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Markstrom Signs

HICKORY, Ind. -- The Panthers confirmed this morning that prospect Jacob Markstrom has signed an entry level pact with the club and will be in training camp come September. Will be talking to Dale Tallon later today about the Panthers goalie of the future as I drive across the American heartland. Today I'm in Knightstown, In., the place where they filmed Hoosiers. Stay tuned for a special edition of On Frozen Film next week. Will also be talking to Tallon about who will coach in Rochester next season as word is Benoit Groulx has resigned to head back to his old gig in the Quebec junior league. Stay tuned for more. 10-4 good buddy, GR over and out... Markstom Signs


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i'd say first significant signing of Tallon's tenure. thank god this kid signed here.

Go Hickory Hucksters!!!

Baby steps...Baby steps.

Nice that we signed Markstom. Any relation to that awesome goalie we have in Sweden named Markstrom? :P

Kreps will play in Finland next season, good riddance...

Good riddance to kreps, groulx, whose next?

double good news, don't often get 2 positives for the Panthers in a 24 hour period, waiting to see what annoucement Yormark has instored to bring down the good news

Next: Jack Birch (I hope)

Somebody ask PDB why Kreps got so much playing time, and never sent back to Roch?? I know he killed some penalties, but you can find guys off waivers for that kind of stuff... He didn't add much else... Just wondering why guys like that never really get scratched or demoted??

PDB seems logical in many ways, but difficult when you're in his doghouse... Repik is one guy that might someday be a Barnes/Whitney/ type sniper, but never gets decent playing time even when called up?? I understand they're trying to teach him to play better 2-way hockey, but for a team that ALWAYS needs scoring, you'd think they'd cut a little slack... Give him some PP time, find out if he can cut it.... If not, move on and stop fooling us all to believe he's a future scoring prospect...

now we have 3 good things and then the Yormark announcement.

At least he announced something positive for the community as he is the new chair for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's 2010 Light the Walk in Broward County, even though this is SSE and not the panthers.

I like that they are helping the community but to have press releases for each of these is a little much, do it for the community not the publicity

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