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Surprising News

SOMEWHERE OVER TEXAS -- Good afternoon. Just flying home from a most eventful week at the NHL draft and awards and figured I would pass a little news along: Ville Koistinen has been put on waivers by the Panthers.

You can now resume your day.

Surprising News


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Shocked, Shocked I tell you!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow he was a good player for us. J/k

Can you say buyout coming? Oh those sneaky Panthers eh GR?

So was Jonathan Cheechoo. I can't help but think someone's going to pick up a former fifty goal scorer. If no one does, maybe they'll trade Olesz for him? :)

I say let OTT buyout Cheech and then offer him a much better priced deal as a UFA.

Cheechoo is terrible. Are you guys serious?

Cheechoo didn't help himself by dogging it while playing in the AHL last season.

He should snap up one of those high paying, low impact jobs in Europe right now.

Hmmmmm...A former 50-goal scorer who is slow of foot, and little older, and throught to be done by the team who let him go......Sounds like Ray Sheppard all over again, to me....Joking, I'm only joking. I know that Cheecoo is ANYTHING but a Shepp clone, and not the type of character-guy that Shepp was(and still is, no doubt), but you have to admit, the similarities are interesting, to say the least, on the surface.

As far as Koistinen is concerned....thought he was dead.

Anybody here have any preferences is to who Tallon and Co. should look into in FA? I personally like Lombardi(formerly of Phoenix) and Tallinder(Buffalo). I'd also...and you may think I'm nuts...see if John Madden would take a 1-2 year deal to come down here and help tighten up our PK. I know the guy is damn near 40, but so was Brian Skrudland when he came down here and wore the "C". Were trying to change the culture down here, and the thing that made those early Panther teams so difficult to play against was how good they were defensively, IMO.

Cheechoo couldn't play with the Amerks. His skating is not for the post lockout NHL.


Cheechoo is a shell of his former self - pass. Afinogenov is apparently going to test free agency - another guy I'd be interested in to score some goals on this inept offense. Sign Lombardi and another forward and we may have a real 2nd line for once. Our 1st line is still way too smallish with Weiss, Booth & Frolik - no one to crash the net & screen the goalies on that line. Sigh.

I totally agree anout the 1st line, Bob, and I know that Tallon would as well(off the record,lol), but given the circumstances, it is what it is, and Tallon knew this was the type of "step-back" The Cats would have to take to start the move forward.

Dale knew that when he traded away Horton...and to a lesser extent, Oreskovich...he would have to rely on speed through the neutral zone and great forechecking pressure more than ever to create turnovers for offense, at least until next year(when he can continue to reshape this roster), or by the trade deadline this year(when, if The Cats are clearly a seller, Vokoun would be a hot asset in a trade for forward help).

I wouldn't mind taking a chance on a talent like Afinogenov, if the price is right.

I personally don't think Matthias and Ellerby belong in The NHL just yet, they belong in the minors, and I think Tallon knows it and will try to put the players in place on the 3rd and 4th lines that can help give some relief to the 1st and 2nd scoring lines(they're gonna need it). For too long this franchise, and this ownership/management group has tried to fill roster spots with the Ville Koistinens, and Jeff Taffe' of the world to save a buck, and as a result...like Tallon himself said...teams have had a vacation down here while picking up 2 points. If the culture and trend is going to change, then smart moves need to be made in FA to augement the promising young foundation, and not rush anyone up that clearly isn't ready to make a significant contribution, IMO.

Ellerby doesn't belong in the ECHL. He coughs the puck up so much, he needs Vicks.

I wish Dale had traded him at the draft.....

Panthers 1st line:

Booth-Weiss-Frolik Yikes

2nd Line:

??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???

The Kid(Ellerby) was a consensus top ten pick in the '07 draft, and has 2 years of pro hockey under his belt, and Bill wants him traded, eh?

He's an asset, and while I happen to think that he doesn't need to be in The NHL right now, giving up on the kid this early in his development is, IMO, premature at best, and ignorant and short-sighted at worst.

Every young...and even many NHL veterans(see Sergi Gonchar)...D-man is guilty of giving up the puck or making a bone-headed pass more than they're coaches(and fans of the team) would like at one time or another. Hell, giving up the puck and making ill-advised passes up the middle of the ice got Jovo-cop run outta town, didn't it?

Try not to knee-jerk when it comes to some of these young prospects, in the long run, while they all may not fit the needs of YOUR specific team, they're still assets to the club in possible trades to teams that might value them for THEY'RE specific team needs.

why is Olesz still apart of this team. Disgrace!!!

Too expensive to buy out at this point is the likely answer and no one wants that albatross of a contract in a trade unless we take back their bad contract.

Maybe, just maybe this is the year that Olesz surprises us. Isn't Kulikov living with him? That's got to be rough to see one star rising and one fading VERY quickly in the same house.

I understand where Bill is coming from. Ellerby has shown little improvement here in Rochester in two years. He's nowhere near being ready for the NHL, as evidenced by fewer than 2 minutes of ice time, per game, while in Florida last season. DeBoer clearly saw what we've seen for two years.

Ellerby is also starting to cry about being in the minors. There's no doubt that his skating ability is NHL caliber. Unfortunately, nothing else is. He comes back here, he's going to pout and we don't need that kind of attitude.

As for being an asset to use, isn't that what Bill was trying to say? Trade him while he has value?

Where has he whined about being in the minors? I'd love to read what he said.

If the kid plays out his current deal, and doesn't show he belongs, then he'll be gone one way or another, just like so many other former prospects, but saying the kid can't cut it after 2 years in the AHL is a bit premature, don't ya think?

You just don't knee-jerk on young players until they've had a chance to play out they're contract, and after that, if they still don't get it, you do what you have to do, either by trade or by allowing them to go elsewhere(see Anthony Stewart). I trust Dale to see enough of the forrest through the trees. If he...or whomever he places in charge of the minor affiliate...sees Ellerby has out lived his usefulness, then I'm quite sure that he'll do whatever he can to bring something back in return for that asset....But you have to have a willing partner for such a trade, and if Ellerby is "nowhere near ready for The NHL"...which I happen to agree with, by the way, and is "starting to cry about being in the minors", then why would any other teams GM trade anything of value to The Panthers for him anyway?

I can't say what the future holds for Ellerby with The Panthers, but you don't ship the kid off after 2 years in Rochester unless you get a deal that makes sense for your organization, and chances are...given all the moves he's made as of late....Tallon hasn't gotten that offer.

As for Olesz, Slap Shot is correct. I sincerely hope the kid turns things around, not just for the sake of The Panthers, but for the sake of his career in general. Your no good to any hockey club if you can't stay on the ice, or if your invisible even when your on it.

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