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Panthers Carousel of Progress? Not So Far

CarouselofprogressRound and round they go.

Coaches come, GMs go.

Welcome to the Florida Panthers.

Dale Tallon was named the Panthers new GM on Monday, making him the ninth GM in franchise history. When I mentioned that to the Edmonton radio guys today they laughed. The Oilers have had four in their entire history.

Tallon is also the seventh GM since the Panthers last made the playoffs way back in 2000.

When teams lose, changes are made. It's only natural.

And the Panthers, well, they have been big on change. Because of the losses, you know.

To paraphrase Bryan Murray: "They didn't need to fire us. WE could have missed the playoffs for 10 years if that's what they wanted.''


Coaches Since 2000 Playoffs

Terry Murray (1997-fired 2000)

Duane Sutter (2000-fired 2001)

Mike Keenan (2001-fired 2003)

Rick Dudley (interim 2003-04)

John Torchetti (2004-fired 2004)

Jacques Martin (2004-fired 2008)

Pete DeBoer (2008-present)

GMs Since 2000 Playoffs

Bryan Murray (1994-fired 2000)

Bill Torrey (interim 2000-01)

Chuck Fletcher (interim 2001)

Rick Dudley (2002-fired 2004)

Mike Keenan (2004-fired 2006)

Jacques Martin (2006-resigned 2009)

Randy Sexton (2009-fired 2010)

Dale Tallon (2010-present)


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Love Murray's quote! haha

look at the list and you see Keenan who messed up St. Louis and the Panthers and then Martin who had no experience and didn't look for the long term future (gave up too much for Vokoun and didn't trade Bouwmeester) and then Sexton who was out of hockey and his claim to fame is Alexandre Daige and he also didn't look long term (Vokoun instead of Anderson.

Change is not necessarily good and it shows the lack of a plan during the past decade, lets hope the lessons were learned and they allow Tallon to do the job and they allow him to have the right scouts and right people developing the players. Let him learn about the people we are considering instead of just watching the video and looking at stats.

character creates a winning environment and character players create a winning team.

Mr. Tallon clean house now and be prepared for the draft (not just the first round but the other rounds as well).

Have this team take a step backwards so we can move forward and build a winning team.

i think Tallon needs to get rid of as many of these players on the current roster as they can...particularly some who have been here longest. that losing mentality and that habit of not being able to find ways to win is contagious and will spoil whatever new batch of talent they bring in...

The thing I like best about Tallon, is unlike Doug Risebrough or Doug Maclean is he didn't leave his last team in shambles. He built a team and was pushed out the door by new management with the team he put in place competing for the cup. He also built an exciting team to watch not a defensive bore. That gives me a little bit of optimism.

Every time we bring in a new coach or GM there is hope and optimism. Let's see what kind of team that is put on the ice on October and what kind of future that the team looks like. By the way all of you wanna be GM's--especially "season ticket holder since day one", I can hardly wait until the team goes through a losing streak and you want Tallon fired along with the popcorn vendor. I'm glad your a faithful fan but chill out a bit.

I encourage the move, but sorry if I'm not doing as many cartwheels as the majority... One of the main reasons for encouragement is that it is a fresh change from someone outside the organization, and also a guy that has a reputation of being willing to take chances... Also, he certainly has experience and contacts in the NHL, so it should be easier for him to negotiate deals...

That being said, Sexton or any lesser experienced guy never would get the leeway for dealing with wholesale changes that are necessary here... So we've got a guy that gives us a much better chance at improving, but let's not fool ourselves, there is still tons of deadweight here, so it's not an easy fix....

My main concerns is that GMs can always get too much credit when things are going well, as well as too much blame when things aren't working... Toews and Kane were no-brainers. He made some steals with Versteeg and Sharp... I will hope he's learned some lessons with the contracts he jumped the gun on in Huet and Campbell...

For now, I guess we'll have to cut him some slack for statements that there's a lot of young talent and/or potential... I realize it's more about keeping it positive for PR purposes, but I do hope he is able to come in and recognize weaknesses and have the guts to dish out lots of built-up deadweight... He needs to change the Panther Psyche, so even if they tank for a few years, they are built with heart and grit and excitement....

Anyone have a link to the press conference? I can't seem to locate one.

I am very excited to see what he does for our team. Many of you who are weary of him because of some of the bad moves he's made, look at it this way...Tallon has made some bad moves, bad signings and such, but the Blackhawks are in their 2nd consecutive Western Finals, with a lot of critics saying they will win the Cup because of a lot of moves Tallon has made where-as the Panthers have had 9 GM's since 2000, some made good moves and some made horrible moves and yet we are yet to crack the playoffs in a decade, let alone be in the Eastern Finals or even be thought of as Cup Champs. Look at the atmosphere Tallon has helped to build in Chicago, who here doesn't want to see if he can do that here??? I don't care how bad it looks because we've had 9 GM's the past decade, we finally have a man who can bring success.

Slapshot is correct. There's no leeway to make the changes. Yormark will have his hand in everything, and his staff will run to him like they always have because they fear losing their jobs. Listen to Yormark's staff at the Quarterdeck after games. I've gotten an earful from them just like everyone else. All they do is complain about how stupid the owners are and how much Yormark sucks. And that's from the pr people. G.R. had heard them. He knows.
Anyway...Good luck to Dale.

hah! with yormark sticking still around i doubt it matters who's labelled 'GM' . . . he will always be a cancer cuffing whoevers meant to be steering this ship. in fact it wouldn't surprise me if tallon's had enough by the end of next season and gets his rear-end outta this mess, and thats something we could all thank yormark for!

I agree with those that say that Yormark has too much power on the hockey operations side. Potvin called Alan Cohen the worse owner in the NHL.

He also stated that non hockey people have too much say in the hockey operations.

It is important that the buck stops with Tallon and not Yormark. At the press conference Tallon said he will have an assistant GM and a director of player development. He also stated that the budget for operations is higher, all good steps.

If his hands become tied then it won't matter who the GM is, like others I have heard the behind the scenes stories and it is no wonder this franchise is in the mess it is in.

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