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Panthers In the Community

BobbuilderThe Panthers organization is making a splash in the community as the franchise announced Thursday that its full-time staffers will each log at least 10 hours of community service each year -- with the franchise committing a total of 1,500 hours.

Team executives will log at least 20 hours per year.

Apparently the good works project kicks off tomorrow as the Panthers take part in a Habitat for Humanity build in Broward County.

I once committed Trash myself to doing community hours, although it wasn't voluntary.

The judge was very nice though. Gave me some good assignments. I got a nice tan.

Anyway, here's the press release from the team. Enjoy.

Sunrise Sports & Entertainment and the Florida Panthers announced today that its full time staff members will donate over 1,500 hours of community service each year as part of a new, unprecedented internal commitment to the South Florida community.

Each full time staff member – including team owners, Panthers players and incredible ICE employees - will donate at least 10 hours of community service, with executives donating at least 20 hours each year.

The community service commitment begins this Friday, May 7 when SSE staffers will take part in BankAtlantic’s Habitat For Humanity of Broward build day. This employee service commitment is part of SSE’s Contract With The Community, which was unveiled in December of 2009.

Other local charities looking for support are encouraged to contact the Panthers community relations department at PerryD@sselive.com or by phone at 954.835.7715.

 “Our entire staff is thrilled to have the opportunity to donate their time and effort to the South Florida community in such a personal and intimate way,” said SSE president & COO Michael Yormark.

“This is an unprecedented commitment in our industry and it is the most energized we have ever seen our staff about one particular SSE initiative. I am looking forward to hearing some selfless, heart-warming stories about our employees giving back to the South Florida community. This is yet another example of how SSE has made an organization-wide commitment to being more involved in the local community that so passionately supports this franchise.”


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Hopefully, one of these days they'll make an annoucement that will improve the on-ice product. While they're busy cleaning up trash on the side of the road perhaps they'll take a break and make an annoucement pertaining to the future status of their GM.

warm and fuzzies, I get it. It's a good thing, but I wish "Stiff and Clu" would give the front office and coaching staff all the time in the world to volunteer by hiring us some talent!

Maybe I don't understand this right, or I just don't know what a "full-time staffer" or "executive" means... but what, exactly, is so "unprecedented" about a mandatory 10 hours of community service a year? 2, 5 hour days? Maybe just an hour a day for 2 weeks? It's not like these guys are involved in hockey games from April on... I don't get it...

Community service is great, every pro team should have some sort of community program. I guess I just kind of feel that you shouldn't be patting yourself on the back for doing the right thing...

it is about time that the panthers did more community service but as you see it is only the front office types, no players, what about the announcers, wasn't Potvin fired because he wasn't here during the off season.

It is ashame that the panthers send out a press release announcing community service, they should have volunteered and kept it quite this indicates that they are doing this for marketing and publicity.

The players that help the community without going to the press are the people we should be proud of (Vokoun for example) and I am sure there are others.

Yormark only has one motive, making money for the arena, (the build is a Bank Atlantic build) why don't the panthers sponsor their own build instead of riding the back of a sponsor.

Again, good job doing the community service but do it the right way.

Perhaps the Red Wings can start doing some community service, as well. Their scouting staff could teach ours how not to miss on every pick, for example. It'd be great!

Eric said it best. Thanks,

Is it just me or does the actual hockey team seem secondary to everything else in this franchise? C'mon already. Wake the F up OWNERS.

this front office treats the hockey team as something that fills 41 days at the arena.

Remember that this organization (SSE) has more people in marketing then they do in scouting and developing players.

Now to important things like how to draft the right player which Cohen/Yormark have failed at because they don't budget for scouts to learn about players.

Yesterday, Kevin DuPont of the Boston Globe interviewed a real GM, Dean Lombardi who helped build the San Jose Sharks and has now built the LA Kings and he said the following:

“[Steven] Stamkos ended up going No. 1, and we followed with [Drew] Doughty,’’ recalled Lombardi. “But look at some of the others in the mix at the time. [Alex] Pietrangelo, some thought for quite a while that he was the best player in the entire draft. [Zach] Bogosian, a man-child. I mean, he was just off the charts — way off the charts — at the combine. And [Nikita] Filatov, a guy with a skill package that would make you think he could be another [Teemu] Selanne.

“You can look at how it’s played out, with Stamkos catching fire this year and Doughty turning into a legitimate Norris Trophy candidate, and figure it was a slam-dunk. But it was more complicated.’’

The combine that year, recalled Lombardi, actually had the potential to cloud his opinion of Doughty.

“Bogosian got on the bike, and he blew it away,’’ recalled Lombardi. “I mean, the whole room stopped to watch. So here you’ve got a kid, and people are thinking this might be the next Scott Stevens — and that just might be the case — and here’s Drew at the combine, struggling to do push-ups and he’s maybe 30 pounds overweight.’’

