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Randy Sexton Speaks: Disappointed but Respects Decision ... Would Return if Asked

Sexton Randy Sexton spoke to the South Florida media on Wednesday from Pittsburgh where he and his family have gathered to visit Ray Shero and his family after the death of Shero's mother Mariette this past weekend.

Sexton, who has always been a class act with us, was very candid again on Wednesday.

While he was disappointed he was replaced as GM of the Panthers in less than one year, he says it's all about the Panthers and if this is the best move for the franchise, he's cool with it.

Sexton added that he would come back to the franchise if new general manager Dale Tallon wants him to.

"First and foremost, for those who have been around, you all know how much I love the Panthers,'' Sexton said. “In my four years, I spent every ounce of energy to try and help out. I also know at end of the day, it's not about me. It's about the team. The most important thing is the franchise. I completely respect the ownership for putting the people they want in place to lead. I'm disappointed, but I fully respect their prerogative.

“Dale has done a terrific job in Chicago and deserves an awful lot of the credit for the team we watch today in Chicago. He put that team together. He'll be a terrific leader in Florida. He's a very worthy choice for the Panthers.''

On pushing ahead after the ownership told him Bill Torrey was looking for a new GM:

“I had a responsibility to push the franchise forward as much as I could,'' Sexton said. “That's what I worked on. It was important to get the draft choices signed, make sure Rochester had the most successful postseason possible.

"No one was in place, someone had to do the work. I undertook it with a lot of energy every day. Most important thing was the team and the franchise. The work needed to be done so I did it.''

On his future:

“It's far too early,'' he said. “I just got the news of the decision a few days ago.

“I would welcome the opportunity to stay with the organization if Dale thought I could help. I also know how the business works. If Dale wants to go in a different direction, I totally understand. I just need some time to collect my thoughts, spend some quiet time with my wife and kids. I told Dale I would help in any way I could. We'll talk when he gets back to Florida. I still have a contract with Florida and will fulfill it as much as Dale wants me to.''

“This is not about me, but about the team. I believe that in good times and in tough times like this. The Panthers are in a position to continue to build and thrive. If I'm part of that fine. If not, I'll move on to my next opportunity.''


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Class and the Florida Panthers are rarely associated together but class is really the appropiate word to use for Sexton's comments. I hope he stays in some capacity. Loyalty should be rewarded.

Good words, good guy, and I sincerely hope he lands on his feet with an organization that won't handcuff him.


Agreed, I have said all along that I have no issues with Randy and would welcome him back n another position with the organization. Very nice classy guy.

I really hope he keeps Sexton as Asst GM. Randy's supposedly very strong w/the salary cap and as a contract negotiator, which is exactly what an Asst GM does. I can understand if he wants to move on though, not having been giving the shot.

I really can't fault anything Randy has done or not done knowing his hands were tied with the sale, and think he did a good job getting assets for UFAs and didn't pull the trigger on a Vokoun trade when his value will be higher at the draft. Tallon is a hot name & something fans can identify with while watching the Blackhawks beating up on the Sharks. It's a good decision for marketing purposes on top of the obvious shift to some new blood.

Agree with Catfan..Sexton didnt hurt us...but after a decade of debacle we need someone with a successful resume over these next months.

I would love for Randy to take Jack Birch's job. Jack is a total waste.

Very classy guy. As Big Slap Shot Bob said, he did a good job with what he had to work with from getting picks for UFAs to cleaning up JM's mess with Bouwmeester. I liked a lot of what he did but that said Tallon has a pretty good resume. It was a good move and Sexton is a good guy who did a good job. You have to admire him.

I like the idea of replacing Keenan's lacky Birch with Sexton. That would be a very strong move to make. Sexton did great for us, but Tallon will tkae it 10 times farther.

while i maintain that the hiring of tallon and the replacing of sexton was a necessary step in the fixing of this franchise...i will say sexton is a good guy with good intentions who was justin the wrong place at the wrong wrong time. hope he stays in some capacity.

boy it's funny how all of a sudden, everyone has good things to say about sexton. You people are a joke. Kick his ass to the curb.

Sexton was too conservative and does not have a good track record of getting the right players.

I never attacked his character because he is a hard working person. His strength was not in evaluating talent nor building for the long term, his strength is in working the cap.

I blame Cohen and Yormark for where this franchise is. It has been a steady downhill trend, they made a business decision to center around the arena, there is nothing wrong with that as a business plan, the problem in owning a pro franchise is that you have more responsibility to the community, having only 5 scouts is a sin.

Yormark doesn't know hockey and his business decisions while helping SSE killed the panthers.

If Tallon really has the authority and the money to hire the right scouts and minor league coaches then that is the first step. If this is just window dressing and his hands become tied then we will know that it is business as usual and the panthers will be what they have been since Yormark has been here, an item to fill 41 days at the arena.

I was never a fan of Sexton's, especially from the minute he took over from JM.
As for his comments, sure classy, he doesn't want to burn any bridges since he has yet to have a great deasl of success.

We weren't going to anywhere with him in place however.

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