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Nathan Horton Wanted Out of Florida, Gets Wish: Horton, Gregory Campbell Traded to Boston

Horton2 LAS VEGAS – The Florida Panthers made their first blockbuster moves under new general manager Dale Tallon on Tuesday as Nathan Horton was shipped to Boston in a package deal.

Horton, the third overall pick in the 2003, goes to Boston along with restricted free agent Gregory Campbell in exchange for the 15th pick in the upcoming draft, defenseman Dennis Wideman and Boston's third round pick in 2011.

“You have to start with goaltending and defense and work your way out,'' Tallon said. "We wanted to make a good deal, a fair deal. Getting a first round pick and getting a defenseman, this was a good match.

"We wanted a first round pick, a right handed shot to help our power play. In the long run, want to build through the draft. We had a lot of partners, lot of scenarios. This one made the most sense.''

Horton played on Florida's top line and scored 142 goals with 153 assists in 422 career games with the Panthers. He has three seasons remaining on his contract, one worth $4 million per season. Horton has a no-movement clause that kicks in July 1.

Wideman, 27, is signed through the 2011-12 season and makes $3.9 million per year. Wideman scored six goals for the Bruins last season and has 46 in his career.

"You have to just move on and get excited about the new guy,'' coach Pete DeBoer said. "Dale has a blueprint on how to build this team. He's going piece by piece. We all see the weaknesses from goal scoring. The reality is, the group we had not getting job done. Changes are expected.

"Dale has made it very clear and very clear to everyone he's spoken to that he knows what he wants the roster to look like. It's not going to happen overnight, but he's going to be bold and get there sooner than later. I'm going in with an open mind. At the very least, get a bunch of good young kids and get to work with them.''

Tallon said on a conference call that Horton was one of the players contacted who said he would rather play somewhere else. "We want players who want to play here,'' Tallon said.

Horton, according to Tallon, was frustrated with the Panthers organization and hoped Tallon could facilitate a deal. When Tallon told Horton of the move, "he thanked me.''

DeBoer said that Horton's attitude had taken a positive turn. "He was better for us,'' DeBoer said. DeBoer added that Horton expressed frustration with the Panthers during his exit interview after the season.

"In my exit meeting with Nathan, he had a lot of frustration just like a lot of guys,'' DeBoer said. "That's expected. My feedback to Nathan was I was glad he was frustrated. He was much better for us than he was the year before. He was going in the right direction.''


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WOW! I wasn't too thrilled about this move as I was PRAYING for this to include the 3rd for 2nd slot as well....BUT, that LAST sentence says a LOT!!

Now that he's gone, what was the truth about Horts? Is it true he was an Jokinen jr. in the locker room?

I'm a bit surprised to see Campbell out from under DeBoer's wing too.

Tallon, I trust your vision!

Good riddance you lazy bum. I am not impressed by the return though. Another couple picks that have no guarantee of panning out & another offensive defenseman coming off a bad year. While Wideman has talent, didn't we need a top center which Boston has a plethora of??? Can't we ever get a bona fide good young player in return for any of our best players???

Vokoun will return our much needed center. I have a hunch someone will make a deal for him that Tallon can't refuse. Hopefully Philly, returning Jeff Carter.

Now we have no offence at all, does it matter how many picks we have really!!! short of having 1st or 2nd this year, there arent any players that could jump up 2 the NHL and have any real impact this season!!!Aweful Trade!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boy DeBoer sounds thrilled with this...LOL

Live In Boston area now, but diehard Cats fan. Wideman was booed out of town for poor play and thought Tallon would have got someone with offense-either Bergeron or Krejci, but that was too much I guess. Hope Wideman can turn it around, because their jumping for joy in Bruinland to dump this guy.

Good bye to an unmarketable underachiever and a guy who shouldn't even be on an NHL roster. NIce job Dale Tallon, a good first step!

good riddance to bad attitudes... but was that really the best Tallon could get?

we need to clean out the lockerroom with players that do not give the effort necessary to win hockey games.

I wish Horton the best as he is with better talent, however, the country club down here has to end and this is the first move.

We can't look to next season being a complete turnaround as there are too many missing parts here, Tallon is right you build from the goalie, to the defense to the center.

Getting a first rounder for Horton is a good move, it is better than what we received for Luongo, Bouwmeester and Bure combined!

Good first move as the house cleaning has begun.