Nonetheless, Lombardi and his scouts put their bet on the pudgy 18-year-old who averaged 62 points in his last two years of junior hockey. In the end, it wasn’t the workouts at the combine or the numbers the kid posted with the OHL’s Guelph Storm
“You know, the slam-dunk ended up the trip to the kid’s house,’’ recalled Lombardi, who spent 13 years, seven as GM, in the Sharks front office. “Just solid, solid parents. You could tell in a second, these were people who lived for their son, but not through their son.

And then — and I loved this — he had two of his Team Canada sweaters hanging up the wall. One of them was his World Juniors sweater. A kid’s going to have those on the wall, right? But here’s the thing. They’re hanging on the wall, but they’ve got the Team Canada logo facing out. Most kids, you figure they’ll have them flipped around, so their name is showing. Uh-uh. Team first.’’

Lombardi said the key is getting scouts in for looks at the player in the season(s) leading up to the draft, and getting to know the player as a person, including his family life.

“This isn’t like cramming for an exam in college,’’ he said. “If you’re cramming, I’d say you’re too late.

“The true person, the true player, comes out over time. It’s all about investing time, the time it takes to watch him, and the time it takes to learn what kind of person he is — not the stuff that comes out in an interview on a day when the kid talks to 10-15 teams, answers the same questions, gives the same answers over and over.’’

So Stu, Cliff and Yormark, how many of these kids we draft have you had your GM and/or scouts go and talk to the parents and learn if he is a winner or not. My guess is none!

Invest in research and development or you will be "too late" as a real GM with a real hockey side does it the right way and not the cheap way to fill 41 dates in the people of Broward County's arena that you have the privilege to manage.

10 hours of community service. Well...that makes a decade of horrible decisions easier to deal with, doesn't it?
More babble from management. Lots of slogans, no substance.Maybe Stu and Cliff will smarten up and realize Yormark is running them into the ground with logos like the 4th period and community projects that have nothing to do with on-ice product. Imagine the business that would come to the arena if the owners actually had a coo who people respected rather than hated and wasn't so identified with being a loser?

Season Ticket Holder is absolutely correct about this management. My girlfriend and I have sent emails to the new owners. You know Stu and Cliff, the ones that preach accountability and availability. They bounced our emails to Yormark, who called me and demanded an apology. I told him on the day the Panthers make the playoffs again. Which should be in about ten years.

Wow he called you directly did he? That is sad that they did that to you guys. If you complain about someone, the person you complain to should NEVER send it to the person you complain about. Glad you responded the way you did!

I have been reading up on draft prospect options and while I certainly wouldnt complain if we grabbed one of the two defencemen... I am really liking the idea of grabbing Connolly... it my be a bit of a risk, but if his injury troubles are past him then it could be a steal. The Hockey News stated that had it not been for his injury he would have been up there fighting with Seguin and Hall for 1st pick. He was also CHL rookie of the year in 2009, which is not a bad thing to be named. Plus they say he should turn into a premiere scorer.

all talk and no action welcome to the Florida Panthers management team

I think having Chris Wells going out in the community is perfect. The most inept Panther ever for the most inept team of the decade. Put some current players out to try and get some fans back to the arena. Wins will bring fans back, obviously free tickets haven't done it yet.

another great trade in panther's history, Wells for Stu Barnes and Jason Woolley and now Wells was here to open the den of honor.

Only Yormark and the panthers would think of bringing in this guy to market the team.

We want an NHL team back in Sunrise and not some bush league team

No Hope Without a Change: Give us some details about the call. I already emailed "Stiff and Clu" and stated a number of reasons why I was holding off on my season tix for next year, and got a response back from "Stiff". It was cool that he responded personally to my letter, but he totally glossed over some of my 'heavier' items in the email (Yormack).

He called me and said, "This is Michael Yormark and I demand an apology!" I said for what and he said for the email you sent to our owners. He said that they are working very hard and a plan is in place. Basically the same old Yormark rhetoric. I told him that I would apologize when the Panthers made the playoffs. He also blamed the players for a lack of interest in doing events in the community. I told him that it was Randy Moller that limited the players, but he said no.

Wow, how about Jacques Martin and the Habs beating the defending champs?!? See, you can overhaul a team in 1 offseason and make it a winner...

Hey, Panther Fans!! Less complaining, more spellcheck. While it is a shame that this organization feels it necessary to "toot it's own horn",it is still COMMUNITY SERVICE and the community should take what it can get!Sunrise,Florida is a dump and can use any help it is offered.

Does this mean they are going to try and not pay the employees to do work at the areana and call it community service..

Wouldnt be surprised

How is Moller holding them back?

Every time you ask why the players aren't out in the community, he says it is an infringment on the players time. But they have plenty of time to cash their overinflated paychecks.

Good point

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