come opening night. New GM/Vice Pres. of hockey opperations, new Assist. Coaches, some new players, relatively new co-Owners... I can't wait to see who we draft,sign and trade this offseason.

oooo to be a fly on the wall in a closed office meeting with Tallon and DeBoer! I can only imagine what was said!

I am pretty psyched up. I like his 'tude' so far.

I agree George, it appears that Hulton and Kitchen our outta here.

The Amerks situation is one that definitely needs to be addressed, but, IMO, the upcoming draft and what is done with Vokoun will go a long way toward my initial impression of Mr. Tallon, and whether it's just more of the same'ol.

It's nice to come here and see Panthers fans leaving comments that are universally optimistic, even if tentatively.

I'm really hoping Tallon pans out to be the real deal and end this team's drought. If he doesn't, it could be Florida's death knell as I think even the most diehard fan will be left jaded.

But so far he really looks like the right man for the job and I'm hoping to see some major progess this coming season. Realistically we know this is a team that's simply missing a couple of pieces (albeit key ones - a top line center or sniper and a clear-cut #1 dman) to becoming a playoff team, and perhaps the playoff experience itself will be all they need to take the next step to Cup contender.

i say we trade horton too...he's got nothing to offer here anymore. ...i think he's too dejected here. He would do better with a change of scenery and we might be able to get something worth out while here.

This team needs a lot more than just "a couple of pieces"... It needs an overhaul, but it's definitely progress, as Tallon seems to be a guy that isn't afraid to make changes...

I also think Horton and Weiss will eventually get sent packing, but I don't think that it will be done right away... I think there's too much other crap to weed out first. Tallon will probably want to see for himself whether he wants to stick with Horton and Weiss... But after a while, I think he'll see it's better to bring in new parts...

One promising thing is that he doesn't sugar-coat too much... JM would always give you the politically correct answer. Tallon seems less apt to put up with those guys that don't COMPETE, so his leash is hopefully a lot shorter... Yes the offseason should be fun...

I'd like to see our AHL team in an airport-hub town so that transferring players can get to and from the big club quickly. Rochester is not an ideal location. This makes too much sense, but I think an AHL franchise in Memphis could work. The team could partner with FedEx and be able to have virtual chartered flights to anywhere in the country. Memphis is also not too far from the South East, far enough from the closest NHL franchise where fans could become attached, and would be a good market for hockey in the winter. They could share an arena with the Grizzlies.

Daniel, most all the diehard Rochester fans hope that your wish comes true. No one here is interested in the Panthers. Actually we were hoping the Panthers would buy a dormant AHL franchise and move it to Orlando.

Even the optimism of Dale Tallon coming in to right the ship still doesn't change the fact that this is a Sabres/Rangers/Bruins/Leafs town first.

And by the way. Rochester NY is NOT an outpost. We have a very large international airport here with just as many folks in the city limits as our neighbor, Buffalo. Our AHL history goes back 55 years,second to only the Hershey Bears. Some very well known hockey HOFers have worn the Amerk crest-Al Arbour, Don Cherry and Gerry Cheevers, just to name a few. There are some very knowledgeable hockey fans here and we know when the product isn't good. If the Panthers can't help supply a decent product and a decent coach (Groulx has to be one of the worst coaches in Amerk history.), then hopefully we say "Adios".

Rochester sucks - I'm from NY and been there done that. The Panthers went out & signed some of the top AHL players and they finished 2nd in the league in terms of record after being terrible the year before eh? The playoffs was an embarrassment, yes, and Groulx may deserve to pay for it, but it still wrong to say the Panthers didn't "supply a decent product."

If the Amerks want the Panthers to pay the vets, get it in writing next time you morons. That's just ridiculous...

Yeah...decent product. If we didn't beat up on patsies Syracuse, Binghamton and Toronto, we're a sub .500 team. As it was, we played under .500 hockey from December on. Its no wonder we got smoked in the playoffs. We didn't win on a Friday night for almost 3 months.

Not second in the league, second in the division.

Yes, better than the year before. But your prospects: Salak stunk from December on, Ellerby stunk all year, Dadanov is crying because he didn't get a call up with mediocre stats. Any prospect who even showed a hint of improvement was on the next plane to Florida.

I WILL however agree about the payment of vets. How that wasn't contracted, I'll never know.

I doubt they'll part ways over $500k, but it looks like there should've been much better communication and organization...

With today's day and ease of travel, I don't think your affiliate needs to be right down the road. It's more important whether the team is a good fit... So I would suggest they make it work out if possible...

As far as development, I think it's more of a fact that the Panthers don't have enough LEGITIMATE prospects in the system... This has been years of poor drafting and mismanagement. So if Tallon feels he can work it out with the Amerks, it should only make a quicker transition to success... If not, you're starting over, and I definitely wouldn't support sharing an AHL team like before... Either way, coaches can come and go... I think it's much more about stocking them with LEGITIMATE prospects...

If you listen to the players at the end of the playoffs, there was a disconnect between the players and Groulx. He left a lot to be desired with his tactical decisions behind the bench. The first step to repair the relationship between the Amerks and the Panthers is to get a new coach who can teach and communicate with the players.

Murf..exactly. That would be the first big step.

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