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Moving Down the Dial: Panthers Moving Back to WQAM

I may be back in South Florida but I'm still technically on vacation. Thought I would pass this along...

As expected, the Panthers are moving back to 560-WQAM this season after three years with Dan Le Batard and 790 The Ticket.

The Panthers had been with 560 since Day 1, but left when 560 got the Dolphins and had to do a nightly football show regarding mostly mundane topics during the offseason.

Randy Moller and the 70-plus ad drops are coming along as well. The team is not commenting on Barry Jackson's story (link below)


-- Don't forget about the Panthers cookout Thursday in Sunrise. Dale Tallon and Pete DeBoer will be there. Call the team for more info. It's free.

-- For you college baseball fans, I'll be temporarily taking over our Eye On The U blog starting Thursday from Gainesville for the baseball regional. Come on over and say howdy.

Moving Down the Dial: Panthers Moving Back to WQAM


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The Panthers should have a meet-n-greet in Palm Beach County where most of their fan base resides. I always laugh to myself upon hearing about events such as these (and the days they choose to have them). It's like they're hoping nobody can make it, but they still want to get the benefit of "reaching out" to the SSH. I'm not fooled by their deception.

Actually, the cookout on Thursday is a sales day. I called to ask what it's about and was told not to come out because all they are going to do is try and sell tickets. They said there would be something with Tallon and DeBoer for the SSH's later on in the month.

"Thanks for spending a couple thousand dollars for season tickets to see a team that hasn't had a clue about how to win for over a decade.......oh, and here's a hot dog"


panthers have a new marketing campaign and saying for 2010. It is: "We came to Play"

I know the panthers use outside companies to get this, but this has to be one of the worse.

How about the following based on this gem:

We came to Play, it is about time!

We came to play, while the other team came to win

We came to play enough to afford our golf membership

We came to play golf that is why we are panthers

We came to play, since we are semi retired

We came to play but not to try

I can think of a few more but I think this gives the idea of how bad this one is

Since the Panthers are moving down the radio dial maybe they will be moving up in the standings.

Moving up in standings is good thing moving down the dial is ok as well as long as they keep moving

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