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The Panthers Cook Out, Dale Tallon Speaks Up ... One New Assistant Coach?

Tailgate GAINESVILLE -- I missed tonight's Panthers cookout at The Billboard, the one featuring GM Dale Tallon, coach Pete DeBoer and season tickets for $5.60 per game as part of a promotion with WQAM 560-AM coming back as the team's flagship station.

Barry Jackson was there, however, and he passed along some nuggets of information (no word on if he ate any chicken nuggets)...

First off, DeBoer said Mike Kitchen is looking elsewhere for employment but could return to the Florida staff next season -- adding that he hoped Kitch would return.

No other changes are coming, with Jim Hulton, Jamie Pringle (video) and Robb Tallas (goalies) all returning.

Second, Tallon said he expects to get a Blackhawks Stanley Cup ring, and yeah, that should happen. Tallon said he teared up when watching the Hawks win on Wednesday night and Jeremy Roenick knows that feeling.

Hey, you live and die with a franchise for that long and you are going to get emotional when they do something that huge. Tallon's name won't be on the Cup, but he deserves that ring.

If Chicago comes through, that is a class move. And I expect them to do so. Anyway....

Tallon said no player on the roster is untouchable and that he spoke with other GMs at the GM meeting and others have called to kick the tires. Show 'em the CarFax.

Tallon also said that the Panthers are going to play up-tempo and physical with the word "bruises" and "beaten" thrown around a lot. Well, we've heard that before. Lets see what happens.

Randy Sexton is also still with the franchise and is one of the candidates for the assistant GM gig. On a personal aside, here's hoping he gets it (if he indeed wants it). The guy is definitely capable and loyal. Again, we'll see.

Will have more from Barry and the cookout later I suppose. Figure I would pass on what he told me before I head out to dinner.

More when it becomes available.