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The Dust Settles, Tallon Not Ready to Rest ... Panthers Have Nine Lives/Picks

Tallon3 LOS ANGELES -- Don't look now, but Dale Tallon looks refreshed and ready to take on the second day of the NHL Draft.

The Panthers new general manager has much to play with as he goes into Saturday's second round.

And he says he's ready to do something with those assets.

“We're open to any suggestions,'' Tallon said. “We're not going to sit still. We're going to have some fun, experiment and take some risks. We're going to see what happens.''

Tallon traded Nathan Horton to Boston on Tuesday, getting back defenseman Dennis Wideman and the 15th overall pick in return.

On Friday, he traded defenseman Keith Ballard and winger Vic Oreskovich to Vancouver for Steve  Bernier and Michael Grabner as well as the 25th overall pick.

Tallon also traded that 15th pick to the Kings for the 19th pick and the 59th.

“We have to look at the future and what we're going to do down the road,'' Tallon said. “That's more important than standing still today.''

Going into Saturday, Tallon has four second round picks (Nos. 33, 36, 50 and 59), two fourths (92, 93), a fifth (123), sixth (153) and seventh (183).

“We're taking one step at a time. We have a ton of picks, we're going to address some needs and see where we go from there,'' he said.

As far as the Ballard trade goes, Tallon said that deal got rolling throughout the day. As he said earlier, 10 teams had interest.

“We were going to put it on the backburner and see what happened,'' Tallon said. “But the pieces started falling together in a hurry. It peaked our interest and we were able to seal the deal as the day went on.''

On Bernier: “He's a low-down guy, has a good shot, can score some goals from the slot and the corner. He's good down low, a strong kid who was a former first round pick.''

On Grabner: “He has tremendous speed. He can really skate. That's something I love, a lot of speed. He's an upside guy. He's just starting to develop. That's good for us. He can grow with our other young players. Once that first round pick was in, it was an easy deal to do.''


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Hope you're enjoying the draft George, although it's Steve Bernier not Dave Bernier ;)

Tallon's comments say a lot, you can't get rid of assets if no one wants them.

He is doing the right thing. He has 2-4 assets that people want, Vokoun, Ballard, Horton and Weiss, he is getting rid of the assets that he can for more assets, he has done more in 2 months to improve the panthers than we have seen in the last 9 years.

Lets hope this keeps going and in 2-3 years we are a force to be reckoned with.

This is the best day the panthers have had since they beat Pittsburgh in game 7 to win the Eastern Conference Championship.

Lets hope today is the 2nd best day for the panthers since winning the Eastern Conference

I hear a lot of peeps I know in Vancouver saying that they're angry that they lost Grabner in the Ballard trade...we'll see.

Speed is great, and it's really something you can't coach, but speed alone in a prospect isn't worth a damn(see David Morriset).

Grabner is a solid acquisition. Bernier is a good second/ third line winger. Four picks in the second round and nine total for the rest of the day, as of now, will do a lot for restocking a bare cupboard. Now, if only the Panthers can develop their prospects without rushing them to the show and ruining their spirit, as in years past. Let these guys develop further in juniors/ minors/ college, and sign some mid level free agents to fill out the forth coming roster. Nothing fancy and nothing prolonged contractually. Just a few guys in need of a job and in need of proving they still belong.

Grabner has a lot of potential and is a good replacement for Horton. In fact, I think he may have as high or a higher ceiling than Horton. No wonder Vancouver fans are upset about losing him. He's 22 and scored 5 goals in what, 10 games after his call up last year?

I hope Tallon can move Rhino & get that top 2 center today. No way he can move Olesz's contract, but let's get rid of the dead weight now that we've traded our good assets.

In Tallon I trust!

I think that thePanthers will have a bunch of one year contract veterans again that are traded like last year.

Lebrun states that the WIld are interesing in Weiss but more players are necessary for the trade. I have a feeling that Weiss, and another RFA will be dealt today.

Tallon's doing what he can to unload almost as many of the old parts that he can... He's building for the future...

What I like the most about Tallon is that he's changing the parts, and not afraid to do it... He getting rid of guys before their no-trades(Horton, Ballard) kick in... Very smart, as you see how other teams are stuck. I'm sure he'd like to get rid of more, but a very admirable start... So critcize him all you want for cutting salary now, but it's what has to be done to build for the future....

Not totally sold on all the picks, but accumulate as many as you can... In the long run, you're bound to come out ahead.... He's sending a message with a character statement in Gudbranson. Bjugstad seems like a 2-3 project, but size and potential... Not crazy about the Howden selection with Etem and others out there.... But overall, nice weeding out so far.... It would be nice to get rid of 1 or 2 more out of Allen, Olesz, Stillman, Reinprecht, maybe even McCabe or Weiss for the right price, but probably unlikely...

Missed out on Etem and now Kabanov, who, even with his character issues, would have been a dynamic player that I would have taken a chance on with a late 2nd round pick. I trust Tallon's judgement, but I can't be sure if not taking Kabanov is a move born of pragmatism, or of fear of being ridiculed.

I was so happy last night! Tallon is REALLY disassembling the old Panthers and getting us a SOLID young core. I think Gudbranson was an excellent addition--it seriously looked like he WANTED to go to FL. He looks like he has the character, grit size and skill to be the D-man we always needed. Someone had said that he said more in the few moments of interviews last night than J-Bo said in his whole career with the Cats---CLASSIC!

I do have to say that I was sad to see Oreskovich go. I liked his style (earlier in the season at least) and was hoping he'd be around for a while.

Good job so far, Tallon!

Nice work by Tallon. Drafting good character guys means Kabanov was never considered. Quinton Howden and John McFarland nice work getting them late in the first and early in second.

Oreskovich should make the Canucks' fourth line, Tanner Glass did and Oreskovich has ten times the energy. I loved watching Oreskovich run over opposing players. Canucks fans will love him when he starts laying out Oilers and Flames. Still find it hard to believe that Tanner Glass made the Canucks.

Oreskovich isn't a big loss. He added good energy to the team early when he was called up, but then drifted off from there... He's probably more of an AHLer that can fill in on call-ups from time to time... He's similar to Tanner Glass, but I'm not even sure he can beat him out for his roster slot... No big loss there.

It looks like they'll play Kendall McArdle here, and rightfully so, as he has more upside... I do hope they keep Tarnasky, or else sign someone that can scrap... If he makes a deal with Minny at some point, he should try to get Staubitz... They stole him from San Jose for a 5th, and he can really throw them...

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