If DeBoer is as upset as it sounds like then maybe he is not the right coach.

this is great im sure wideman is gunna score 30 goals for us nest season . . . durgh! i agree with slap shot bob, shouldn't the return have been an offensive one?
i must admit that wideman is one of the most underated playeers in the league, and could well flourish here - it does now make our blueline look close to as good as it did two seasons ago i must admit:

mccabe wideman

ballard kulikov

allen gudbranson/fowler?

HOWEVER - since our #3 pick on friday is more than likely to be a defensive stud (im fancying gudbranson)the return from this should have gone a least some of the way to replacing horton's offence that he contributed as lazy as he was, he scored goals!!) was there never the possibility of blake wheeler maybe being included in this!?
since we scored not nearly enough last season, im hoping offence makes up the rest of tallon's plan for this off-season. speigs - it has already been said that vokoun is more than likely to stay, so i doubt thats where trade wise it would come from (unless something along the lines of 'jaw-dropping' was offered). but i can't see what else we have to trade in order to get us a proven scorer! - the youth cannot step up that much!? and free agency WILL NOT solve this issue!!

thoughts please folks . . .

Keep the faith. Tallon knows what he is doing. Horton the lazy piece of you know what wanted out. Good riddance. Tallon will get us to the next level. It will take time but we haven't made the playoffs in 10 years so whats another 1 or 2 at this point. Tallon will get us not only to the playoffs but further ahead in time. I have all the faith in the world with Tallon. Every Panther fan should aplaude Tallon for wanting to change the culture of losing..

As a Bruins fan I really don't know Horton problems. But he was a + player who averaged 25 goals on a terrible team. That doesn't sound too bad to me. Good luck with Wideman. He is a head case who can put up points but is too slow and soft on D...I don't see this as a great move by Florida at all. I guess they had to dump Horton because he wanted out but I don't think you got enough for him

As a Bruins fan I think the Panthers got a pretty good deal. I mean Wides had a tough year for sure but I think he was our best puck moving D and when he rebounded at the end of the season it made a big difference for our team. Also hate to lost the 15th pick in this one. I'm worried about adding Horton honestly, all that I've heard reminds me of Michael Ryder, potential gifted goal scorer with effort problems and a big cap hit. It seems to me like a lateral move, but don't discount Wideman, overall he did good in a B's uniform. That 15th pick was one I was excited about too. Dylan Mcilrath would have been a huge pickup there on D.

Come on....Horton actually will fight. Michael Ryder is a pansy. No comparison at all.

Good riddance you bum! How does he have the nerve at 25 years old to say that the Panthers have stunted his growth?
Just like Louie and Jay Bo, he'll find the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

I think he was saying.....it's hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys....or something to that effect

This is a tougher one to make the call on. In the end I definately have to say I like this move. Thank god we got Tallon! I love that he is the first guy to come in here and actually make the moves needed. This started with the e-mail asking every player if they wanted to be here or not, and then having the guts to move the highest profile player that said he didnt want to be. It shows the character of Horton really, as I am pretty sure MOST would say that they wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem... for example Weiss. That and the fact that you never know what Horton you get each night makes just moving him a good deal. It doesnt fit what I call Panthers hockey. The style that I think Tallon is going to bring back.

BTW- Panthers hockey to me is what we fans from day one were treated to back in the first 3 to 5 years. Hockey player who had good character, played hard every night for their teammates and the logo on their chests. And players who ground it out in the good and the bad and didnt let others opinions matter to them These are the types that had the Panthers being picked in preseason pools to be a Cup favorite for years until higher ups decided to start moving to a more showish fancy style. (I do not include Bure in that, I loved having Bure)

This gives us two picks in the top 15, and 5 now in the top 60. Word has it that the asking price for Versteeg is a 2nd round pick and we have a few of those right now.

I'd love to grab Connolly at 3 and McIlrath at 15. But Gudbranson and Fowler are both pretty good pickups too I think. VERY excited about Friday... and we are only just getting started.

Wow just when you think bad deals were done in florida for f$$k sakes he trades are most valued player for some unproven drafts and a minus defensemen We already have enough drafts get another goal scorer this is jokes such a bad deal horton is going to light it up in Boston and were going to look like retards once again we should of got there second pick Ahhhhhhhh I'm going to pull my hAir out I can't handle this wow we need scoring not scoring defensmen we already have those

I'll miss Horton's scoring. When he played well, he was great.

But watching him slowly skate over to the bench, the last few games of the season was sad. It was time for him to leave Florida if he had given up on the organization.

I don't agree with pickingup another defenseman though in a trade. However, this may mean another defenseman will be leaving Florida through a trade.

If Horton and the Bruins win the Stanley Cup, then I guess that will be the true test...oh wait, it just happened. Laugh out loud.

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