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Dale Tallon Talks Jacob Markstrom, Kamil Kreps and Benoit Groulx

Markstrom The Panthers announced the signing of their goalie of the future on Tuesday, and Jacob Markstrom hopes to make life tough on the team’s decision makers come training camp.


The 20-year-old Markstrom has already spent the past three seasons playing professionally in Sweden and recently helped his country take Bronze in the World Championships.


Markstrom is penned to start next season with the Panthers AHL affiliate in Rochester, N.Y., but things could change.


“We’re pretty deep in goal, but this is a pretty good opportunity for him,’’ general manager Dale Tallon said, referencing starter Tomas Vokoun and backup Scott Clemmensen. “This is good for the franchise.’’


There had been speculation that Markstrom’s agent had demanded that his client start next season with the Panthers or he would return to Sweden for the 2010-11 season. Tallon denied that. But had the Panthers not signed him before June 15, Markstrom indeed would have returned to Europe.


Tallon praised the work of former GM Randy Sexton for laying the groundwork for getting a deal done. Tallon met with Markstrom and his agent in Germany during the Worlds.


Markstrom had five shutouts with a 2.01 GAA and a .927 save percentage for Brynas last season. He signed a three year entry-level deal with the Panthers.


“He’s really a really a wonderful human being and I’m glad we were able to seal the deal,’’ Tallon said. “This gives him the chance to develop in North America and get his feet wet, get ready for the next step. They are realistic. They see the future; they know how bright it is. The opportunity will be there down the road.’’

(*) With all of Florida’s prospects signed, Tallon’s attention now turns to the NHL Entry Draft later this month in Los Angeles where the Panthers have the third overall pick.

Only Tallon has more on his plate than just that. Tallon did confirm that Scott Luce, the team’s director of amateur scouting, will return. Tallon also has to work with coach Pete DeBoer regarding the team’s coaching staff – Mike Kitchen and Jim Hulton have expiring contracts and aren’t expected to return.

The Panthers now have an opening in Rochester after Benoit Groulx resigned with one year left on his contract. Groulx is returning to the Quebec junior league where he left after being hired to coach the Americans by then-GM Jacques Martin.

(*) Winger Kamil Kreps wasn’t expected to be tendered a contract by the Panthers this summer, but that is now a moot point as he has reportedly agreed to play professionally in Finland next season. Kreps, 25, spent parts of four seasons with the Panthers and scored 18 goals with 42 assists in 232 games.

Kreps had his best season in 2007-08 when he accounted for 25 points.  He’s one of a handful of restricted free agents the Panthers have to make decisions on.

Gregory Campbell, Jason Garrison and Kenndal McArdle are all expected to receive contract tenders from the Panthers.



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Too bad former Panther Scott Mellanby signed with St. Louis as an assistant, would have been nice to have him back in town or even in Rochester...

I wonder if Randy Cunneyworth is available or even John Anderson after he was fired in Atlanta?

Randy Cunneyworth lives in Rochester and is one of the names being tossed around for the job. John Anderson is another name being mentioned.

I think Cunneyworth...a guy whose been an NHL capitan during his playing career...would be good for the propects and The Amerks, in general.

Now that Chicago seems to have found they're goalie, I wonder who would be a viable trade partner for Vokoun.

Renagotiate an extension with Vokie, add 2 more years, trade clemenson, and Vokie is the perfect mentor ... He loves it here!!!!

the panthers need to reduce payroll so we can get NHL caliber players, Vokoun makes too much money and doesn't fit where this team is.

Sexton should of traded him a year ago and kept Anderson but he was too short sighted to see this and now we will have Vokoun for one more year and then get nothing for him when he is a free agent next year

Another glance inside the 20/20 hindsight and the crystal ball of sthsdo! We are doomed! Just kill yourselves now!

^^Don't hate on "Season Ticket Holder", cause he's right.

Vokoun does make to much money, and this team is gonna have to take a step back before it can take a step forward, just the way it is.

Vokoun WON'T re-sign(extension or otherwise) with The Panthers, not as the team is rebuilding, and not when he(Vokoun) feels like he has more value to a Stanley Cup contender. You get what you can for him, and show that SOMETHING has been learned from the Bouwmeester debacle.

Could you imagine what kind of hell The Flames would be catching right now from the Canadian media if they had actually traded something of VALUE for Bouw?

There doesn't seem to be enough teams that will need a goalie... And based on the numbers, it's been proven you don't have to spend top $$$ on your goalie to be successful... You do need to build a TEAM...

We could probably swap goalies with Ottawa, but they don't seem to have the return we'd want, unless it's T-Vo and Weiss for Spezza... I'm not a huge Spezza fan, but it would make a splash and give us more options down the road to either extend or trade Spezza later...

Maybe the Kings, but that's probably only as a rental if Quick and the team fail, as Bernier is their future star...

One other possible would be if SJ lets Nabokov go unrestricted, then we send T-Vo out there.. The return won't be great, but we'd save $$$ and be set up for next year's lottery too...

I know that Tallon has inferred that Horton is probably safe, but for the fun of it, how about:

T-Vo & Horton in exchange for Leclaire and Spezza??

my point was missed. In the panthers situation, if you have a player in his 30s, and has 2 years left on his contract and you know you have a player in the same position that is going to sign a year later, and at the same time you have a good back up in that position in his 20s that is a unrestricted free agent, you try to trade the older player for assets, sign the 20 something player for 3 years and develop the young stud.

That is what teams with a plan and vision do, the panthers have not had a GM with a plan and vision in 10 years until now.

Branch Rickey said you trade a player a year too soon instead of a year too late.

The panthers always seem to trade a player a year too late and they don't get the value for their assets they would have received if they traded the players a year too soon

Yes plenty of poor personnel decisions and constant mismanagement... Not much forward thinking...

But I still contend that DRAFTING has been the biggest problem, like 10 years worth... Nobody hits on all picks, but you should be able to hit on a good % to compete and build a solid organization....

This is why I have a problem with the Panthers lack of effort to continuously make no personnel changes with Luce and his staff... Maybe GR or someone could do a decent interview analyzing past drafting decsions, and why we're in the state we're in... We can all sit back and argue what coaches and GMs are good and bad, but the bottomline is they're all trying to make chicken soup out of chicken chit...

I agree completely about the ineptitude of the drafting, how could you not given the track record?

I just find it to be incredulous that you could be THAT bad when CONSISTENTLY drafting in the top 1-7 picks FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS, and only have 1-2 "impact" players(and I use that term loosely, since the only impact player we've had down here was Bure, and he was traded for) to show for it? A damning indictment, no matter the "crap-shoot" nature of the draft, IMO.

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